Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


21. The End of an Era

*A Few Months Later*
"Hello Niall," I smile as I answer the phone call.
"Curly!" Niall laughs and I can just imagine his pretty smile.
"It’s been a long time since I've talked to you. What's up boy?"
"Well, the lads and I have been talking a lot, and the tour starts up soon, and we wanted the 5sos lads to join us. I knew to call you since you make all the decisions."
I giggle, "You made a good call. I think the boys would be so happy to hear that you guys are offering this amazing experience to them again."
"Good. So, how have they been?"
"We've done a few more shows. Been on a few small tours. I think they are living the dream that they have always wanted."
"That's great. What about you? How have you been?"
"I'm pretty good. I've been drawing a lot and have been designing a lot of merch and such. It’s crazy."
"How are you and Ashton?"
"As great as ever. We have gone on tons of real dates and I feel like a real teenage girl. You probably don't want to hear all this gushy stuff, but I've had a hard life up until a few years ago. So being able to do things normal people do is amazing to me."
"It’s fine. Talk to me about anything. It’s fun talking to you. As long as you don't get too personal." He laughs causing me to laugh.
"You're a pretty cool guy, Niall. Apart from my boys, I consider you a best friend. You and your other band mates as well. I never thought I would have so many friends. Look at me now."
"What happened in your childhood that was so bad?"
I open my mouth but nothing comes out. I've told so many people my situation. I'm not afraid to tell him, I just can't for some reason.
"Oh my, is that too personal a question? I'm sorry. I should have thought before I opened my mouth."
"No, that's not it. It’s a question I've answered many times. But now, I'm choking up. It happened when I told Ashton as well."
"Well, then it must be the same reason you can't tell me. Or something similar. Why couldn't you tell Ashton?"
"I was afraid he would judge and leave me, if I remember correctly. But, I knew, deep down, if he truly loved me he would never leave. But, that's not how I feel about telling you."
"Well, maybe it’s because you don't know me as well as everyone else you have told."
"That may be it. But, I feel like if one more person knows, I can be even freer of my terrible memories."
"Ah, well, take a few deep breaths and see if you can tell me."
I do as he tells me, and then I just dive in. There's parts where I stutter. Parts where I have to stop and take deep breaths. I start crying towards the end.
"Love, I can't even fathom how hard that must have been for you," Niall says. "I understand why you were debating telling me. I'm glad you're here though. You never gave up and the fog lifted and now you are having the time of your life."
I giggle through the tears, "Thanks Niall. That means a lot."
"Well, I think this has been a very productive conversation. I think you have something to go tell the 5sos lads."
I smile, "I do. Promise we will talk again soon?"
"I promise love," Niall laughs. "Goodbye for now, then."
"Bye Niall. I hope to see you soon."
*A Month Or So Later*

