Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


16. Moving

*A Month Or So Later*
"So many people," I'm sitting behind the boys as they are doing an acoustic show in Hyde Park. It’s nice, to see so many people have come to support the boys. A little ping of jealousy runs through me when I see most of them are girls and way prettier than me.
"What are you doing?" A girl sitting beside me rudely asks.
"Just drawing the boys," I answer as nicely as possible.
"Why wouldn't you watch? You might miss something."
"If I do, I'll just have them retell me the whole experience when we get home."
"Excuse me?"
"Well, I'm practically Luke's sister. We've been best friends for years," I take a look up to take in more stuff before getting back to drawing. "I'm the reason Luke started YouTube. So you're welcome."
"That's so cool," the girl’s tone of voice has changed. She now sounds so nice. "You think you could give me some contact information."
"No, because you're fake. If you were nice from the beginning I may have considered helping you meet them. But now, not a chance."
She lowly groans but stops talking to me.
I continue to work on my drawing as the boys continue to do their thing. It’s nice to be outside enjoying the nice weather and watching the boys have so much fun.
*A Few Days Later*
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Luke asks as we take a seat on the very top of the bleachers. We have a nice view over the football field.
"I'm sure," I adjust my sunglasses. "My brothers deserve to know at least I do give a damn. They are my brothers and I want to see them at least once."
"All right. If you say so."
We watch the whole game, and I spot my brothers right away. They are good, but not as great as everyone always says they are. It’s not a surprise to me though. I always wondered if my parents lied to me to just mess with me. Put me down. I guess, in a way, I was right.
When the game ends, Luke and I make our way down on the field to go congratulate my brothers on the win.
"Hey guys, nice job today," I smile as they offer high fives. I quickly oblige, as they let out laughs.
"Do mum and dad know you're here?" Jake asks.
"Can't you just be happy she came?" Arron slaps his brother.
I giggle, "Sorry if I've never came to a game, I just had things I wanted to do with my life. I have dreams that I wanted to reach for. And mum and dad don't know I'm here. I don't even know if I should call them mum and dad."
"Well, I'm glad you came. Why did you leave?" Arron asks.
"I had to. They were gonna take everything I loved away from me. And another reason."
"Aren't you Luke?" Jake looks over at my best friend standing by my side.
"I am," Luke answers. "And you’re Jake, so that's Arron."
"Correct," Arron says.
"Arron! Jake! Who are you talking to?" My mother's voice fills my ears.
"Crap," I grab Luke's hand. "Sorry boys. We have to go."
"Come to another game soon," Arron pleads.
"Why should she?" Jake asks.
"I will. We can try and talk more. Bye guys," I smile.
"Bye," they smile.
I drag Luke away as my parents make it to my brothers.
"That was nice," Luke laughs as we make it to the car where Ashton has come to pick us up.
"It was. They aren't little assholes like my dad," I smile. "So that's good. Just as long as they stay that way."
*A Few Weeks Later*
"All right, so in October you boys will be starting your tour with Hot Chelle Rae," I say as I go through my list of things to remind the boys. "And before that, we are going to head over to the UK for a bit. I'm planning an acoustic show for their Hyde Park."
"And today we are doing a YouTube video!" Calum exclaims.
I smile and nod, "Yeah. What song is it today?"
"A song by the Busted," Michael answers. "Year 3000, I know you've heard of it."
"I have," I nod. "You guys should be good at it. You all look so cute already." I giggle.
"And so do you," Ashton says as he sits down on his cajón.
Luke is just gonna sing while Michael and Calum have guitars.
"So we're going to London?" Luke asks.
"Yeah. I was thinking we could visit there, and a few other places," I answer. "It would be nice. Like a vacation but we are still doing a few things."
"Are we going to be writing songs and stuff or what?" Michael asks.
"Yeah. I think that would be a good idea. And we have to chill. That's a reason we are going. To get away and chill and have fun."
"We will," Calum says. "I mean, it’s hard for us not to."
I laugh, "That is very true."
*A Week Later*
"This sucks," I pout as I look out the window. Rain is pouring down and I hear thunder in the distance.
"It is very gloomy outside," Ashton comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me. "It’s perfect for writing a sad song."
"Is that what we are gonna do?"
"Maybe. When the boys get up here once they are done with breakfast and get ready."
We've been stuck inside our hotel the past few days. Glad we already did the Hyde Park show. I got all five of us a room with three beds. I share with Ashton and the other three fight. Since we've been stuck inside though, it’s been quite hard and we haven't done too much. I've drawn while listening to music while the boys tried to write music. They haven't gotten too far, but they really haven't done song writing for a living or anything. I'm proud that at least they are trying.
"Hey!" Michael exclaims as he and the other two boys enter the room.
"Hello boys," I smile before turning around and giving Ashton a kiss. "Let me go please."
Ashton releases me and I go and sit down at the desk in the room. "You're crazy, Cupcake."
"Thank you," I look around at all the boys. "All right boys, I'm gonna be drawing. So I don't want to be bothered with or anything. You guys are gonna be song writing."
"What are you drawing now?" Calum asks as he plops down on one of the beds.
"Um, I'm working on us as benders. Like, in the sort of anime, The Last Airbender," I smile.
"Who can do what?" Michael asks.
"Ashton is an earthbender because I think it just makes sense. I'm a waterbender, only because airbenders are supposed to be peaceful. Anyways, Luke is an airbender, because he is peaceful. And Calum, you're a firebender, just because I think you are. Michael, you're a waterbender with me because you are laid back and waterbenders can be laid back. It’s going pretty good so far."
"It sounds so cool," Luke says.
