Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


18. Embarrassing

*A Few More Weeks Later*
"Now this is the life," I smile as I run around outside of the house we are staying at now. A beautiful house in the beautiful city of LA. I'm finally feeling as good as I did before getting hurt.
"Cupcake, come back!" Ashton shouts after me.
"No," I turn around to see Ashton on the other side of the pool. "You guys already embarrassed me yesterday! We got pulled over and you were wearing those stupid superhero costumes," I groan.
"You have to admit, we looked pretty hot," Michael steps up to Ashton.
"Sure, sure. I guess so. I mean, you guys are kind of always looking very attractive," I smile.
"All right, so, that's beside the point," Luke says as he comes up beside Michael. "How could we embarrass you? You looked to be having a ton of fun with us."
"Because you were freaking me out. I was nervous and all I knew to do was pretend that I was enjoying myself. I was cringing the whole time."
"What are you going to do now?" Calum smiles as he comes up and stands next to Ashton.
"I was gonna go for a swim, maybe chill in the hot tub," I adjust my swimsuit skirt bottoms. Then slowly adjust my swimsuit top straps.
"Stop that," Ashton points at me.
"Stop what?" I shake my hips slowly.
"Acting, so, sexy," Luke slowly answers.
I giggle, "Come on boys. Join me in the pool. It'll be fun. Unlike yesterday." I take a few steps back before running and jumping into the pool. When I surface, the boys are all in and making their way towards me. "Don't you guys dare touch me? Or I will kick."
They all stop moving.
"That's what I thought," I giggle.
"We will play fair," Calum says.
"Good. Though there will be no playing. We are going to toss a ball back and forth or something. None of you will touch me," I point at all of them.
"I'll go get a ball," Michael says.
*A Few Hours Later*
"This is nice," I smile as a soft jet hits my back. "I'm loving this house. Can we live here forever?"
"Never want to go back home?" Ashton asks, and then I feel his hand on my upper thigh. None of the boys able to see it.
"We could go back and visit," I smile.
"It is really nice here. But I think we need to keep moving. Like, settle down one day, but for now. Just go with the flow," Calum says.
"As long as we are together, I guess it doesn't really matter to me," I sigh.
"Home is where people love you are," Luke says. "We will always be home if we are together. No matter where we are. Because I think we all love each other. In a way."
I smile as I place my hand on top of Ashton's. "We do. We are like a family. Almost always together."
"That's very true," Michael says. "We do everything that a family would do. We are really like a family."
"So, we will always be home if we have one another," I smile.
"It would be weird if we weren't together," Luke says. "The only time we are really apart is when we are back in Australia. And even then we are phone call and drive away."
"Let's hope that's as far apart as we will ever get," Ashton says.
"Yeah," I say. "Because I love you all too much to be away from you too long."
*A Few Days Later*
"That's very cute," Luke smiles at me as I walk into the living room wearing a sundress. A book in my hand and one headphone in my right ear.
"Thank you," I smile. "I'm gonna be outside and check this book out."
"What's the book about?"
"Drawing, of course. It’s like a step by step thing. Where are the other boys?"
"Michael and Calum went video game shopping. Ashton is outside as well," Luke smiles before looking back at the TV.
I nod before heading outside.
Ashton is doing laps in the pool as I take a seat on one of the lounge chairs.
I turn my music up a tad louder before getting to my book. I've been meaning to learn some higher skilled drawing techniques, and when I saw the art store while we walked around a few days ago I couldn't resist.
I get about twenty pages in before Ashton calls out to me.
"Yes Ash." I sigh as I place the book upside down on my legs. "I'm trying to read. Do you need something?"
"Just wanted to tell you how great you look in that dress," he smiles. "My girlfriend always knows how to look beautiful. No matter what."
"Aw, thank you. I have to say. You look very attractive right now. Drumming does wonders. I'm glad I'm dating you. I can say I'm dating the drummer."
"Or the drummer is your boyfriend," his dimples make it hard not to smile back at him.
"Alright, well, I'm gonna go back to reading now. You go back to swimming laps. And maybe, just maybe, we can do something tonight. Since you were so sweet to me just now."
*That Night*
"Well Ash, I guess I made up my mind," I smile at him.
Ashton smiles back, running a hand through my hair. "So, what are we gonna do?"
