Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


2. Shopping

*A Few Hours Later*

After dinner, Luke and I decided to do the dishes so we would be able to talk and be left alone.
"I think we should go shopping tomorrow," Luke says.
"For what?" I hand him a clean dish.
"For whatever you want and or need. Because you have a lot of outdated stuff. You probably already knew that."
"Yeah. I could go for a wardrobe change."
"Band t-shirts and dark jeans sounds like a good change."
"It does," I hand him another dish. "Too bad I can't wear any of it to school. Stupid uniforms."
"I do hate the uniforms, but it'll be alright. You can wear it outside of school which is where it'll really matter."
"True, you always do know what to say."
"Only when I'm around you. Everyone else I try and talk to I trip over my words."
"I was wondering if it would be weird if I still slept on your floor tonight," I hand the last dish to Luke.
"Why not? I like having you in my room. I like talking to you for hours with darkness surrounding us. I like you, Amber."
"I like all of that too. And I like you too Luke. I guess my mom's words made me think differently for a second there. I don't think being close with you will ever be weird."
We finish the dishes and then head to Luke's room. Passing by the living room to inform Luke's mom that we're done.
"Can you sing me another song?" I plop down on his bed.
"Of course," Luke grabs his guitar and sits on his office chair. "Any song in mind?"
"Nope. Just start anything that comes to mind," I close my eyes.
"You always close your eyes," I can hear him smiling.
"It’s so I can truly experience the music. And so nothing distracts me," I slightly smile.
"Alright. I think it’s cute," he laughs before getting to singing.
He sings at least four songs before I tell him to stop and open my eyes.
"You really need to do YouTube videos. Like soon. Your voice is to amazing to keep from the world."
"I'll do it. Soon," he says.
"A month, Lucas. That's a good goal."
I push up onto my elbows, "You know it is." I smile and hold my fist out for him. "Help and protect."
"Forever and always," he touches his fist to mine.
"Now, I'm gonna go take a shower," I hop off his bed. "You make my bed on the floor."
"Fine, you are the boss."
"Shut up Lucas," I laugh and sashay out of his room.
"I hate when you do that!" He yells at me.
"I know you don't!" I laugh to myself. Walking down the hallway to my room to grab some PJs. Then into the bathroom on the floor where I always take a shower.
It’s nice to know that I can finally relax knowing I don't have to freak out about going back to my hell hole of a house.
I'm so glad to be living here now. To be close to my very best friend and be loved.
*Late That Night*
Luke has his arm hanging off the side of his bed and I'm playing with his fingers as we talk.
"I've never really thought about why my parents hated me," I blurt out. Once it gets a certain time at night I have no filter.
"I don't think they hate you," Luke replies.
"I mean, all their interest for me died when my brothers were born. But I knew that would happen. It’s just, they never started caring again."
"Well, their asses."
I smile, "I used to draw so much. Now, no one cares."
"What about me? My family?"
"Besides you guys. Though, you never asked about my drawings."
"I never knew you drew. I'm sorry."
"It’s alright. I didn't tell many people. Almost everything that's ever happened I've told you. But that."
"Well, if you enjoyed drawing, you need to go back to doing it."
"It’s been years. I'm probably no good."
"Oh bull. We can buy some stuff tomorrow that will get you back into the groove."
"I guess for you I'll give it a try," I wiggle around to get a tad more comfortable.
"Are you uncomfortable?"
"No. I just wish I could turn to my side. These bruises, they really hurt."
"Do you need anything?"
"No, I'm fine Lucas."
"Alright. I wish I could've saved you from getting those bruises."
"There was nothing you could have done. I should have stayed in my room."
"It’s your dads fault for being drunk and even thinking of touching you. It angers me. He did it even when we wasn't drunk. He's supposed to protect you, instead he hurt you." His hand grabs mine.
"You're so protective of me, Lucas. Thank you. It makes me happy." I squeeze his hand.
"You're younger than me and can't stand up for yourself. I've got to help you."
"Like you can stand up for yourself," I roll my eyes.
"Did you just roll your eyes?"
"You know it," I giggle.
"And I can stand up for myself. Sometimes."
"You are an awkward boy and you are lucky I've followed you everywhere."
"Oh shut up. But I'm glad you have followed me. I don't know what I'd do without you."
"Probably go crazy and not know what to do with yourself."
"I think I could keep my life in line without you. I just wouldn't be as happy."
"I know I wouldn't be happy at all. Who knows what I would've done to escape my hell."
"Don't think that way, Amber. I'm glad we met and became best friends. That's what was meant to happen. Fate brought us together and let's not question it. Alright?"
"Yeah. That sounds like a good idea."
"You ready to go to sleep now?"
"I think so," I place our hands on my forehead. "I can't wait to get some new clothes tomorrow. And drawing stuff, I guess so as well."
"Good. I'm glad we can get you stuff. It’s what you can expect from living with us."
"I'm glad. I think I'm going to love living here." Of course I will. It’s better than any other place I could imagine.
*The Next Day-Afternoon*
"Thank you again for taking us to the mall, Mrs. Hemmings," I smile and look out the car window.