"I can't wait to see it," Ashton says.
"Well, get songwriting, and you'll be able to see it before you know it," I giggle.
*Two And A Half Months Later*
It’s been an amazing few months. After coming back from London, it was almost time to start the tour supporting Hot Chelle Rae. The boys did wonderfully. Being back on stage was great for them. I could just see it on their faces. And I kind of missed the sweaty group hugs from the boys and sweaty kisses from my boyfriend.
After that, we went back to a recording studio to make some finishing touches on the boys second EP. It turned out great and I made the decision to not only release it on iTunes but as a CD as well. It did so well on the iTunes charts in Australia and even New Zealand that we held a little party. Laurel and Emily came and we all hard a great, dorky time.
Lastly, after a lot of talking it over, the boys have decided to move to London to song write with some massive names in music.
Before we leave, the boys are playing a show at Sydney's Metro Theatre as a farewell for a bit.
"I can't believe you're leaving," Emily says. Her and Laurel are over helping me pack up my room for the move to London.
"I know. They've made me drop out of school and now we are moving for some time," I smile. "I'm glad though. I'm actually doing something with my life."
"We will miss you while you're gone," Laurel says.
"I'll miss you guys too. I bet your boyfriends will miss you more than I though."
The girls let out giggles.
"You're probably right," I sigh as I tape another box shut.
"I don't remember you having this much stuff when you lived with your parents," Emily says.
"I didn't. I had barely anything when I lived with them. Most of the stuff I have now is what I've bought since I've lived here. The Hemmings have been way too kind to me. I feel like I am one of them. A part of the family now."
"I think it’s safe to say you are," Laurel says. "I've seen rumors all over that you actually are."
"That's funny," I push a full box over to the door. "Are we almost done?"
"I think so," Emily says. "What is gonna happen in London?"
"Song writing," I answer as I start labeling boxes. "And having fun I guess. It'll suck though. It’s gonna be cold there. I heard it’s snowing. I've never seen snow. Part of me can't wait, and another part of me is a bit terrified."
"Of snow?" Laurel asks.
I burst out into laughing, "No. Oh no. Sorry, of moving."
"You still have a few days here, right?" Emily asks.
"Yeah. We will be here for Christmas, and then we will be off."
"Oh good, because we were wondering how we were gonna give you presents," Laurel says.
"Oh, well I'll be here for a part of the day. Calum and Michael are coming over right before I leave to hang with Ashton's family. So, yeah."
“We will be over before you head over there then," Emily says.
"I'll be ready for you. I've got presents for you as well."
We get back to packing all my stuff away before finally pushing them all to the door. I have two boxes holding all the stuff I didn't want to put in my two suitcases and duffle bag.
"Want to go watch the boys practice?" I asks.
"Where are they?" Laurel asks.
"The garage. Come on. I think they would enjoy having a little audience."
*A Couple Weeks Later*
"Mikey!" I exclaim when he walks into living room. "Your hair! It’s so, sad," I pout.
"Aw, you don't like it?" Michael says as he sits down on the couch. "It’s just black."
"It’s nice. Just smile."
He slowly smiles and I burst into giggles. "What now?"
"Nothing. Aw, I'll miss your old hair for a while."
"All right, someone hand me the Xbox controller," Michael ruffles my hair as I hand him a controller.
"How is Ashton doing?" Luke asks.
"I'm fine," Ashton says as he walks into the living room, plopping down next to me. He sniffles and coughs before pulling me into him.
"You don't sound any better than yesterday," Calum says.
"I am," Ashton says.
"Aw, Ash. Do you need me to get you anything?" I ask.
"I just want to be with you and have you snuggled into my side."
"What's it like sleeping on an air mattress out here?" Calum asks.
"Uncomfortable," Ashton answers then sneezes.
"My poor baby," I giggle.
"Don't you sleep on the couch to be close to him?" Luke asks.
"Shit, shit. Shit," Michael curses as he almost dies in the video game. "Damn, this is hard."
"Some nights," I answer. "I just hate him all sick and out here all by himself."
"Still won't kiss me," Ashton pouts.
"I have to stay healthy. I am your manager. If I'm sick, all goes to hell."
"That's very true," Calum says. And I know they are all remembering the one time I got the flu last year. All but Michael, as he continues to cuss out the video game.
"This year, 2013, is gonna be the year of success!" Luke says.
"I think it will. I also don't want to get sick because we have a meeting with someone in a little over a week."
"And who is that?" Ashton sniffles.
"Hopefully you're feeling better by then, but I've set up a meeting with Niall Horan."
"Wait, from One Direction?" Calum asks.
"He plays FIFA," Michael says. "We could play FIFA together."
"Yes, from the world's biggest boy band," I answer Calum. "And this is a business meeting, ya dork. We have a few things to discuss that I'll let him tell you."
"I can't believe this, they could help us become even bigger," Luke says.
"Is that what we want though," Calum asks.
"Yes, I want to hang out with celebrities," Michael groans as he dies once again.
"We will think about it," I say. "It’s your guys’ choice, it’s your band. I'm just here to help."
*That Night*
"Ashton, please, just take it," I hold out the cough syrup out to him.
"No, I don't need it," he pouts.
"I'm out here to be with you and I can't sleep. Please take it. The reason you are out here is because if you slept in your own room the other lads wouldn't be able to sleep. Please take it." I yawn. "For me."
He groans before taking the cup of water and the spoon of cough syrup. He quickly takes the medicine and chugs the water. "It’s gross."
I lean over and kiss his forehead, "Once you are better, that kiss will be on your lips."
"Then I'll try and will myself to get better soon."
"Aw, I miss the kisses too. You'll get better soon. I know it."
"Good. I guess your kisses will push me."


Hope you liked it. :)

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