Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


15. Band Things

*Two Months Later*
"Are you guys sure you want to cover their songs?" I ask as Luke sets up the camera to point towards Calum's couch in his basement.
"The fam really wants us to," Ashton says. "We want to do something they ask for."
I groan, "I don't want you guys to be labeled the Australian One Direction. That's all."
"It'll be alright babe," Luke says.
"Nothing to worry about, Curly," Michael smiles. Our kiss is something I told Ashton about, and he assured me Michael did ask first. Though, Ashton kisses me a lot in front of the other lads now.
I sigh, "I guess I'll have to trust whatever you dorks say."
They finish getting ready and then start filming. Of course, being huge dorks about it. Like they always do.
I, on the other hand, actually do business stuff. Like finding another place for the boys to perform. And looking at my merch designs and what ones could do well with the fans.
"Curly," Calum slowly closes my laptop. "No more work. We are going to go out and play some football. You're coming with us."
I pout, "But I don't play football. I'm not that into sports. And I suck at them, so it’s no fun. Plus, I have work to do. I'm your manager."
"Oh nonsense," Ashton walks over to me and steps behind me. "You need fresh air. You don't have to play with us." He picks me up and wraps his arms around me once I'm standing on my own.
"Someone grab my stuff," I smile. "I want to do work at one point today."
Luke and Michael pick up all my stuff and then we head up stairs. They quickly drop my stuff off in the living room before meeting up with Calum, Ashton, and I in the kitchen.
"Mrs. Hood," I smile at Calum Hood's mum.
"Oh, hello sweety," she smiles as I walk over to her and give her a hug.
"The boys are forcing me to watch them play football."
"Aw, how about you help me make them some lemonade?"
"Boys?" I look over at the four boys. Looking eager to go outside.
"Just be quick," Ashton smiles.
"Go and get ready then," I wave them off.
"How is it like, managing those four boys?" Mrs. Hood asks.
"It’s interesting. They are good, most of the time. They love me. And they protect me since I'm the youngest of them all. They love all the decisions I make, since this is all our first times doing something like this."
"What about other times? When they aren't being good?" She starts getting out the things to make the lemonade.
"Well, that's usually after a long practice, or up all night working on a song or something. They get cranky. But I'm patient. Sometimes they yell, and I freak out a bit." For fear they will be just like my father in a rage and attack me. "But I'll calm them down and we will all take a nap or something."
"Sounds very interesting." We start making the lemonade.
"They are four very interesting boys."
"I do agree with that." We quickly finish the lemonade and I rush out to the boys.
"Took you long enough," Luke laughs.
I roll my eyes, "I like talking to Mrs. Hood. I like talking to all of your guys mums. Sorry if that is a crime." I sashay to the chair I'm assuming they set up for me.
"I hate when you do that," Luke groans.
"What? Sashay?" Michael says.
"I think it’s cute," Ashton says.
"He loves it and won't ever admit it," I giggle.
"He is a stubborn ass, isn't he?" Calum asks.
I smile and nod.
*A Few Weeks Later*
"They are taking the family thing very well," I smile as I go through Facebook responses to the boys recent post.
"They are so much more than fans," Ashton says. "They don't act like fans, they are our family."
"So, what are we doing today?" I lean in Ashton.
"Song writing," Luke answers.
"How is that going for you guys?" I sigh as I set my computer on the coffee table.
"It could be better," Michael answers.
"Sing me something," I smile as I close my eyes.
The boys shuffle around and then Ashton starts a beat. Luke starts singing with Michael or Calum playing guitar. It doesn't take long to sing what they have, and to be honest I like what they have.
"What do you think?" Calum asks.
I slowly open my eyes, "I liked it. Of course, it needs work. But you just started. Let's work on it right now," I sit up and stretch. "First though, let me go get some snacks and drinks. Ashton, you can help me."
"And he's whipped," Michael laughs.
"Mikey, would you rather help?" I smirk at him.
"Um, no."
"Tough, come with me," I turn around to face the way to go to the kitchen. "You guys have to remember I'm your manager. I'm in control."
"Don't you dare sashay away," Luke comments.
I sway my hips a bit, "Why not Lucas? I know you love it."
