My Brother

When Ashton finds out about his little sister's garage band, does he try to sign them to 5sos's record label, or does he just let them be? Find out in my new fan fiction, My Brother.


2. Chapter 2



I groaned and got out of bed as my alarm clock buzzed. I heard Ash yell 

"Eve your friends are here!!" 

"Ok!" ….I forgot they were coming over this early. I grabbed my maroon converse, white ripped skinny jeans, and my maroon  OBEY shirt before racing down the stairs. Emily, 

Emma, and Ava were all sitting on the couch, waiting for me. I grabbed my drum sticks, and they followed me into the garage. I silently shut the door, locking it. I ran to my drum kit that was hidden behind the large curtain. I removed the curtain, and sat down while the girls grabbed the miss and their guitars. We started singing She Looks So Perfect, but stopped eruptedly when we saw all 4 of my brother's band standing there, nodding. 

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