Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


10. Love

*That Night*
"Thanks for today, Lucas," I smile as I carefully draw the face of my new drawing. It’s going to be an anime version of a character that I love, Flapjack from the Cartoon Network show. Except he doesn't look like a little, innocent boy. He'll have stubble and a belt with knifes. He'll look bad ass when I'm done with him.
"My pleasure, babe," Luke looks over my shoulder. "What's that?"
"It’s gonna be Flapjack. From that animated show."
"But with a twist?"
"Of course. Grown up Flapjack. Still attractive."
"I can't believe you can find animated characters attractive. They aren't real."
"They are to me, in some way," I shrug. "Why do boys think shooting games are fun?"
"I don't know."
"That's how I feel about animated characters. I can always rely on them to make me happy. And music," I look at Luke. "And you. As well as Calum, Michael, and Ashton."
"What about Laurel and Emily?"
"Maybe one day. We just hung out today. I've forgotten who they are. We've grown up since I talked to them years ago."
"Do all your drawings have some sort of meaning to you?"
I look back at my barely started drawing. "In some way, so yes. I bet you could guess what the meaning is for some of them. Our friendship. Family problems. The other boys’ relationships. Or animated characters as this one is."
"You're drawings aren't realistic, which I like. I mean, you tend to draw humans. But they aren't like super real. You can tell they've been drawn. I love it. You're way too good for your age, babe. You have a gift."
"Since I've had a shit life until now, I'm glad I have a gift," I smile and start drawing again. "It’s like the universe gave back to me."
"Well, I promise you. Right here and now. I will do something big to get you out of here. To get you to make a move out of here. Whatever I do I will get you away from the place that has broken you."
"I was hurt, never broken. And as long as I'm with you and Ashton and the other boys I am fine."
We stop talking then. Silence is something that is never awkward between us. Luke watches as I draw and I feel happy that he's so interested in what I can do.
I get halfway through the drawing before the music in my head isn't working anymore. "Lukey, can you sing for me?"
Luke scoots away from me and just starts singing. It kind of bothers me that he isn't playing his guitar, but I let it go for a few songs.
"Go grab your guitar, please."
"Don't like me without it, babe?" Luke asks.
"You sound, different. And it’s weird. And I miss the other boys’ voices. You guys are all perfect together," I smile and look over at Luke.
"All right. I'll go get my guitar. Since I got a new one," he laughs. Then he gets up and rushes off to his room.
I lean back and relax for a bit. My fingers are starting to hurt from drawing every day, but it’s a passion I feel bad when I'm not doing it. Maybe I do deserve a day or so break. A sigh escapes my lips. I'm finally able to really relax and be myself.
"Are you ready babe?" Luke comes back into the room and sits on the other end of the couch.
"Yeah. I'll get back to drawing after you start singing," I close my eyes.
"There you go doing that cute thing you do."
I smile, "Thanks Lukey. Love ya."
"Love you too." Then he strums a bit on his guitar before diving into singing.
*A Few Days Later*
"I hate school," I groan as I set up the video camera. "Thank goodness it’s just half days now," I smile.
"I can't believe Michael hasn't come to school," Calum groans as he tunes the guitar.
"He's an ass," Luke says.
"Oh come on, I like Michael," I pout and look at the two boys. "He's sweet. He likes my drawings and is funny. Stop being mean guys."
"We're joking babe," Luke says. "I promise you. Michael is our band member, and we will tease him."
"Fine," I go back to looking at the video camera.
"Forever My Father," Calum sighs as he says the song that they're gonna sing today. "This is going to be fun."
"Hey, babe, how was art today?" Luke asks.
"It was great. Everyone loves my drawings. Even the teacher," I smile. "They say that regardless of meanings behind them, they are beautiful. Dark, yes, of course. But beautiful, I never would have thought anyone would think that. Besides my friends. It’s crazy. I'm finally praised for my talent from almost strangers. I’m glad I opened up to the class."
"This is interesting," Calum says. "Keep talking."
"Um, well, we had a drawing day today. And I had a lot of people wanting me to help them. Or critique their art. It was fun. I don't try as hard in art though. In fact, I'm not really even using art to draw. It’s to make friends. Art friends. I've been trying to see if I can be like the teachers helper and draw at home. That's what I do now anyways. Anyways, I can't draw in class. There is no music. It’s weird and hard and I can't do it."
"It’s alright babe," Luke says. "I'm glad you're having fun. And doing what you love."
I look up and see two smiling boys, wishing I was looking at four. "I'm glad too," I smile back at them. "Now, it’s time for you to use your talents."