"On the road again," I sing to myself as the band and I enter the hotel. We've been to many cities now and I can't believe we are on tour with One Direction again.
"And she says she can't sing," Luke says and I can see him roll his eyes. Even though I'm in front of him.
I quickly stop and turn to face the four boys, making them stop and stumble. "I don't sing because that's not what I want to do with my life. I want to draw. I know I can kind of sing, but I don't want to do that with my life."
"All right, all right. We won't tease you anymore, Cupcake," Ashton smiles. "Now come here," he holds out his arms.
I start backing up, "Stay back, Irwin. Don't you anything stupid in the lobby."
"Our luggage is going to our rooms," Michael says.
"And I have the keys," Calum smiles.
"No, boys, no," I slowly say. "I'm not in for your crap today. I don't need super weird pictures floating around Twitter."
"Well, too bad for you," Ashton smiles.
The next few moments happen super-fast but it seems like slow motion. Calum, Luke, and Michael block my ways of escape and Ashton slings me over his shoulder.
"Ashton, you bastard," I whisper to him. "People are going to start staring. Please put me down."
"Nope, come on boys, Amber wants to get to the room to get ready for the concert tonight."
"This is so embarrassing."
"Like having her ass so close to your face Ash?" Calum asks.
"I'm going to kill you all," I groan. "Maybe not Michael. But I'll kill the rest of ya."
"No you won't babe," Ashton rubs my leg. "No come on. Let's get to the room."
*That Night*
Like always, I'm jamming backstage as the boys rock out. This tour we aren't in small venues. We are in big ass arenas! Where football games and such are played. But we are doing a concert. It’s amazing.
But even with that, I've got other things on my mind. This will be the last tour with One Direction. The lads that have made so much possible. It’s saddening. We've actually already start figuring out our own big, headline tour.
Besides that, I've been planning on getting the girls down to watch a lot of concerts. They have a few things to settle before they join us. Like getting back their passports. That's actually the only thing. And packing, I guess is another thing.
"Curly!" The boys exclaim as the rush to me. Embracing me in a group hug.
"You guys were awesome," I giggle. "I mean, you always are. But you seem to be getting better with every concert."
The boys pull away and Luke, Michael, and Calum quickly give me a kiss on the cheek. Then Ashton connects our lips. His sweaty hands cupping my cheeks.
I push him away, a bit grossed out, but still smiling. "Okay, enough of that. You are really sweaty and it really gross."
We all break into laughter.
"Enough of this, let's head to our dressing room," Michael says. "Rinse off and get in our spots to watch the One Direction lads."
I smile and nod, "That sounds like a perfect plan. Let's go boys."
"Didn't even come up with the plan, still stays in absolute control," Calum says.
"She is amazing," Luke smiles.
I shrug, "I know."
*A Few Months Later*
"So, is this what you do before the concerts, everyday?" Emily asks.
I giggle and shrug, "I mean, when you live out of a suitcase and in hotels every night, you have to eat room service. Because eating in the hotel restaurant is kind of hard. And this is easy, and we can be chill."
"Where are the boys now?" Laurel asks.
"Down meeting a few fans, ugh, fam. Though, most of them are more fans of One Direction."
"Those crazy boys. How is it like, traveling with all boys and no girls?" Emily asks.
"I'm glad you guys are here," I giggle. "Those boys are nasty sometimes. And I can't talk about everything with them. Though, I've talked about a lot of things with them. They are a lot more mature then I would have ever thought."
Laurel laughs, "Kind of hard to believe, but I've heard stranger. My turn for a question. Um, how are the concerts?"
"Amazing. They have become so great these past few years. You guys will be really impressed."
"Where do we watch them from?" Emily asks.
"I watch from backstage, but I've seen a few from straight on when I wanted to. But I like it backstage. I get a sweaty group hug and a sweaty kiss from my boyfriend. You guys can watch with me or from behind the second stage."
"I think we will be near the second stage. See it straight on first," Laurel says. "Then after that, we can be with you."
"Sounds like a good idea. The boys and I actually go near the second stage when it’s One Direction’s time. But, no question?" I giggle.
"Oh yeah, um. Oh, how is the tour bus?"
"It’s better than you are thinking, I know it. There are some clothes lying around, but it’s a nice bus and I like it. I bunk with Ashton most nights. We have food and can play video games. There's WiFi and I have a good time."
"That's good. I was worried about the bus," Emily lets a breath go. "Okay, I've got one more question. Kind of stupid, but your sleeping is kind of messed up now, isn't it?"
"Yeah. A bit. We sleep after concerts and until midday or just a bit later. If we are at hotels at a certain time, we work out when we get up for a bit before resting a little. It’s an interesting cycle."
"Sounds interesting," Laurel says. "I've got one more question as well. It’s a bit saddening, but has Michael found anyone?"
I frown, "No. It makes me sad thinking about it. But I know the perfect girl is out there for him. Wherever she is though. I hope she shows up soon."
"Agreed," Emily and Laurel say.
"Hello girls!" The boys enter the hotel room.
"What are we agreeing on?" Michael asks.
"Something," Emily giggles.
"Is that acting?" Calum asks, rushing over to her to connect their lips.
I roll my eyes, "I'll let ya know later. Maybe. It’s not that important."
"Whatever," Michael shrugs.
"We are happy you girls are here now," Luke says as he takes a seat next to Laurel.
"Now Amber has someone to hang out with and talk to when we are doing something," Ashton picks me up so I can have a seat on his lap.
"I have already told them that I'm so glad they are here to keep me company," I smile and kiss Ashton's cheek. "And they are so ready to watch you guys. So, no pressure there," I giggle.
"We are ready to have them watch us," Michael smiles.
"Good. I know you guys will do fine," I smile.
*Months Later*
"This is sad," Emily pouts as we watch the boys from backstage.
"I know," I sigh. "Last show of the tour with the amazingly cool One Direction boys. I'll miss Niall the most, just because he is so sweet and loves the boys as much as I do."
"You are oh-so deep," Laurel giggles.
"I guess so," I shrug. "It’s just, I've been to some many concerts, been around the world, and have been in contact with really, only the nine boys. So this is killing me. We've been with One Direction for two tours, and soon, we will be on our own."
"That's hard to wrap my brain around," Emily says. "The One Direction lads are the reason they are so big now."
"They exposed them," I smile as I see how happy they look on stage. "People chose to follow them and support them for the music because One Direction talked about them a lot."
"Curly!" The boys exclaim as the rush backstage and I'm encased in a group hug. I had no idea they were so close to being done. Kisses on my cheeks and then a nasty, sweaty one from Ashton on my lips.
"Come on babe," Luke smiles as he grabs my hands.
"No hugs and kisses for us?" Emily asks.
"The show isn't over yet, you'll get your hugs and kisses when it’s over," Calum says.
"Fine, go and finish the show then," Laurel giggles.
Luke and Ashton basically drag me out onto the stage with Michael and Calum behind so I can't run.
Ashton goes back to his drums, and I stay with Luke and his spot. Michael and Calum get to their spots as well.
"As you all know, this is our last show supporting One Direction," Luke says. "So as a special treat we wanted Amber, our manager, to on stage with us as we sang our last song."
"You could have told me," I grumble.
"Oh, don't be grumpy," Luke ruffles my hair.
"All right, so Amber, you can do whatever you want as the song plays," Michael says. "Even stand by Ashton if you want."
"Can I go backstage?" I asks.
The crowd laughs and I feel myself smile.
"No," Calum says. "You can't do that."
I groan and take a few steps away from Luke, "Fine."
"Okay lads, let's do this," Ashton laughs.
It’s a bit awkward being on the main stage when the boys are playing. With them running around and having a great time. I decide to go and stand by Ashton, and he is just a big dork with all his drumming faces.
When the song ends, the boys head to the front of the stage to bow. After one bow and the crowd going crazy, Ashton and Luke drag me up to the front.
"You're the reason all of this has happened," Ashton says
"You deserve to take a bow with us," Luke says.
I smile, "I guess I'll bow."
Ashton and Luke wrap their arms around my back, so I do the same to them. And then we bow. To thousands of screaming fans. And I finally feel like I've made it in this world. But I know that I've still got tons of memories like this to make. I can't believe this is how my life is going to be for at least the next few years. It’s gonna be fantastic and I can't wait.


Hope you liked it! The end is near. :)

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