Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


19. In Every Universe

*A Few Weeks Later*
"This is so sweet of you Ashton, you really didn't have to do this," I smile as I take a seat at our table for two.
"I wanted to, Cupcake," Ashton smiles at me as he takes a seat. "We've gone on plenty of dates before, but nothing like this. I thought you deserved something like this."
I pick up my menu and start looking it over, "Well, thank you Ash. This is a great way to spend a day off."
Ashton sprung the date at me this morning that he was taking me out to a sort of fancy restaurant. I've got a fancy sundress on with a sweater. Ashton is wear a sort of fancy suit. Looks like quite the gentleman though.
"I don't think I've ever been here," I sigh as I quickly read over the options for lunch. "Everything sounds so good."
"Well, pick anything you like, because it’s on me."
Our waiter comes over to take our drinks, and then minutes later takes our orders. I get something simple while Ashton seems to go all out. Making me smile at how comfortable he must be around me. Same with me to him. He is the one.
"So, I've been wanting to learn more things about you," Ashton smiles. "Maybe a childhood story or something. Anything about you."
"Um," I bite my bottom lip and search my brain for a story. "Oh, I think I've got a good one. When I was about six, I was hanging out with Luke and we were playing around in his backyard. I think we were playing tag or something, but that's beside the point. His mum called us inside to have lunch and I wanted to be cool, I ran up to the backdoor and was gonna open it and run in or something. But I hit myself with the door and stumble back. Luke ran into me and we both fell. Both of us are hurt and poor Liz has to help two screaming, crying six year olds. I don't run and try and open doors anymore."
Ashton giggles, "You two are suck dorks. I see why you are best friends. He didn't even try and not hit you?"
"Probably not," I giggle. "I bet he wanted to catch me but just kept running. He was a dork back then and is a dork now."
"Tell another story. You always tell cute stories."
I smile, "Um. Well, there was this one time in art class. I was about ten. It was right before my brothers were born. I know that. And I was drawing something for them. Had a twin theme, and I was so proud of it. I had twin cats, dogs, babies, and lots if other things. My teacher would watch me every day and rarely leave unless another kid needed her. She was really impressed with my skill. I thank all my art teachers for believing in me. Without them I would have never kept drawing."
"We're all glad you kept drawing."
"I bet they see my work somehow, from new students and are so proud of me."
"I bet they are," Ashton reaches across the table and lays his hand on top of mine. "I know I'm proud of you. You've been through so much. And I'm glad I met you."
"I'm glad I met you too, Ash. You and Luke, and Michael, and Calum, you are all reasons I've kept going. Kept doing what I love," I sigh. "Plus Emily and Laurel. So, thank you."
"I think we are all glad we could help you."
For some reason, a blush comes to my cheeks and I say the only thing on my mind. "I love you, Ash."
He giggles, "I love you too, Cupcake."
*A Few Days Later*
"Out shopping," I groan. "Just like old times."
"Oh come on, you know you like it," Emily laughs.
"We won't shop for too long," Laurel says. "Just a few stores."
"Which will take hours," I sigh.
"Just come on," Emily drags me into a store that has everything I'll always love.
"I've been meaning to ask," Laurel says as we start going through headbands with kitten ears on them. "You've bought a lot of these kind of headbands. Received some as gifts. When do you wear them?"
"I was a cat last Halloween," I smile as I try on a pair.
"Besides then," Laurel giggles.
"When I draw. It keeps the hair out of my face. And are so comfortable that they are just fun to wear."
"Hey, look at this," Emily comes over to us and holds up a shirt. Just so happens that the shirt was designed by me. It’s a 5sos shirt.
"Oh my, it looks so pretty," I smile. "I can't believe I designed that."
"Wait, what do you mean?" A teenage girl with about three of her friends walks over to us.
"I designed that shirt," I answer.
"That means you're Amber. The girl who is dating Ashton Irwin. And is 5 Seconds of Summer's manager."
"And Luke's best friend since they were young," another girl says.
"Those are all correct," I take off the headband and put it back. "But I'm just out here shopping. The boys aren't around. And I would rather not give out any information."
"We would be just fine with a picture from you," another girl says. "You're just as famous as the boys. We have you to thank for them getting together and everything."
"Yeah," the main girl says. "You're the reason Luke started up and kept going. Plus, you organize all the boys do."
