Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


20. A New Year

*A Few Weeks Later*
"This is the cutest little art shop I have ever been to," I smile as Ashton, Luke, and I enter the art shop I saw on the way to the hotel. The concert is tomorrow night, so we decided to explore today.
"I bet you're gonna say you love New Zealand," Luke smiles.
"Oh, I do," I pick up a paint set that has some cute, bright colors. After being in London for a couple of months, we moved back to Australia. Now, when we travel anywhere I take two suitcases. One for clothes and one for my art stuff. Of course, I can't take everything with me every time. But I now have an art corner in my room with all the stuff I've bought. Things from every place we have traveled. It’s fantastic. Hopefully one day I'll have my own art room.
"They have paint by numbers," Ashton giggles.
"Pick out your favorites, I'd love to do some. With a little spin of my own to them," I smile as I side step in front of the colored pencils.
"Would you do coloring books as well?" Luke asks.
"If you can find some cool ones," I giggle. "I love drawing my own stuff, but it would be nice just to color in for once."
We spend about thirty minutes shopping. Getting two bags full of stuff and spending probably more than we should have.
"Well, we did something for me, where do you guys want to go?" I smile as we start walking down the street.
"I would like to get my lip pierced," Luke shrugs.
"Really? That actually sounds so cool. We should get it when we get back to Australia."
"Well, that's all I wanted. Ashton, you get to pick then."
"Let's head into the music store we saw on the way to the hotel," Ashton says.
We walk down the street, Ashton's hand in mine, Luke so close our shoulders brush each other’s. It takes a couple minutes to make it to the music store, and when we enter, Ashton pulls me right to the CD section. Luke right on our heels.
"Geez Ash," I giggle as we stand there, looking at the CDs.
"This is where I want us to be someday," Ashton says. "To be beside all these other great bands. A CD of our own."
"You'll be able to do it. One day. I'm hoping soon."
"Is that why you wanted to come here?" Luke asks. "To tell us a goal you know all us want to happen."
Ashton laughs, "No. I want to get some CDs and you could get some picks. It just so happens though, that I thought to tell you my goal."
"All right, enough talking," I pull my phone out to check some texts. "Let's do what we want here and then head back to the hotel. Michael and Calum want to meet up and go out to eat."
"Sounds good," Luke says. "I'll meet you two back here and then we will check out and go." He then walks off.
"Get anything you want," Ashton says as he picks up a CD and flips it over to look at the songs.
I scan over the CDs and pick up a Blink-182 album. "I really think you guys are gonna make. You'll be selling out concerts in minutes. And playing everywhere. And doing things big bands do. It’s all a matter of time."
"I believe that. But for now, let's live in the moment. Be proud of what we have accomplished so far and what we are doing right now."
"Sounds good to me. If I look too far into the future I won't be able to appreciate what is going on in the present. Then I'll be sad that it’s over. This is probably the best times of my life so far."

*Over A Month Later*
"Do you hear that?" I ask as the boys start setting up where we are going to be sending the whole night.
"No, what?" Luke asks.
"You can't hear 2014 calling," I burst out laughing.
"That was terrible, Cupcake," Ashton giggles.
"Are Laurel and Emily coming over?" Michael asks.
"Yeah, in a few more hours," I answer. "When it isn't so long until the New Year."
It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by. All that we have accomplished during it. My brain can't wrap around all that we've done this year.
"All right Curly, what's the plan for tonight?" Calum asks.
"We are going to watch the movies I've picked out," I go through my mental checklist. "All classics, because that's the way I do it. Then about an hour before midnight we are gonna party. Simple as that. And then, probably crash on the couch. That's why you guys are packing it with pillows and blankets."
"What about food?" Luke asks.
"Ashton and I are gonna make up some quick snacks before we start the movies," I smile. "I've got this all planned out, Lucas. Don't worry. I'm in control. The way I like it. Now come on Ashton. We have snacks to make."
"You really do like being in control," Michael says.
"I know, it’s because I couldn't control my life until a few years ago. And now, when I can control almost everything around me, I love it. If I lose control. I feel afraid and unsafe."
*A Few Hours Later*
"This has been so much fun," Emily smiles as she flops down on the couch to take a break from all the dancing we have done.
"This really has been an amazing night," Laurel says. "Thanks for inviting us over guys."
"No problem, we knew you would bring a little life to the party," I smile.
"What's your guys’ goals for the coming year?" Emily asks. "I hope to be in a movie, or anything using my acting in anyway."
"I want to travel the world," Laurel says. "And do something out of my comfort zone."
"I want to draw something huge," I smile. "Many pieces of paper. Painted, color penciled, everything. As well as travel to new places."
"I want to put out an album for the fam," Luke says. "I've already pierced my lip, so maybe get more rings."
"I want to play even bigger shows," Michael says. "Become an even bigger band."
"I want to win awards and attend many award shows," Calum says. "Even play at some. Be on some big shows and play on them too."
"I guess I want to drum my heart out. And just be around the people I love," Ashton says. "I want to help people too."
"I think we all have very reasonable goals for the New Year," I smile.
"Which is in ten seconds," Michael says.
When the clock hits midnight, I kiss Ashton. Laurel kisses Luke. And Emily kisses Calum. Poor Michael doesn't have anyone to kiss yet. But when I pull away from, I lean over and kiss Michael's cheek.
"I believe this year is going to be just as awesome as last year was," I smile against Michael's cheek. "Though we can make it surpass last year."
"I guess that's the overall goal," Luke says.
"And I think we can do it," Ashton says.


Hope you liked it! :D

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