*A Month Later*
"I love Ed Sheeran," I smile as Calum and Luke get ready to sing The A Team. Ashton is the one in charge of the video camera, and I'm just here to watch.
"A reason we picked the song," Luke smiles. "All for you babe."
"You are all too sweet," I go over and kiss Ashton’s cheek. "I've booked a few more gigs. I think you guys are ready for them."
"It’s so much fun performing to those crowds," Calum says. "Even if they aren't that big."
"You guys are getting a bigger fan base. Well, fam base. Ha, that sounds great."
"You're such a dork, Cupcake," Ashton giggles.
"I love your laughs. You laugh in so many different ways," I smile.
"That's so true," Luke says. "I've noticed that."
"Sometimes it’s like an old man," Calum adds in. "Sometimes it’s like a little school girl."
"We love all of them," I wrap my arms around him.
"Art, how's art?" Ashton stutters out.
"It’s good. I've been drawing something I think you guys will really like. I'm gonna paint it and everything," I smile as I rest my head on Ashton.
"Can you tell us what it is?" Calum asks.
"It’s us."
"What?" The boys ask.
"It’s you guys playing your instruments with the logo I made. The circle with 5SOS and the tally marks. Plus me in the middle of you guys with my computer and sketch pad around me."
"That's so cool," Luke says. "How do you get ideas for all your drawings?"
"The past, dreams, and just whatever. I guess I've always been a creative person," I shrug. "Now enough talking. Let's record this video so the fam has something to watch."
We all laugh.
"All right, all right," Luke says. "You are our manager. We do as we're told."
I close my eyes and smile even bigger. That's right. I'm finally in charge.
*A Few Days Later*
"I can't believe this is actually happening," I smile as I walk into the recording studio I booked for the boys months back.
Ashton comes up behind me and pulls me down on the couch in the room. "An EP. I can't believe it. Hard work pays off. And we've worked so hard for this."
"How did you get this?" Calum asks as him and Michael go right for the mini fridge in the room.
"I have my ways," I smile. "And I booked it way in advance. So I knew we would get in at some point."
"It’s amazing, thank you so much," Luke sits down in one of the two chairs in the room.
"I've got a job to do," I shrug.
"Are we here tomorrow as well?" Ashton asks.
"Yup. I booked two days just in case. You never know what can happen."
He kisses the back of my neck. "Brilliant Cupcake."
We spend a few more minutes looking around the room before a guy comes into help us with all the recording stuff.
Luke is the first one into the recording booth. He's great and I close my eyes and snuggle into Ashton's side.
"Is she asleep?" Michael asks.
"No," I yawn. "I always close my eyes when Luke sings. Haven't you seen me close my eyes? I do it when any of you sing."
"Oh, I guess I've never really paid too much attention," Calum says.
"You look so cute, Cupcake," Ashton says.
"Don't I always?" I giggle.
The boys laugh as I sit up and open my eyes.
"What is so funny?" Luke asks as he exits the booth.
"The boys don't think I'm always cute," I pout.
"You're always cute, babe."
"You really are, Cupcake," Ashton's adds.
Michael is the next one in the booth. Then its Ashton, and last is Calum
"I would rather not," I say.
"Oh come on, Curly, just one chorus," Michael pleads.
"I don't want to record anything," I cross my arms.
"Looks like we will have to take something away from you," Luke smirks.
"Oh yeah? Like what? I'm in charge," I look around at all of them.
"Your art stuff," Calum says.
"Your computer," Ashton says.
"No, no, I am in charge. You can't take my things away from me," I glare at all of them.
"Just one little section of one song," Luke smiles. "Please babe."
I roll my eyes, "Fine. Assholes."
They erupt in cheers. High-fiving and fist bumping each other.
I groan and enter the booth and put the headphones in. "I hate you all."
"We can hear you babe," Luke gives me a thumbs up.
Music starts and I look down at the sheet with the lyrics. After a few seconds I just dive right in to the beginning.
"You did great Cupcake," Ashton smiles at me through the glass and a smile forms on my face.
"Am I done now?" I ask.
"Oh come on," Calum says. "You know you want to sing more."
"You're actually quite good," Michael says.
I roll my eyes, "No. I'm an artist who draws and does not sing. Sorry boys." I take the headphones off and sashay out of the booth.