"Well, I've been thinking. I love you. More than I could ever imagine. So I want to show you that love. I don't care that all we are is boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s not about that. I guess, all that really matters is love. That's it, love." I lean down and connect out lips.
"The boys are in rooms next to ours and across the hall. We can't do what you want."
"But we can, Ashton. It’s called being quiet. Because, you have to understand, that I've loved you since the day I laid my eyes on you. I want to do this."
"I guess, I've loved you since we first met as well. I've wanted this for a long time as well. But with your best friend always around, I thought it would be super awkward."
"It’s alright. He's not the one I love that I would one day love to spend the rest of my life with. He's a friend. That's all."
"All right," he connects our lips. "I believe you. So, we will be quiet."
That night, will always be with me. No matter what happens. I always thought it would be different. That my other best friends wouldn't be so close. But when you wait for so long to be loved and love someone, you'll do things that seem a little crazy.
Waking up the next morning, I feel so different. I feel like I've grown up but am still fragile inside. Four boys protect me from the world. One boy holds my heart. And yet, my brain is still confused of too many things. Maybe I will always be confused. One day though, something is going to happen. I can feel it. And then I won't be confused. If only I knew what is going to happen. And when.
*A Few Weeks Later*
"I love being back in Australia," I smile.
"When we were in LA you said you never wanted to leave," Calum says.
I shrug, "I'll always love where I grew up. So I'll always love coming home."
"Whatever you say," Calum laughs.
"So, the acoustic tour was nice. I love your guys’ voices without anything really holding them back. It’s all so beautiful," I smile.
"And now, it’s back to a last leg with One Direction," Luke says.
"It’s been a great year. I think you guys have accomplished more stuff than you think you would. I know I never thought most of the stuff you guys did would have ever happened."
"Like what stuff?" Michael asks.
"A lot of different things. Things I'm glad you got to do. But now we get to take a break. Well, as soon as we are done supporting One Direction."
"Well, I think we all deserve a break. Unless you set up a tour for us," Ashton says.
"I might. Or just a few shows here and there. I want to go to New Zealand. That would be fun. They like you guys over there."
"That would be nice. You should schedule something before the year ends."
"Um, it’s September, so I'd like to have a month break. Does November sound good to you guys," I grab my laptop out of my bag and place it on the desk. Then I open it and start to log in. “I'll get to email and such then. Last show of the year it would be."
"Then it’s all relaxing until the New Year," Luke says.
"The fam is really loving all the merch you've designed," Calum says.
"Oh yeah, they message us on Twitter and tell us all the time," Ashton says. "They tell us to tell you that you're really talented. And keep doing what ya do."
I smile as I send a few emails to a few different venues in New Zealand. "Well, I will. I'll never give up my art and drawing. And I think one of the venues will email me back and we should be able to play somewhere."
"Good. Good," Michael smiles.
A knock comes at the hotel door and we all turn to look where it came from.
"Someone go open it," I sigh.
"I've got it," Luke jumps up and goes to the door. He comes back with all the One Direction lads.
"Hello boys," I smile as I continue to go through all my emails.
"Hello Amber, doing business for the boys?" Harry asks.
I nod, "Like I always do. It’s kind of fun though. Gives me something to do. Gives me something to think about."
"That's nice," Zayn says. "Do you draw for the same kind of reason?"
"Drawing is more for relaxing and clearing my brain. But also for fun and because I love to do it."
"That makes sense," Liam says. "Kind of a reason I sing. A reason we all sing."
"I would have to agree with that," Niall says. "Though, Amber's drawing skills are way better than our singing skills."
"Agreed," everyone in the room says.
I feel my cheeks heat up, "Oh, stop it. I think we are all equally talented."
"Aw, my Cupcake is blushing." Ashton comes over and kisses my cheek.
"You're making it worse, Ash."
"Wow, that is a really red face," Harry laughs and it makes me smile. Just like Ashton's does.
"Please, why are you here?" I ask.
"The show is hours away and we just wanted to hang," Louis says. "If that is all right with you."
"Well, I'm not sure. You didn't run it by me first. But I guess I can make an exception this time."
"Oh thank goodness," Louis says in a mocking tone.
"Don't make me change my mind."


Hope you liked it! :)

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