Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


8. Anger

*A Week Or So Later*
"Where's Calum?" I ask Michael and Luke as they set up for another YouTube video.
"Couldn't make it for some reason," Michael answers. "We haven't put something up for two weeks or whatever so we want to put something up."
"We're singing If It Means A Lot to You by A Day to Remember," Luke smiles at me.
I smile back, "That's a lovely song. You'll be playing guitar, Michael?"
"Yeah," he gives me a smile as he goes back to tuning the guitar in his lap. "You play?"
"Oh no. I've never been that great with any instruments. Luke tried to teach me guitar once but I just couldn't do it."
"Oh yeah, I remember that," Luke puts two chairs in front of the camera that he's set up on the table. "You have trouble remembering which string went with what on the sheet music I had."
"All right, so not musical, what can you do?" Michael asks.
"Well, I can sing. But I'll never do anything with that. I love to draw," I grab my backpack seated on the floor behind me and get my sketch book out. "I've started getting back into it. Ashton took me out to the little art store in town and got me a lot of stuff so I can do a lot of different stuff. I make it my job to draw one thing a day." I hand Michael my sketch book.
He takes it and starts flipping through what few pictures I have in it so far. Luke looking over his shoulder the whole time.
"These are great babe," Luke looks down at me and smiles. "Why would you ever give it up?"
"My parents," I shrug.
"You know how to draw, Amber," Michael says. "You could design merch for us. If we ever want to design merch."
"That would be cool," I smile.
"You keep doing this," Michael hands me back my sketch book. "You have a real gift. Like we do in music."
I grab it and hold it close, "I'm not going to stop ever again. I love drawing. It’s so much fun. I can only do it when I'm listening to music though."
"Draw something while we sing," Luke says.
"Um all right. Hm, okay. I've got an idea. Start singing whenever you're ready." I get a few pencils out and pick my favorite mechanical one and start drawing.
I've decided to draw myself curled up on the floor. I will be crying shall color in bruises from where I remember getting them. It’s kind of dark and sad, but it’s my past and I feel drawing it will take it off my chest. Not fully, but a little bit.
The boys perform the song they planned to sing beautifully. I don't finish the drawing in the short time they sing. I'm not even sure I make it halfway, but I'll finish it later.
"That drawing looks good so far, babe," Luke sits down next to me.
"Thanks. I think it'll be good once I am able to color it," I smile. "I really have to color this one. Well, just little bits of it. Some pictures don't need any color. Others need a little. Some need a lot. I can just feel it when I picture it in my head how much color I'll he using."
"That's amazing," Michael sits down on my other side. "This really is a gift. You are really fucking good. It’s crazy."
I feel a slight heat come to my cheeks. "Thanks. You think I really could do something with drawing?"
"Hell yes."
"I agree with Michael," Luke says.
"Well, I'm glad. I will keep doing this. For the rest of my life."
"Good, never give this up again. No matter what anyone says," Michael puts his hand on my shoulder. "You are way too good to give this amazing gift up."
*A Few Weeks Later*
"What's going on?" I ask as I come out of my room after I heard three pairs of feet rush past. One headphone hanging by my side and my sketch pad in my hand.
"Kitchen babe!" Luke shouts.
"Ugh, what idiots," I close my door and go to make myself look somewhat presentable. I put my hair up in a terrible bun, put on sweats, and slip on my fuzzy slippers. Then I grab my sketch book and a few pencils and head to the boys in the kitchen.
"Looking great Amber," Calum smiles at me.
"Are you teasing me?" I roll my eyes as I place my sketch book on the counter.
"Love the shirt," Michael says.
I smile down at my Nirvana T-shirt. "Thanks. You like them?"
"Hell yeah."
"I wasn't teasing you, Amber," Calum butts in. "I like how you dress however the hell you want around us."
I smile and feel a slight blush rush to my cheeks, "What can I say? Your opinions on me don't really affect how I'll act. But I'm glad you like this look. It is Amber designed."
Luke laughs, "You been drawing?"
"Yeah, I've got a lot I want to put on paper. I'm feeling very creative these days."
"Can I see some of your drawings?" Calum asks.
I slide him my sketch book, "I take criticism."
He starts flipping through and the other two boys go around the corner to take a look as well.
"I see you finished the one you started at my house," Michael says.
"Yeah. I wanted to make it perfect," I say.
"What is it?" Calum asks.
"A girl, the color is bruises."
