Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


14. Christmas Formal

*A Few Days Later*
"So, what are you guys singing?" I look around at the four boys.

We are over at Michael house today, and the boys are gonna film their first ever video as a full band.
"Teenage Dirtbag," Michael answers. "Say, can you go get some drinks for us. My mom should be in the kitchen, she can help you."
I nod, "Sure thing. I'll go get you boys something. Just don't start without me."
"We won't, Curly," Calum smiles as he places two pillows on the ground in front of Michael's Christmas tree.
I stand up after I organize my drawing stuff on the floor. I've been working on a drawing of all the boys, and myself, as chibi, also cute little anime characters. I'm sitting on the floor trying to draw with Ashton drumming on my head from behind. Calum is cuddling with a big puppy, and Michael and Luke are fighting over who gets to talk to me next. It makes me smile when I think about what we might have been like if we would have known each other when we were younger.
"Hello Amber," Michael's mom greets me as I enter the kitchen.
"Hello Mrs. Clifford," I smile at the kind woman. She's welcomed me here with such open arms. Michael is an only child, so she's happy to have another girl around. I'm glad to have another motherly figure in my life.
"What do you need dear?"
"I need some drinks for the boys. They can get water, if you have soda, I'll take that."
"Four waters and whatever soda I have it is then," she smiles before heading over to the fridge.
"Thanks. Are you making us lunch or something?"
"Actually, I am. Just some grilled cheeses and tomato soup. Nothing fancy," she shrugs and hands me four water bottles and a Sprite can.
"Sounds great," I smile. "I can't wait. Thanks for the help."
She nods, "No problem dear. Now go back to the boys."
I smile and turn to exit the kitchen. When I get back to the living room, the boys are all set up and Luke is standing by the video camera.
"I got you waters," I smile as I take a seat on the floor and set the drinks down.
"And yourself a Sprite?" Calum laughs.
"Of course," I giggle. "Now get on with your little video." I open my drink and look down at my drawing.
The boys start up the video and are huge dorks. Goofing around and saying things that should have been kept unsaid. Of course, they eventually get singing, and it’s great. Ashton on his cajón, Michael on guitar, and all singing. They are just like any other band out there.
As they sing, I draw. I finish the drawing I was working on and start another one. Same style, different setting. This time, Ashton is playing on his cajón while I sit and watch him. Calum and Michael fighting over who gets the last cookie, and Luke is writing a song. It’s a very cute setting. I'll probably do this art style more.
"That's too cute," Ashton's voice scares me for a second. Then his lips on my cheek calm me. "We look so cute."
"Is that us if we were younger?" Michael sits down in front of me and grabs a water.
"It is. You guys really like it? I could make posters out of it."
"That would be awesome," Calum sits down next to me.
"I agree," Luke sits down by Michael.
"Alright. I'll plan a poster next," I smile. "For now, I guess you guys can watch until Mrs. Clifford is done with lunch."
*A Couple Days Later*
"You look beautiful, Cupcake," Ashton smiles at me. He was over at Luke's house practicing with the other boys.
"I agree," Luke smiles. "Very beautiful, Curly."
"Thanks," I smile, feeling a blush coming to my face already. I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I'm wearing the dress I picked out months ago with black flats and a small sweater. Most of my hair is pulled back with a few strands hanging down near my face. "The other girls should be here soon and they'll look way better than me."
"I don't think that's possible," Michael says.
"Gonna have to agree with Michael on this one," Calum says.
"Stop guys, you’re making me blush way too hard," I nervously giggle.
Ashton strides over to me and connects our lips for a few seconds. "No reason to be, Cupcake."
The doorbell rings and Luke, Calum, and Michael rush to it.
"You're too sweet, Ash." I connect our lips this time with little intention of pulling away. I don't want to go to the Christmas formal. I'd rather stay at home and watch movies, or play video games. As long as I was cuddling with him or any of the boys.
"All right love birds, break it up," Emily's voice breaks through my thoughts.
Ashton breaks the kiss and smiles at me, "We can hang out tomorrow. All of us can. If you want."
"Sounds like a great plan," I give him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to look at the other girls.
"Wow, you look amazing. Amber," Laurel smiles. She's got her dress on with black heels of just a few inches and her hair has a few braids here and there.
"Thanks. Same to you two," I motion to the girls.
"You look better than us," Emily says. She has her dress on with makeup to match. Black heels of just a few inches, like Laurel, with her hair curly and pulled back into a ponytail.
"No one has said anything about us," Luke pouts.
"You boys look so handsome," I say in a mocking voice. "All in suits with your hair all done up."
The girls giggle, "What Amber said."
"Are you joking?" Michael asks.
"I was, but I really do think you guys are handsome," I smile.
"Are you kids ready to go?" Liz enters the living room.
"Yeah," we all answer.
"Will I be taking you home, Ashton?"
"Yes please," Ashton weakly smiles.
"I'll go start up the van and we can head out in a few minutes," she smiles before exiting.
"Ashton, give Amber one last kiss," Michael says. "Because she's my date in a few minutes."
I giggle, "You guys are crazy."
Ashton turns me to face him and connects our lips.
The other guys and girls laugh and applause us.
I roll my eyes before pulling away from Ashton.

