Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


11. Another Family

*A Week Later*
"I've missed you, Ashton," I smile as I wrap my arms around my boyfriend.
"I've missed you too, Amber," he wraps his arms around me.
"The boys, they talk about you a lot. They should be calling you over to practice." I pull away and push onto my toes to kiss his cheek.
"I can't wait then," he quickly connects our lips. "We should sit down now."
We slide into a booth and I grab his hand.
"School has been hectic," I sigh as I lean into him, reaching for my hot chocolate and taking a sip. "Art is much fun though. I'm like, a goddess in that class."
"You are an amazing drawer. You deserve praise," Ashton takes a bite of his sandwich.
"I've been drawing a lot of things. I drew you and me. I thought it was cute."
"Bring it next time. I'd love to see it."
"All right. Its half colored in with crayons."
"Any other drawings I need to see?"
"I'll just bring my whole sketch book so you can look through. I've been working hard."
"Good. You deserve to do what you love to do."
"So do you. You will get in the band."
*A Few Hours Later*
"I am loving the tally marks," Michael smiles at me.

Once I got back from my little date, Luke had the boys over so I decided to show them some of my merch stuff.
"Agreed," Calum ruffles my hair. "You did well."
"No nickname?" I pout.
"Haven't thought of one," Calum shrugs.
"I don't have a good name for a nickname."
"No, I'll think of something," Michael says.
"All I've ever call her is love or babe so don't ask me," Luke says.
"I swear. I'll think of something. Everyone can get a nickname. Multiple ones too."
"Artist?" Calum suggests.
"That can be when we are talking about her drawings. But what about other times?" Michael looks at me. "We could call you Curly," he smiles. "Even though Ashton has curly hair."
"I like it," I smile. "You're creative Mikey."
"Thanks, there's no way we couldn't give you a nickname."
"All right, back to the merch stuff," Luke says.
I flip the page of the sketch book on the table. The next drawing is of the boys as cute little anime. Even Ashton.
"It’s so cute," Luke smiles.
"I even did you guys as puppies," I smile.
"That's even better," Calum says.
"Plus cats, because I don't want anyone to get mad."
"Us as kittens," Michael smiles.
"Any other animal?" Luke giggles.
"I can do any animal," I answer. "Not sure what these would be used as though. We could make them in to plush dolls. That would be so cute."
"Aw, Curly has a soft side," Michael says.
"I'm not all dark thoughts and black clothing plus death metal bands, Mikey. I like color and have happy thoughts and listen to pop."
"She's so mysterious," Calum says.
"Even to me," Luke says.
"Next drawing," I flip to some shirt ideas I have.
The next thirty minutes is us going through my merch ideas and even fixing some. I even quickly sketch out some of the boys ideas. Overall, I had one great day. If only I could get through the night.
*A Week Later*
"Aw, you're too sweet, Mrs. Hood," I smile at Calum's mom as she just called me really cute. Right after she handed me a plate of cookies to take to the boys who are setting up for a video. Well, it’s just Calum and Luke singing today over at Calum's house.
"You are really cute, dear," Mrs. Hood smiles back at me. "What song are they singing today?"
"Um, Rolling in the Deep if I remember correctly. They should be getting ready right now. But I never know with those boys."
"Calum tells me you draw a lot and are their manager?"
I nod, "He would be telling you correctly. I would draw all the time if I could. And if they say I'm their manager," I shrug. "Then I guess I am."
"Well, make sure they don't do anything stupid, all right?"
"I'll try really hard to make sure they don't."
"That's all you really can do," she laughs. "Now go take those cookies to them and have some fun."
"They smell really good, I might eat them all myself."
"That's fine too."
I giggle before walking away and back to Calum's room. "Someone's lovely mother made us cookies," I smile as I sit down on the floor.
"She always does that," Calum says.
"She called me cute and she is such a nice lady."
"Well, you are cute," Luke says.
"Stop, you're gonna make me blush," I set the plate of cookies down next to me and stuff one in my mouth.
"Curly is cute," Calum smiles.
I cover my cheeks with my hands, "Stop." My mouth still full of cookies making me blush harder.
"All right, let's stop and record this song," Luke says.
I smile as the boys start recording and dive right into the song. Calum is the one with the guitar this time, and is pretty good at it. I close my eyes, stuffing one more cookie in my mouth, and pay close attention to the two boys singing. Calum's voice is very nice. I've heard it time and time again but I still love hearing it. Of course, I've heard Luke's voice so many times I could pick it out of a thousand singers. But I still love hearing it sing a different song. Or a song I've heard so many times before.