"Oh, well, I'm just doing my job," I shrug. "Besides, even if I wasn't their manager, I'd still be helping them out in every way possible. They are super unorganized and would never get anything done without me."
"Plus, she likes being in control," Emily says.
I give her a little shove as the girls laugh. "All right, so, you guys wanted pictures?"
A few minutes later, I've taken pictures, and then Emily, Laurel, and I check out and start heading to the next store.
"Well, that was very interesting," Laurel says.
"I never would have guessed you would be taking pictures with fans of the boys," Emily says.
I shrug, "Neither did I. But life has thrown me bigger curve balls. It was a bit surprising at first, but then I realized the boys have me in pictures that they post all over the internet. As well as Keeks."
"I had completely forgotten that they expose you like that," Laurel says.
"Sometimes, so do I. At first, I hated it. Being exposed to so many people, afraid of being hated. But the fam loves me. So, I relaxed a bit, and now it doesn't bother me."
"They barely know about us," Emily says. "Which for now, is a good thing. Since we don't travel the world like you do and once we are found they can keep finding us."
"One day you can travel the world with us," I smile. "Of course. That is, if you want to. You don't have to."
"We probably will," Emily says. "It sounds like so much fun. And it’s hard to not see you five for such long periods."
"I agree with Emily," Laurel says.
"Well, I can't wait until we travel next then," I smile. "I think it would be fun to have you guys come along."
*A Couple Days Later*
"This is what I call relaxing," I snuggle into Michael's side as Ashton and Luke decide what movie to play next.
"I'm glad we can spend some time together," Calum says from his spot next to Michael.
"Watching movies passes time without feeling like you're not doing anything," Michael says. "Even though that's all we have done today."
"Watching Movies is fun," Luke takes a seat by me.
"Are you guys serious?" Ashton asks as he see there's no way he can sit next to me.
"Aw, Ash, are you jealous of the lads?" I pout.
"No, I just want to sit by my girlfriend. Since that's how it’s been all day," he sighs.
"How about I sit on your lap so I can still be close to everyone else?" I suggest.
"No, its fine," Ashton takes a seat next to Luke.
"All right. You decided what to do, so don't whine."
*A Few Hours Later*
"We've watch quite a few movies," I stretch and a yawn escapes my lips. "I say we do something else now. Like play video games?"
"Sounds like a fantastic idea," Ashton leans over and gives me a kiss. "Then I can sit next to you."
I smile and roll my eyes, "Michael, you can choose the game."
"Okay, I'll have to see what you guys have," Michael gets up and goes to the cabinet with all the video games.
"Hey Amber, why are there pictures of you with girls on Twitter?" Calum asks.
I look over and see him on his phone with a slight smile on his face. "Oh, did I forget to tell you guys? I met some fam when Emily, Laurel, and I were out shopping. They recognized me and wanted some pictures. That's all," I shrug. "They were sweet and since they knew me and supported you guys, it was the least take some pictures."
"You're just as famous as us it seems," Luke says.
I shrug, "What can I say? They thanked me for you guys. It’s only natural that I'm famous as well."
"You are the reason we are where we are now and have done what we've done," Michael says.
"I guess so. But I think you guys would've formed even without me. I mean, in a parallel universe, I might not live here. Or ever become friends with Luke. Or any of you. Yet, I know this band would have come together. Somehow. Some way. I think its fate."
"I bet you also had a loving family in a parallel universe. Or never got into drawing," Ashton says.
"Or dated me or Michael," Calum smiles. "Possibly, you marry all of us in many different parallel universes."
I roll my eyes, "It’s possible. I might also be American and become a fan of you guys. Hoping to meet you one day."
"You could be my twin in a parallel universe," Luke says. "That would suck. I might have gotten sick of you."
"Like you could ever get sick of me," I giggle and the boys laugh. "I might get sick of you guys though."
"What if, in one parallel universe we don't get together?" Ashton asks. "What would we be then?"
"On a football team together. Or on any sport team together," I answer. "No matter what, no matter how I knew you guys. I'd support you. In every universe."
The boys aw and then attack me in a giant group hug.
"Guys, give me some air," I sigh. "Don't get too soft for me." I love you all though. Forever and always. In this universe and all the others.


Hope you liked it! Do you believe in parallel universes? :)

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