New girl😍💖


2. first day🤗

Emily's PoV:

"I don't wanna be an American idi-" I stopped my alarm clock and ran into Ellie's room "ell get up it our first day!!" I screamed she jumped up and ran to her closet "what to wear?!" She's says "how about this top these jeans and these shoes" I smiled and pulled out her greenday crop top her ripped skinny jeans and her mint green converse 🤗 "perfect! Now time to pick you outfit" she say and runs into my room, I follow afterwards "this top these jeans and these shoes!" She's smiles she picked out a nirvana crop top black ripped jeans and icy blue converse 🤗

I do my makeup and apply foundation,concealer,eyeshadow,lip liner,lipstick and eyeliner

~skips breakfast~

"Come on we need to go!" Ellie shouts

"Right I'm coming"

~skips drive to school~

We walk in school and most of the boys were literally catching flies😹 I guess they liked what they saw 💥 we carried on walking till we got to the reception "hey can we get our times tables please" I ask the receptionist and she hands us our timetables "thanks"

We walk down the hall and luckily our lockers were next to each other and we have the same lessons

"Hey babe" I hear a voice behind me and see an arm snake it's way around my waist "who are you calling baby?!" I turned round a saw the cutest red head I've ever seen "you princess" he says "Erm.. I don't even know you" he winks at me and tries to kiss me "sorry Hun but I don't date nerds 👅 "excuse me? I'm not a nerd princess" I laugh "are you kidding?" All of a sudden 3 more boys come behind him "no princess I'm not" he smirks "well kitten, you seem like one to me" a boy with cute dimples and brown loose curls comes up to me and pins me to my locker "whoa your hot!" He smirks "get the fuck off my sister asshole!" Ellie slaps him, he holds his face , I grab Ellie's hand and run to our lesson which is art

~skips to lunch~

"Where to sit?"

"Come sit over here princess!"

I turn around to see the mystery boy sat with his friends everyone looks at us and seems shocked

*what are these the school bad boys aha couldn't be* I thought to myself, I grabbed Ellie's hand and brought her over to the table "names Michael" he hugged me so I hugged back "I'm Ashton" the cute one with dimples says "I'm Calum" the Asian looking one says "I'm luke" the blonde boy says and winks

"I'm Emily and this is my twin sister Ellie"

"Hey" Ellie's says

"So where youse from?" Luke asks

"New York"


~skips to the end of the day~

"Erm Emily.. Wi- will you go out with m-" I cut him of

"Michael I can't be your girlfriend we've only just met"

"I wasn't asking that! Would you like to go out sometime"

"Sure" I smile and kiss his cheek

"Hey.. What was that for?"

"Your nice Michael I like you" i smile and walk off he grabs my arm "no ones ever said that before"

~sorry it's my first actual fan fiction I hope you like it ☺️~

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