"Alright," Calum says.
"You gonna close your eyes babe?" Luke asks.
"Of course," I nod. "Unless I was drawing, I close my eyes."
The boys get ready and then I press the record button. Calum and Luke make small, awkward talk as the barely explain where Michael is. They keep teasing him to a minimum because I pout. Then they dive into singing.
My eyes flutter close as a smile forms on my lips. I have to pay close attention because I might have to turn the recording off.
Even though Calum was tuning the guitar, Luke is playing it. Both are singing with their amazing voices. It makes me so happy the band was formed.
At the end the boys become dorks and Luke starts playing some weird tune. I open my eyes and see them smiling. Calum snaps a few times before getting up and coming at the video camera. They say goodbye and Calum turns it off.
"I could have done it," I look into Calum's eyes and almost pout.
"Next time. Maybe," he pokes my cheek. "We don't want the little fans we have asking about you."
"You’re our secret for now, babe," Luke says. "You can be the mysterious girl for as long as we can keep you hidden."
"Aw, but I want to be in videos," I look over at Luke. "My voice already is. So I can't be a mysterious girl. They know I'm real and someone."
"Ugh, true," he groans.
"Good one Lucas," I smile.
"You're ours though," Calum says. "We are not going to share."
"Fine by me. You're my boys."
*A Couple Days Later*
"Why are you doing this by yourself?" I look over at Luke who is setting up his video camera. I'm sat on his bed, my sketch book lying on my lap as I draw. At the moment I'm drawing a girl sitting down, tears running down her face, and demons floating all around her.
"Because the other boys are busy and I wanted to sing this song," Luke answers. "You drawing something dark, babe?"
I smile, "Not all my drawings are dark in nature. But, this one kind of is."
"No matter what I think it’ll be great," he picks up his guitar and takes a seat in his office chair.
"What song are you singing today?"
"A Drop in the Ocean."
"By Ron Pope. I love that song. Of course, we listen to basically the same music. So I love what you love."
He laughs, "That's why we're best friends, babe. Music taste is as similar as it can get. I know you like a few bands that I think are okay and that is fine."
"As long as I keep drawing. I know you Lucas."
He laughs, "Are you the teacher's helper yet?"
"Yeah. I still draw sometimes whenever nothing is happening. I've started writing down ideas for band merch and stuff. I write it down whenever I can. Or sketch some down in a separate sketch book that's not for my real drawings."
"What's an idea of yours?"
"Um, five tally marks. In a kind of leaning fashion. Since you guys are 5 Seconds of Summer. I had to think of something with five."
"Nice idea, babe. I love it. You'll have to show the guys a sketch when they cone over. You are the manager and merch designer so I think they'll agree to use it."
I smile, "I've got a lot more to run by you guys. We can have like a little meeting."
"All right. I'm gonna record now."
"Good. I want to hear your voice," I smile and lean back against his pillows, slowly closing my eyes. Even though I should be drawing, I love closing my eyes to really listen to Luke singing. No distractions of any kind when I have my eyes closed.
Luke dives right in. Not saying a word to the viewers who will be watching. It’s nice, just to hear him sing. His voice is beautiful. He was made to sing. Now with the whole band thing, his talent will be used. As well as the other boys. I'm hoping Ashton will be joining soon.
Speaking of Ashton, I'll be meeting his family soon and I can't believe it. He talks about them a lot and they sound so great. Way better than my family. I'll be a part of two families and it will be the best.
I've thought about who will walk me down the aisle since my dad will definitely not be doing it. I've decided Luke's dad might have to, but that's a long way into the future and I'll figure it out when its time.
I feel my sketch book leave my lap and the pencil in my hand taken away. Then arms wrap around me and a head rests on mine. Of course it’s Luke. I knew from the way the smell around me changed. I know him like I know myself.
"You wanna know something babe?" Luke asks.
"Hm?" I smile.
"That song means a bit to me. It’s like my song to you. And I love you so much but I know friendship is all that will ever work. But I'll always love you like no other. You mean so much to me. I know Laurel likes me, but I want to give it time."
I snuggle into his chest and breathe him in. "Don't let me hold you back. Go for her. I want you happy with someone. She's right for you. I know. She's a friend of mine. And we've been talking. I love you Luke, no other person will I love like I love you. But go for her."
"All right babe. Whatever you say."
I smile, "You're a dork Lukey. You really are."


Hope you liked it! :)

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