"It’s no problem dear," Mrs. Hemmings laughs. "You can call me Liz. Please do."
"Oh, okay," I turn and look at Luke sitting next to me. "What store will we go to first?"
"Whatever store I say," Luke looks at me and smirks.
I roll my eyes and smile, "You're lucky you are my best friend or else."
"Or else what?"
"You guys are going to get sick of each other so fast," Mrs. Hemmings laughs.
We make it to the mall where Mrs. Hemmings lets us go inside while she finds a place to park. The plan is to meet up in a few hours at the entrance.
"Where are we going Luke?" I giggle as Luke grabs my hand and starts dragging me.
"To the first store, you dork," Luke answers.
We walk for about four minutes before entering a store that the name I did not catch. Its got band t-shirts and lots of cute accessories.
After about ten minutes, I've picked out four shirts and am looking at headbands.
"You would look cute with these on," Luke smiles and hands me a cat ear headband.
I take it and quickly put it on. "How do I look?"
"Very cute."
"Hey! Luke!" A boy’s voice that I've heard somewhere fills my ears.
We both turn to look at who called for Luke and see two boys walking towards us.
"Hey Calum, Michael," Luke greats the two boys as step in front of us.
"And who are you?" The boy with straight dirty blonde hair with a fringe down his face, green eyes, around Luke and mines height, and looks around our age.
"Um, I'm Amber," I smile.
"He's Michael," Luke points to the dirty blonde. "And he's Calum."
"Hello," Calum smiles. He has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, same height as everyone else, and probably close in age. "I think I've seen you in school."
"Probably," I say. "I do go to school sometimes."
"Is she your girlfriend, Luke?" Michael asks.
"Um, no. Just my best friend," Luke answers.
"You are really close, right?"
"Yes," Luke hands me another headband. I can tell he wishes they'd leave us alone.
"Boys and girls can be friends and not be in a relationship," I say. "So please don't tease us."
"Sorry, it’s just want I do to Luke," Michael shrugs. "Guess we will be on our way."
"It was nice to meet you, Amber," Calum smiles at me.
"Same to you Calum. And you too Michael," I smile at both of them. "I hope to see you boys some other time."
The two boys nod and then walk away.
"Sorry about Michael," Luke sighs.
"It’s alright. That's just how he is," I shrug. "Would you ever date my Lucas?"
"Huh, why are you asking that?"
"I don't know. His question just made me think. It’s alright if you say no. It wouldn't bother me any."
"If it would make you smile, I'd marry you. Because I want to keep you happy."
I smile and look away, my cheeks definitely red. "We'll have to see then."
*That Night*
"Alright Lucas, what are we doing?" I smile as I plop down on the couch of his living room.
"Watch tons of movies, of course," Luke smiles at me and then chucks a blanket at me. "We only have two more days of summer vacation and we haven't watched enough movies." He quickly puts in a movie and then takes a seat next to me.
"I'm not letting you have any of this blanket," I wrap the blanket he threw at me so he can’t use any of it.
"Why not?" He pouts.
"You get too comfy and fall asleep. Every single time."
"Oh come on," he scoots closer to me. "Don't leave me out in the cold." He wraps his arms around me. Lying his head on my shoulder. "Please."
"No Luke. I don't want to be awake when you are asleep."
"Fine, you can be warm and I'll freeze."
"Oh shut up and cover up," I throw the blanket up and he grabs it. Covering us both up.
"Thank you," he laughs.
I snuggle into his side, "What movie is in?"
"Dead Poets Society. Is that alright?"
"Of course. I love it," I smile.
We blow through three movies without any trouble. Grabbing snacks after the first. It’s halfway through the fourth movie that Luke falls asleep.
"You bastard," I whisper as I push him off me and onto the floor.
"What the hell?" He sits up. "My ass."
"You fell asleep, you bastard," I pout.
"I'm sorry Amber. Didn't have to push me off the couch though."
"Pretty sure I did," I smile.
"Should we head to bed then?"
"We can't just leave the movie when it’s not over. So get back up here."
He stands up and sits back down on the couch. Then he pulls me down so I'm lying on top of him. "Remember when you first came crying to me?"
"Of course I do. It was the day I realized you were my best friend. No if, ands, or buts about it."
"The bruises he left on your upper arms. I couldn't believe it."
"Do you believe it now? Does it seem more real that you saw them yell while you were by my side?"
"Yeah. I don't understand why they would hurt you. I think you're perfect. I mean, you are a dork sometimes."
"Ruining it Lucas."
"Sorry. But I don't understand how they could hate you when you did nothing."
"I did something. Of course. I always do something. But they never told me exactly what. From their arguments I think it could have been I was a bastard child from before my mom married my dad. And how I'm not really my dad's kid. Whatever. I don't care. They aren't my parents anymore. I'm a part of your family now."
"Okay. That's what I like to hear. Screw them," he laughs.
I smile, "You are the best Luke. I'm glad to know you."
We get back to watching the movie and before I know it. I'm falling asleep. And right before I drift off, I hear Luke say something. Something that doesn't really shock me but makes me so happy.
"I'm glad I met you too, Amber. I love you."


Hope you liked it! :)

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