"Surrounded by idiots," Ashton groans.
"Okay, let's go," I laugh as I link arms with Michael.
We all head out and pack into Liz's van. Then we head out. Tonight might actually be fun, and I can't wait until tomorrow. Hanging out with the boys should be a ton of fun.
*A Few Hours Later*
"It’s weird to say this, but I'm having a great time," I smile as I slowly sway to the music. My arms around Michaels neck with his hands on my hips.
"It’s weird to say that I've been have so much fun dancing," Michael smiles.
"I've never really slow danced, so this is kind of nice," I take a small step towards him.
"The others seem to be having a way better time than us. I mean, they are on proper dates. We are just friends that had no one else."
"I saw Calum and Emily kissing. Well, it was more like snogging."
"I love that girl like the sister I never had. She just better not break his heart. I will beat her. I swear."
"Protective of us guys? You're younger than all of us."
"I am your guy’s manager. So I guess I'm just a bit protective. And she's a wild card."
"Aw, that's sweet. I'm glad you're our manager."
"So am I. Give’s me something to do when I'm resting from drawing. I've been deciding if I should pursue any of my merchandize ideas. Searching for places that would let you guys play. It’s great."
"Sounds like you have a fun time. How is drawing going?"
"Pretty good. I love art class. I’m so glad that it is a full year class. I love teaching the other kids techniques and such."
"That's so sweet of you. Anything else you'd like to talk about?"
"This slow song is super long."
"It’s been multiple songs. The formal is ending and they are jamming in loads of slow songs so no one gets pissed off."
"Oh, makes sense."
We sway awkwardly for a few seconds before Michael speaks up again.
"Can I do something? Like, I just want to, get it over with."
"What is it Michael?"
"The other boys have been teasing me all day. Well, just Luke and Calum. I admitted to not having kissed a girl yet. I just am sick of their teasing. Luke has kissed you and so has Ashton. I ran it by Ashton, just one kiss. Please."
"Looks like I'll have to kiss Calum next," I smile. "But sure Mikey. To get the assholes to stop teasing."
"Thanks so much."
Then I bring my hands to his face and bring my face closer to his. "Just a kiss." Then I bring our lips together.
Not really that surprising that he's a good kisser. His lips are slightly chapped though, but it’s nothing I have experienced with Luke or Ashton.
He pulls away and we stare into each other’s eyes.
"That was very nice," I smile and lean up and kiss his cheek. Then I rest my head on his shoulder. "You're so sweet Mikey. I'm surprised no one asked you to this formal."
"Actually, I was asked by a few girls. But I had already promised you. And none of them are for me. My perfect girl is out there. She's just not here."
"You really are too sweet, Mikey."
He wraps his arms around me. "Only for you. And maybe the band."
We sway to the end of the song in silence. And when it ends, the last song of the night, we stand there for just a little while longer than everyone else. Then we break apart and I lean up and kiss his cheek one more time.
"Thanks Michael, for everything tonight."
"No problem, Curly."


Hope you liked it! :)

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