New girl😍💖


3. the date🔥

Emily's PoV:

What to wear? "Ellie I need your help!"

"Why what's up?" She come rushing in my room confused "I have a date tonight with Michael and I don't know what to wear" as I sat down on my bed Ellie rushed to my closet "casual or dressy?" "I don't know ill message Michael"

"No no no it's got to be a surprise"

Ellie pulls out a black silk dress with a knee high slit 😻 it was amazing "omg Ellie I love you right now" "obviously who doesn't?" I put on the dress it looked amazing over my figure "you think I'm done already?" Ellie says shocked "sit down I'm doing your makeup"


Michaels PoV:

"Calum I don't know what to do"

"Why what's up?"

"I'm scared she won't like me that way"

"Why would she go out with you if she didn't like you?" He says in a duh tone

"She might just feel sorry for me"

"It's nearly 8:30 I suggest you hurry up and drive to her house now"

"Cal will you come with me I'll bring her sister"

"Sure bro"


Mickey🐱👫💋-hey em, can I'm gonna bring Callum so it's a double date do you wanna bring your sister? xx

Em👫😘- hey and sure I'll tell her to get ready now xx

Mickey🐱👫💋- okay I'm on my way now xx

Em👫😘- okayyyy can't wait to see you xx

Emily's PoV:

"Ellie get ready now!"

"What why?"

"Double date night"

"Who's my date?"



Ellie's PoV:

"What!" Calumhood the cute Asian looking one 😻 yay! I can't let her know I'm excited

"Ellie I know you like him" I flush a bright red "see I told you now get ready!"

"Fine I'll be back" I run to my room and get my pink silk dress the same style as Emily's , I hear a loud knock at the door "Emily go get the door"

"Fine!" She shouts From outside my door

Emily's PoV:


~cute little cliffhanger hope you like it so far 😅~

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