"You like to sashay," Ashton giggles before he gives me a quick kiss.
"Luke loves it," I shake my hips a bit. "It’s funny to see his reaction."
"I think we all like it," Calum states.
*A Few Weeks Later*
"Dropped out of school," I hum as I am hunched over my sketch book. I'm drawing us as chibi's for like the hundredth time. Luke and Ashton are trying to do my hair while I play a handheld video game. Michael and Calum are sitting in front of me trying to get my attention. It’s great.
"Cupcake," Ashton's voice fills my ears.
"What Ashton?" I stop drawing and look across the hotel room.
He's chilling on the hotel bed watching TV. The boys decided to take a big step with this whole band thing. They dropped out of school. Well, Calum and Michael did. Liz wouldn't let Luke and me, so we have to do school online until we graduate. "Just making sure you haven't completely blocked out the world."
I smile and look back at my drawing. "I'm fine, Ash."
We are actually on tour on the west coast at the moment. We've met a lot of great 5sos fam members and playing great shows. Of course, they thank me after every show. Engulfing me in a giant, sweaty group hug. Kisses on the cheeks from Calum, Michael, and Luke every once in a while. Always quite a long kiss from Ashton.
"When are Laurel and Emily coming to a show?" Ashton asks.
"The last one we do. To surprise Luke and Calum," I smile.
Since Christmas formal, Calum and Emily's relationship has slowed way down. They have actually went on dates. Such as one to the movies and a few to a slightly fancy restaurant.
Luke and Laurel's relationship is so very cute. They go on lots of little dates to cafés, the park, and places like that. They shared their first kiss before we left for tour and it was so sweet. I can really see Luke is happy with her. It makes me happy to see him happy.
As for Michael, he's still single. It makes me sad to see he doesn't have his other half to share stuff with. There's been a few older fans that I thought he might go for, but he never did. Maybe one day.
"That's nice of them," Ashton says. "Do you miss them?"
"A bit. We hung out a lot before we left for this tour. So I'm thankful for that."
"That's nice. Are you having fun on this little adventure?"
"Yeah," I smile. "I just can't wait until you guys record that original. Isn't that next week or whatever?"
"I think so. Wait, you're the one who plans everything," he laughs.
I giggle, "You've got a point there. I must be tired or something. My brain isn't working right."
"Take a break then and come snuggle with me."
"Okay," I put down my pencil and push the chair away from the desk. Then I get up and go over to the bed. I hop into it and quickly snuggle into his side. "You know, I tell Luke I love him all the time. But I've never told it to the person that deserves to hear it."
"Well, I'll call Michael over."
I giggle, "I love you, ya big dork."
He tilts my face up so we're looking at each other. Dimples present on his cheeks. "I love you too, Cupcake." Then he connects our lips.
It is weird telling this boy that I've barely been dating that I love him. But it feels right. He's the one. I know it.
*Next Week*
"This is gonna be so cool," I smile as the boys get ready for their first music video type thing. I've put a bit of money into the production of the video. I hired people to do the video cameras and lights. It’s gonna be a great video. Michael is on a bar stool and will be playing his guitar. Ashton is on his cajón, and Luke and Calum are sat between the two on a couch with Luke also playing his guitar.
"A new video and an original for the subscribers," Ashton smiles.
"Killing two birds with one stone," Luke says.
I nod, "Very correct. The fam deserves it. They are a very patient bunch."
"Agree with that," Michael says. "We don't have that much that they can watch but they never get angry with us."
"Unless they are like fake fans or haters," Calum says.
"Yeah, yeah," I sigh. "Is everyone ready?"
"Yeah!" The boys exclaim.
I walk away so I won't be in the shot and wait for the camera people to signal for them to start.
I close my eyes right as the singing starts. It’s a great song, I love the instruments and the beat of the song. Everyone's voices sound great. Ashton's part where it’s just him makes me smile.
I open my eyes once the last string is strung and see the boys smiling so big it makes my heart swell.
"All right boys, we will go over the footage and make sure we've got good shots," the man who is in control of all the people I hired.
"Sounds good," Luke says.