Luke looks up and makes eye contact with me. All I have to do is nod.
"Interesting," Calum flips to the next page.
After a few more comments on my really good drawings, Calum slides the book back to me.
"I say if we get famous, she designs our merch," Michael says.
"That sounds like a nice idea," Calum says.
"That still sound good to you, babe?" Luke asks.
"Yeah," I slightly smile. "As long as no colleges or universities come after me."
"Online," Calum says.
"Very true."
"What's your drawing for today?"
I open my sketch book back open to the page I was on before the boys interrupted me. It’s of a girl holding a teddy bear and her shadow is some demon thing. "This," I hold it up and show them.
"You like drawing things with deeper or dark meanings," Michael says.
"What can I say, I'm not that kind of girl who is all unicorns and happy things," I shrug.
"Regardless, I think we all love your drawings," Calum says.
"Thanks, I really like drawing. It’s something I've always been really good at."
"You really are good at it, babe." Luke smiles at me.
"Well, if you boys aren't gonna do anything to interrupt me, I'm heading back to my room to listen to music and continue to draw," I gather up my stuff and head back to my room. I'm about to settle back into music and get back to drawing when the doorbell rings.
"Amber! Can you get that for us babe!?" Luke shouts to me.
"Whatever!" I shout back. I take my headphones out and lightly jog to the front door.
I almost choke on air when I see who's on the other side. "Ashton?" I blink a few times to make sure my brain isn’t playing tricks on me.
"Amber? I thought this was Luke's house," he smiles.
"This is." Shit, I've got some explaining to do.
Ashton's eyebrows come together and he looks really confused. "Why are you here? Dressed as if you live here or something? Did you spend the night with Luke? That's so cute," his face relaxes and he smiles.
"Um, you're kind of right. Come in," I move out of the way and motion for him to come in.
He steps in and shuts the door, kicking off his shoes. Its then that I realize he's all sweaty and wearing a light purple shirt that I might wear. "Is Luke here?"
"Who was it babe?" Luke is laughing as him and the other guys come into the front room.
"It’s Ashton, wearing a shirt I'd wear," I smile. "And all sweaty for some reason. Not to mention you didn't tell me he was coming over."
"I thought I did," he grimaces.
"Is there something wrong with my shirt?" Ashton looks at his shirt.
"It’s a little feminine," Calum says.
"Did you run here?" Michael asks.
"I biked. And I still don't know why Amber is here?" Ashton says and everyone looks at me.
"Um, well, it’s kind of complicated," I say.
"Just tell them babe, it is okay," Luke says.
"Well, I live here," I look at Ashton. "I have a shit relationship with my family. My parents could care less about me. My younger twin brothers barely know me. I left them because they wouldn't let me hang with Luke anymore. And Luke is too good of a best friend to let go. I'm sorry I lied to you. I don't know why, but I felt I had to."
"So, you live here. With your best friend. He calls you babe and you're not dating. Hm, interesting."
"That's it. I'm going to my room. I understand if you hate me or whatever." I rush off to my room, slamming the door and plopping down in my office chair. Then I put my headphones in and blast my music. Quickly I get back to my drawing, but not wanting to fuck it up I start something new. Anger flowing through my veins, I draw a creature that I have always thought is anger. It’s a scary thing. Me with angry eyes and flames coming out of my hands. My hair is fire. I have little flame friends that look just as angry as me. It’s what I've always believed is my spirit when I'm angry. Some devilish creature that looks just as pissed as I feel.
After a bit, my pencil is no longer sharp enough to draw with, so I set it down to grab another one.
That's when my chair is pulled back and my desk it out of arms reach. My headphones gently pulled out of my ears.
"Who the fuck thinks they can come into my room and mess with me?" I almost growl.
The person picks me up and I set my feet on the ground, pushing their hands off me and turning to look at them.
It’s a blur, but I do see Ashton for a second. He pushes the chair away and takes one big step towards me so we are closer than I ever though two people could be. Then his lips crash into mine.
My emotions swirl together. On one hand I'm pissed at him. Though on the other I'm so happy he's kissing me. That he cares for me enough to come and try and make me feel better. He really makes me happy.
After a few seconds he pulls away and rests his forehead on mine. A smile on his face that cause one on mine. He opens his mouth to talk. I can't wait to hear what he has to say.


Hope you liked it! :D

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