Friends Forever

Amber's best friend is Luke Hemmings from down the street. They have been super close since they can remember. She's going to make sure that his dreams come true. Even with some rough patches here and there.
(Cover art is by Deviant Art artist Ribkadory)
[Trigger Warning: It isn't throughout the whole thing but it does pop up here and there, abuse and self harm. If that bothers you, read with caution or check out some other stories of mine.]


7. A Date

*A Few Days Later*
"Hey Ashton, it’s been a while," I walk into his arms and relax into his hug.
"It has been quite some time," he gives me a small squeeze. "I almost thought I scared you away."
"Aw, now I feel bad I didn't call or text you sooner."
We pull away from each other and Ashton opens the door of the coffee shop for me. I walk in with him close behind. I lead us to a both secluded from anyone and take seats across from each other.
"So I can get us drinks and whatever you want to eat," Ashton smiles.
"Um, I'll take a white chocolate hot chocolate and whatever little treat," I smile back.
"I'll be right back then," he stands up and rushes to the counter.
About five minutes later he comes back, placing a cup in front of me and a couple cookies.
"Thanks Ashton," I smile and take a sip of my hot chocolate.
"No problem. Sorry it took a while," he sits down and takes a sip of his drink.
"So, what did you get?"
"Just a coffee. Nothing special like you."
"Oh, well, I think it’s cute you drink coffee and come to this shop. You're cute."
"Well, you're cute as well. For different reasons. So, how's Luke?"
"He's good. He and two other boys are trying out being a band. They have one video up as a group and should be planning another one while I'm out with you."
"Are they any good?"
"I guess. They just started, so they have a lot of room for improvements."
"Need a drummer?"
"I think so. Why? Do you know a guy?"
"Actually. I do. And you're looking at him."
"You're a drummer? That's so cool. I'll have to let the boys know. They might need you."
He smiles, "That would be cool."
"Yeah. So, anything else you want to ask me?"
"Um, what's your family like?"
I tense up, "What's yours like?"
"Um, well I have a younger sister named Lauren who is very cool. You'd like her. And a younger brother named Harry who is a little bundle of energy right now. Does a lot of football. My mom is a wonderful woman who you would love. She'd love you as well. I just know it. As for my father, he left us. Now, what about you?"
I've got two ways to play this out. A lie or the truth. "I have younger brothers that are twins. They play football and are pretty good at it. Then my mom and dad work so I don't really have to interact with them."
"Oh, all right. Not everyone has good relationships with their parents or siblings. So that's all right."
I smile, "Yeah. Sometimes I wish I just moved out already. They hate me for no reason."
"Hey, it'll be all right. I can help you through anything now," he smiles. "I'm right here for you."
"Good. I need more people to help me. I am up to almost four. Working on Michael."
"Oh yeah. The other boys in Luke's band are named Michael and Calum. They are super cool guys. I think you'd really like them."
"Well, I hope they give me a chance to be their drummer."
Me too. Then I can tell him the truth about my family and how my living situation is now.
*A Few Days Later*
"So guys, I've been meaning to ask you something," I say as I adjust my head on Luke's lap and make sure my arm that I'm lying on doesn't fall asleep. I'm too lazy to sit up and play video games so I'm lying down on Luke.
"And what's that babe?" Luke asks.
"Well, I know you guys need a drummer. Right?"
"Yeah, we could use one," Calum says and then groans as he dies in the Mario game we're playing.
"Nice one," Michael complements.
"Well," I clear my throat. "I known a guy who plays the drums and kind of wants to be in a band. His name is Ashton and I think you should give him a chance. Maybe, like the soon. It’s up to you guys, though."
"We'll think about it," Luke answers. "But I bet he'd be a great addition to our band."
"I'll have to let him know later."
"Is Ashton the same kid you like, Amber?" Michael asks.
"Um, maybe."
"Aw, you've got a crush," Calum says. "That's cute. Oh come on! I died again!"
I giggle, "Focus Calum. Don't try and multitask."
"I can multitask."
"No you can't," Luke and Michael say and then laugh.
*A Few Hours Later*
"Hey love," Ashton's voice makes me smile even if it’s coming through my phone and he's not in the same room as me.
"Hi Ash," I reply. "I've got news."
"What?" I can hear his cute smile in his voice.
"I told the guys about how you can play the drums. And they're thinking about letting you try out or something. They need a drummer, and I don't think they know anyone else. So you have a great chance."
"That's awesome. Thanks for telling them love. I really wish I could give you a hug right now."
"Well, I guess that means we need to get together again."
"Yeah. Some place besides the coffee shop. Is there any other place you would like to go?"
"Um, if I remember correctly, there's this cute art store nearby. Luke has been wanting me to get back to drawing. Like I used to."
"You draw? Well now I want you to get back to it as well."
"Maybe I will when I hang up with you."
"So, this weekend I'll come down. We meet at the coffee shop and then head to the art store."
"Sounds like a great plan. You always know just what to do."
"Alright. I'll let you go so you can get to drawing."
I laugh, "Fine. Goodbye Ashton. Can't wait to see you."
"Bye Amber."
The line goes dead and I toss my phone on my bed. A warmth spreading through my heart as I realize how happy I am when I talk to Ashton. Just a tad happier than when I talk to Luke.
After I get my brain working again, I go to my desk and get my drawing stuff out. Organizing it the way I want. Then I brainstorm for a few minutes on what to draw, trying to get back into my drawing grove.
I decide on a picture of Luke and me. Well, our backs. With us holding hands. And the backs of our shirts will say 'Friends Forever'. I get straight to it once the idea comes to me, quickly putting on headphones to blast music to keep me focused. It makes me realize how much I've missed drawing, and how I'm definitely going to be doing it more. No one is ever going to take something I love doing so much away from me.


Hope you liked it! :)

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