Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


12. Dresses

*The Next Day*
"Alright, what are we doing here?" I sigh as Emily and Laurel drag me into a dress shop.
"Well, with how busy you are, and how we didn't know the next time we would be able to go shopping like this," Emily says.
"So we're getting our Christmas formal dresses," Laurel finishes.
"What?" I look at both of them as we like they're crazy. "Who said I'm going to formal?"
"Well, you have a date," Emily holds up one finger. "You need to go to get the whole school experience," another finger is brought up. "And the only way the other guys are going is if you do," one more finger. "So you have to."
"Please," Laurel pouts. "Luke said he's only going if you do. So please agree to go."
"I'll think about it," I look around at the dress. "I really hate dresses. Damn things are stupid. But if getting me one will make you guys happy I'll get one."
"Oh yes," Emily says. "Come on," she grabs my upper arm and leads the way to the formal type dresses.
It feels like hours as we look through all the dress. They have everything. Every color I've ever seen, and used, is here. Sleeves, strapless, little cuffs, and one strap. Ruffles, smooth, and a mix. It makes my head hurt.
"What's the point of all these different dress?" I ask. "They are all weird."
"So they have something for everything," Emily pulls down a purple dress and holds it in front of her. "Are you bored already?"
"It feels like we've been here forever," I groan.
"It’s been ten minutes," Laurel says.
"Ten too long."
"Come on, if you'd just look and focus," Emily says, putting the purple dress back and getting a different one down.
I quickly scan over all the dress. Picking out white and black ones, focusing in on one that is black with white polka dots. I take it off the rack and hold it up in front of me. "What about this?"
"Holy crap," Laurel says.
"Is it bad?" I look at Laurel.
"Oh no. It’s beautiful," she smiles. "I can't believe you picked it out so fast."
"I just focused in on the two colors I think fit me most," I shrug. "I can find some for you girls too."
"Blue," Laurel says.
I scan over the dresses again and look only for blue. Pointing out a few that I think would go best with Laurel.
"Purple for me please," Emily smiles.
I quickly do the same for her. Picking a few out that she hasn't already looked at and I think are for her.
"Oh wow, now we have to pick," Laurel says.
I smile, "Well, don't take too long deciding. I was hoping to get some more kitty ear headbands."
"Alright, we just need to look at them all," Laurel says. "Then we will go and check out."
"Alright," I sigh.
It takes another ten minutes for them to pick a dress and get us to the check out. Then we finally go to a store that I went into with Luke when I was kicked out of my own house. It’s nice to be back here. To remember the start of my good times.
I smile as we enter the shop and I start looking around. Leaving Emily and Laurel to look around for themselves. I think I'll always love this store. Good memories start someplace, and besides Luke's home, this is where the good memories started.
*A Few Weeks Later*
"You guys piss me off," I growl as Luke, Michael, and Calum barge into my room.
"Aw, cheer up babe," Luke comes over and kisses my cheek.
I push him away and turn around to glare at the two other boys. "Why are you in here?"
"We just wanted to bring you company," Calum slightly smiles.
"I don't need any company right now, I'm drawing."
"What ya drawing?" Michael asks.
"Thank you so much for asking," I make a face at Michael causing him to smile. "I'm drawing me, in my formal dress, but I don't look good. Bruises, dark circles under my eyes, and a few demons around me head."
"Are you alright, babe?" Luke walks back to me and puts a hand on my shoulder.
"Yeah. I'm fine. Just, I don't know, tired. Everything is too much for me. I just don't want relax. Maybe take a day off school in the coming week."
"Mental health first babe," Luke leans down and kisses my cheek again. "You sure you're alright?"
"I mean, if you guys are staying over tonight, I don't want to be a bother," I look down at my sock covered feet.
"You're no bother at all, Curly," Michael says. "Ever. We like having you around. You are our manager."
"Yeah, do you want to go do something? Or have the three of us stay in here with you?" Calum asks. "Just tell us."
"I want to be with you guys all the time," I start playing with a stray curl near my cheek. "I want to stay here and chill. I'd just wished you guys knocked or something. And I don't want to sleep alone tonight. My nightmares are back for some reason. The reason for the kind of dark drawings."
"Well, we can make you happy," Luke says. "At least try, I mean. And you can sleep in my room tonight with all of us. And we can sing to you while you draw."