I lightly jog over to them with a huge smile on my face. "That was awesome. Like, better than I thought it was going to be. I already knew it was gonna he great. But it was even better than that. I'm so glad I'm helping you on this amazing journey."
"We're glad you're helping us," Michael says. "Because we have no fucking idea what we are doing. We would be in deep shit without you."
I giggle, "That's not true. I bet you would figure out what to do."
"Yeah right," Calum says. "We dropped out of school. Was that even a good decision?"
"If this all works out, yes," Ashton answers.
"We won't be as smart as we could be," Michael says.
"You're smarter than you think," I say.
"Sure, sure," Calum says.
I walk over and sit next to Luke and close to Ashton. I reach over and grab Ashton's hand. "Be positive."
"Still very glad you are here to help us make big decisions," Michael says.
"Never leave us," Ashton says. "We would inevitably screw up."
"Aw, I don't think so," I say. "You guys make almost all the decisions with a bit of help from me. I've only done a few things for you."
"You really want us to admit we are grown up and can do things in our own, don't you?" Luke asks.
"A little bit," I giggle. "Anyways, what were we even talking about?"
"Probably nothing too important," Calum answers.
"What should we talk about?"
"Have you been doing any more business stuff for us?" Michael asks.
"Just a few things," I smile. "Want to hear them and decide stuff as a group?"
"Of course," Calum answers.
I nod. Today has been a very good day.
*A Few Weeks Later*
"Ashton has his license!" I exclaim as we walk into the living room where the other three boys are.
Ashton ruffles my hair, "So excited. Well, now I can drive us around."
"Good. It was weird with my mum driving us," Luke says and then grimaces as something bad happens in the video game that the guys are playing.
"Mario Kart," Calum says. "We can add you after we finish."
"All right," I pull Ashton with me so we sit down on couch.
"You gonna play, Ashton?" Michael asks.
"Um, no. I like to watch," Ashton answers.
"Watch me dominate," I smile.
"Any business stuff to tell us?" Calum asks.
"Um, Sunrise contacted me. They want to do something on you," I look up at the ceiling. Something I do to focus on what I need to remember. "Nova, they called. Ya know, that radio station?"
"Yeah," they all answer. Then the three boys groan as something happens in Mario Kart.
"They want you on. For covers and other little things. I told them yes. I think it would be good exposure."
"Anything else?" Luke asks.
"You guys wanted to do another tour, correct?"
"Yes," Michael answers.
"Well, I've been planning something for June. Another little thing. It should be fun."
"Sounds like it," Ashton says.
*A Few Days Later*
"Just please leave me alone guys," I groan as I try and curl up even more. My head is pounding and my stomach is in so much pain. Liz gave me medicine and told me what I've always dreaded to hear. A conversation I thought I'd have with my own mother, but glad to have it with a woman who has dealt with what I have before. Liz is definitely the mother I wished I had, and glad she basically is now.
"Do you need anything, Cupcake?" Ashton asks.
"I might need Liz again," I take a deep breath.
"What's wrong with you?" Michael asks.
"Do you have the flu?" Luke asks.
I roll my eyes, "No. I don't have a fever. Just a headache and my stomach hurts like hell."
"My sister has had symptoms like that," Calum says. "I forget what she had though."
"I'm not sick," I groan.
"Then what's wrong, babe?" Luke asks.
"I don't want to tell you. It’s embarrassing."
"We won't judge," Ashton's large hand rests lightly on my head.
"If you want to know so bad, I'm growing up," I take another deep breath. "Liz says I'll be starting my period soon. Are you so happy you know now?”
"I'll go get the movies," Michael says.
"I'll go get her favorite food and drinks," Calum says. Then I hear those two leave.
"What are you dorks doing?" I sigh.
"Going to make you the most comfortable we can," Ashton says. Then I'm rolled into his arms.
"Please, put me down," I groan.
"In the living room," Luke says.
We spend the rest of the day snuggled up on the couch watching my favorite movies, drinking lots of water with some soda, and eating whatever I want. Liz makes me take some more medicine to help my symptoms.
It’s actually a great day despite all the shit I'm going through. I'm so lucky to have four best friends who love me enough to take care of me through my girl problems. There's no way I am ever letting them go.


Hope you liked it! :)

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