Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


24. A Promise

*Late Next Week*
"He's so cute," I smile as my new puppy, Bear, runs around my flat living room.
"Not as cute as me," Ashton smiles as he comes back from my room. Well, our room. Ashton moved in with me right before we got Bear because I thought it would be nice to have him close. Two years made me long for him more than I thought.
"You're right. He's cuter," I burst into laughter as Ashton face falls.
"Come on babe," Ashton sits down next to me on the couch.
I take a deep breath to stop laughing. "Bear, puppy, come here."
Bear stops running around and looks over at me. After a few seconds of just looking at me, he rushes towards me. Easily jumping onto the couch and into my lap.
"All Calum's idea?" Ashton starts rubbing Bear's back.
"Yeah. He said I should get a dog for company. But then I got you back. I'm still glad I got him. I saved him from the shelter."
"Are you going to start coming to concerts again?"
I nod, "I've missed watching you guys play."
*That Night*
Bear is asleep on the couch as I'm snuggled into Ashton. Michael, Calum, and Luke are playing some video game while I plan out what we should do until the next tour.
"I think we just need to hang out as much as possible," I yawn. "Two years is a long time to not hang out. It’s a lot to make up in just a few months. But, we can do it. Or at least try to."
"We've actually got the gang back together," Luke says. "I never thought we would all be in the same room like this again."
"And who do we have to blame for that?" Calum asks.
"Me. It was my fault," I sigh.
"We all make mistakes," Ashton kiss my temple. "But look at where we all are now. Look at what has happened."
*Hours Later*
The boys and I fell asleep a little bit after two in the morning, and now I'm up making breakfast.
"Babe, what are you doing?" Luke's voice fills my ears.
"Making breakfast, Lucas," I smile as I pour some waffle batter into the waffle iron.
After two years, I never thought we would be able to go back to calling each other the nicknames we felt so comfortable with we were younger. Or at least, not so easily.
"And bacon," I smile as I motion to the plate of already cooked up bacon. "Plus French toast after I'm done with the waffles." I start putting all the dirty dishes in the sink and getting out new dishes to make my French toast.
"When did you become such a cook?"
"When you have a lot of free time on your hands and no boys to boss around, you pick up small hobbies."
"Ah, so you bought a lot of cook books?"
"Just a few. I've mastered a lot of recipes now. You guys will love this breakfast meal. I'm even going to cut up fruit for you."
Luke smiles, "You're too sweet. Are you always going to spoil us when we come over?"
"I might," I giggle.
"Do I smell bacon?" Calum is rubbing his eyes as he and the other boys enter the kitchen.
"Morning boys, you do smell bacon," I giggle at their bed head and messed up clothes. "Are you hungry?"
"Yes," all the boys answer.
"Well, just sit tight and everything will be ready to eat soon."
*A Few Months Later*
"I can't believe this," I smile as the One Direction boys enter the room. "Is this a reunion of some sorts?" I jump out of my set and run to hug Niall.
"Hello love," the Irish boy laughs.
"I've missed all of you," I hold Niall out by his shoulders. Then I go and hug all the other boys.
"Cupcake is so happy," Ashton giggles.
"You mates haven't told her what's going on?" Liam asks.
"They've been keeping a lot of things from me," I pout and cross my arms.
"Well, we are going on tour together again," Louis says. "It’s a little different this time though. We alternate who opens."
"The fans have been wanting us to go on tour with each other again," Harry smiles as he talks. "So doing this we are both equal and the fans are getting what they want."
"That's awesome. I never would have thought something like this would have happened," I smile.
"What else haven't they told you?" Zayn asks.
"We didn't tell her about some home interviews and she had just woken up when the interviewers came," Ashton says.
"I had bed head and just a shirt and underwear on," I groan as I sit down on Ashton's lap.
"And we forgot to tell her that we were revealing some of her new merch," Calum says.
"That was just a shock to me when I went shopping," I shrug.
"One time we forgot to tell her where we were heading on a little trip," Luke says. "And she didn't really dress correctly."
"I dress for the beach. We go to a football game. You guys could've told me we weren't going for a swim."
"The last thing was we forgot to let her know that her brothers planned a visit to her flat," Michael says. "As well as her mother."
"I've kept in contact with them sense I sent my father to jail. And for them to want to spend time with me and actually talk. Get to know each other. It was nice. And these bastards said it slipped their minds. Like, please inform me when big things are gonna happen in my life."