They end the song and I open my eyes.
"That was fun," Calum smiles. Setting the guitar down and hopping off his stool. Then he walks over and sits down next to me, reaching over me to grab a cookie.
"It was," Luke hops off his stool and comes over to us, picking up the plate so he can sit next to me.
I grab the plate and sit it on my lap, "Very fun to listen to. You boys are great. I can just see you know. On a stage somewhere."
"Sure ya can," Luke takes a cookie and stuffs it in his mouth.
"I'm trying to be optimistic," I pout. "My drawings aren't so dark anymore. Even though last night wasn't fun."
"Did you have a bad dream?" Calum asks, grabbing another cookie.
"Yeah. It felt so real. My dad," I clench my hands, grabbing my pants and trying to calm myself down. "He was fine, and then the next thing I know the whole left side in my face is on fire."
"That sounds terrible," Calum puts his arm around me. "Was it a dream or a flashback?"
"I was dreaming, but I do remember it happening. He's the reason I skipped school sometimes. The way he took anger out. But my mom was always there to make sure he never got in trouble. The reason I lived in fear. And why I had to get out of that house."
"If you had a nightmare, you can come to me," Luke says.
"I was going to, but I want to become stronger."
"We can help you Amber," Calum says. "The band can. And your other two friends."
I smile, "I know. Speaking of my other two friends, I'm going shopping with them this coming weekend."
"Good," Luke says. "You'll have tons of fun."
"Yeah. I think it’s just what I need to help me recover."
Luke kisses my cheek, "I hope so babe."
Calum kisses my other cheek, "For now let's talk band stuff."
"Be optimistic," I smile.
*Two Days Later*
"Um, hi everyone," I smile at Ashton's family.
"This is Amber," Ashton wraps his arm around my waist.
After school I had Liz drive me over here since I had no other way to get here. Ashton has been wanting me to have dinner with his family and I finally got time.
"Hi Amber, I'm Lauren," the girl sitting on the couch waves at me.
"I'm Harry," the little boy next to Lauren smiles up at me.
"Hi Lauren. Hello Harry," I smile at both of them.
"Where's mum?" Ashton asks.
"Right here," a lady with blonder hair than mine and who is very pretty walks into the living room. "Hello dear, you must me Amber. Ashton talks about you a lot. I'm Anne Marie, but Anne or Mrs. Irwin is just fine."
"It’s nice to meet you all. Ashton talks about you a lot, and I've been waiting to meet you," I smile.
"You're very pretty," Harry speaks up.
"Aw, thank you," I look over at the boy again and take him in. He has curly hair like Ashton has some days, his eyes looking to be almost exactly like Ashton's, his hair is a dirty blonde, slightly chubby cheeks, and an overall cute kid.
"I would have to agree with what Harry has said," Lauren nods. "From all he's told us you two have a lot in common. I think fate brought you two together."
"Maybe," I shrug and look over at Lauren. She has straight dark brown hair unlike her brother, darker eyes but very similar to Ashton's, she seems quite young but still pretty.
"Okay guys, enough complementing Ashton's obviously beautiful girlfriend," Anne smiles at me as I feel my cheeks starting to heat up. "Dinner is done and we wouldn't want it to get cold."
Ashton kisses my temple. "So what do you think?" He asks when his siblings leave the room.
I start pulling him to where everyone else went. "You have a lovely family Ashton." I laugh, "Oh so lovely. I love them. Something about them is so amazing. Better than my family. And they called me pretty."
Dinner goes by so well, talking all around. Never is there silence, and they join me in on everything. Catching me up on their lives as if I've know them forever. I feel so at home with them. Like I do when I'm with Luke's family. It’s a feeling that I never got when I was with my family.
Speaking of my family, I haven't told Ashton everything about them. I've yet to get enough courage to. I can tell Luke, and Calum, and Michael. But not Ashton. I guess I'm afraid to lose him. I guess I felt that way with Calum and Michael, but what am I supposed to tell them when their hanging with Luke. Planning band stuff late into the night and I have a nightmare. It never crossed my mind to lie to them. I couldn't. They are too good of friends. I knew they would be able to keep it to themselves and help me.
"Hey babe?" Ashton's voice fills my ears and I realized I've lost myself in my thoughts.
"Sorry, what did you say?" I look over at Ashton and smile.
"Harry and I are gonna go play football in the backyard, wanna come with us?"
"Please," Harry pouts.
"Of course I'll come," I smile at Harry. "I don't really play football so you'll have to teach me, Harry."
"I can do that."
"Good. Now let's go."


Hope you liked it! :)

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