"Thanks guys," I lift my head up and look around at the boys. "That plan is perfect. Maybe I won't need to take a day off next week with you guys here to cheer me up. So thank you."
"You're welcome," The boys say in unison.
"You guys are the brothers that I wish I had. So nice and kind and wanting my best interest. I feel so at home in this house. And Calum's house. And Michael's house. Even Ashton's house."
It goes quiet as no one knows what to say next. I'm trying to figure out all my thoughts. Organize them and figure out what to say to the three boys in my from that have made me happy.
"Well, all right boys, we have to sing for Amber, don't forget that," Luke speaks up.
"Oh yeah," Calum says.
"Come with me Cal, and we'll go get the guitars," Luke says. Then he and Calum exit the room.
"So, have you been hanging with Ashton a lot?" Michael asks.
I smile and nod, "Yeah. I've been trying to convince him to come to Christmas formal. But he's a bit awkward. And a bit shy. I don't want to pressure him into anything. Though it is still a few months away."
"If he doesn't take you, I will."
"Aw, you're too sweet Mikey," I smile and force the blush to stay off my cheeks.
He shrugs, "Well, I don't have a date yet, and I don't think I will. Luke will have a date soon, and that's Laurel. Then Calum will probably go with Emily. She's one good actress, so it’s hard to tell if she really likes Calum. But I'll let them figure all that out themselves."
"You'll find someone too, Michael. One day you will. I promise."
He smiles, "I know."
Calum and Luke enter the room once again and the conversation between Michael and I dies. They start singing right away though, and I get right to drawing.
*A Week Later*
"Where's Calum and Michael?" I ask Luke as I enter the living room. I needed a break from drawing because my hand has started cramping.
"They'll be over later," Luke smiles as I sit down next to him.
"All right, I need to talk to you anyway," I sigh and lean into him.
"What's up, buttercup?" He laughs causing me to giggle.
"I'm not sure how to respond to that."
"Sorry, what's up babe?"
"Well, I've been wondering if I should tell Ashton about my home life. I mean he already knows a bit about why I'm here, but I feel like I'm keeping so much from him."
"He is your boyfriend. If you feel the need to tell him, then tell him."
"I'm just afraid he'll leave me or something. I know he's way too sweet to do that, but it is a fear. And what if he starts telling me more about himself. What if he had a bad childhood like me? I don't think I could take it."
"You'll he fine babe," Luke puts his arm around me. "You could always draw your feelings. I think it helps."
"That is true," I smile as I snuggle closer to him. "I'm also afraid he will get jealous one day of us. How close we are and such. Ya know?"
"If he's jealous, he'll have to get over it. We've know each other for so long. We can't just undo all those years. If he ever gets pissed about our friendship, tell him just that."
"Alright, I will," I smile. "I can't believe how much you've helped me. You always know how to clear my mind and make it easy to choose something. Thanks Lukey."
"No problem babe. Friends help each other. Best friends help and make sure the other is good before going away."
"Aw, that is so sweet."
"So, you're gonna tell Ashton about what your home life was like. When?"
"Soon. They next time we're together."
"Just how it was at home. Not much else. Unless asked."
"All right."
I sigh, "Now I need to call him and plan a date."
"How many dates have you gone on now?"
"So many. I've lost count."
"You like him a lot, don't you?"
"I do. I've been meaning to ask mum, or Emily, or Laurel what love is. But I guess now I'm asking you. What's love?"
"I don't think even I can answer that. I'm not sure I've ever felt love. Other than what love I feel for you. I think you'll know when you're in love."
"All right. Because I think I'm in love with Ashton. I'm not sure if that's what I'm feeling, but I'm gonna wait and see."
"That's good too. Though, when the time is right, I think you'll know if you truly love him."
"Yeah. That doesn't mean I'll stop loving you or anything, Lucas. You know that, right?"
"I do, babe. And I'll always love you. It would be pretty hard to stop. I mean, you are Amber. One of kind and lovely and a drawer and my manager."
"Aw, stop it Luke. Say, wanna make some snacks for the boys. I can't draw because my fingers are hurting, but I think I can cook."
"Okay. Let's go," Luke stands up making me fall and lie down on the couch.
I giggle, "Help me up you big dork. And let's go cook."
He holds out his hand and I grab it. He pulls me up and into his chest. "You won't back out of telling Ashton, will you?"
"No. He needs to know. And I need to tell one person to lighten the load."
"Good," he kisses my forehead. "Now let's go cook something."


Hope you liked it. :)

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