"She likes to be in control of all situations," Ashton wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer.
"We figured that out when we were on tour with you guys," Louis says.
"Oh shut up," I roll my eyes. "You'd want to be in control if all your life you couldn't control anything."
"I guess that is very true," Niall says.
"Now, the boys have a concert to do tonight. And they need to go get ready."
*Some Hours Later*
It’s been so nice being back watching the boys. The sweaty hugs and kisses I have missed more than I thought. And just seeing them happy and jumping around is amazing.
"We are happy to announce something in the very near future guys," Luke says. "In fact, it will be announced at the end of the week. So be prepared for that."
I roll my eyes but still smile, that boy is such a dork. But my best friend.
"Curly!" The boys engulf me in a group hug.
"Boys! You were awesome!" I laugh.
They let go of me and start with the kisses.
"You always say that," Calum kisses my cheek.
"Will you ever say something different?" Michael also kisses my cheek.
"She might, one day," Luke kisses my forehead.
"You can do whatever you want, Cupcake," Ashton connects our lips for a few seconds. "Let's just head to the hotel and chill now."
"That sounds like a good plan," I smile. "And next time I'll say something different."
*Sometime Soon*
"Hello mum," I smile at Liz. "Luke and the boys know I'm coming, I assume they told you."
Liz smiles and motions me inside. "They might have told me about you coming over once or twice."
I laugh and step into the front room. "Those crazy boys. If they ask, I'm changing into my bathing suit."
She nods and we both walk farther into the house. She heads to the kitchen while I go to the nearest bathroom. The bathroom that connects to the room I used to live in. After I'm done changing, I make a quick detour to the living room to drop off my stuff, and then head outside to join the small pool party.
"Curly!" Michael shouts. He's flouting around the pool on a noodle.
"Hello Mikey. Hello everyone, really," I smile.
Luke is in a tube flouting around; Calum is sitting out enjoying a beer; Ashton has just his lower legs in; Emily is laying on her stomach on a lounge chair; Laurel is getting ready to get in the pool; Isabel is sitting on a lounge chair reading a book.
"What took so long, Cupcake?" Ashton looks back at me and smiles.
"My class ran over," I sigh as I go and sit next to Ashton.
"How is that going for you?" Calum asks.
"It’s great. I've got a lot of cool people. Some young adults bring their kids. I'm just glad I can teach other people art." What I'm talking about is the local university lets me teach an art class at night to whoever wants to come. It’s actually really fun, and I've met so many new people.
"That's good," Luke says. "It’s great you have it scheduled for months that you know we will be home."
I shrug, "What can I say? I make sure I plan everything so nothing conflicts with anything else."
"Where is Bear?" Isabel asks.
I look back at her to see she has put her book away. "At my mum's. Her and my brothers wanted to take care of him. So I let them."
"How is your mom?" Michael asks.
"She divorced my dad and is now living a happy life. She said she's wanted to leave him for years now. But was afraid because she saw what he would do to me."
For the next few hours we swim around and eat the snacks Liz brings out to us. As well as drink beer and frilly drinks.
Once the sun goes, we lay down towels and lie on them to look up at the stars. Snuggling up to our significant other.
"One day, in like ten years, we are going to relive this," I say. "But by then we will have kids and they will be snuggled into us. Fast asleep. Or leaned up against us texting friends. Whatever it is, whatever they are doing. I'll just be happy that we are all together."
"I think that is a very true statement," Isabel says. "I think no matter what, that is a promise we need to make. Right now. We have to do it."
We all then start saying I promise. Out of sync and with yawns then erupting.
"Will we ever stop being friends?" Laurel asks.
"I think we might drift apart," I answer. "But we will always do something to bring us all back together. I think the bonds we have are too strong for us to ever stop being friends. Even when we have trouble remembering things and things we said we'd never forget is slipping from us. We will never forget each other. I believe that through everything, we will be friends forever."


And that, my readers, is the last chapter of this story. I had trouble writing this. These characters, with the backgrounds and everything, grew on me and I hoped to never let them go. But, stories have to end. And new ones have to be written. Actually, there is one more, secret chapter. I'll explain at the end of it. :D

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