I'm nobody. I mean nothing and I'm a mystery to everyone.

I plan to keep it that way.


4. 4. Party

7:10 and she still hasn't showed up. Thank god, home time. I began to walk but just as I turned the corner, she was there. "And where do you think you're going?" She smirked and walked towards me.

I rolled my eyes and turned on my heels to walk with her. "I don't want to go." I huffed.

She shook her head. "It'll do you good. Have a drink, relax." She nudged me as we walked onto the car park.

"I don't drink." I shook my head.

Gloria huffed and smacked my arm. "You should." She nodded. "Oh and you look great."

No matter what, when somebody says about how you look, you automatically look down to see what you're wearing. "Thanks, I like the dress." I nodded, motioning to the black dress I was previously looking at a couple of hours ago in the shop. I paired it with a few necklaces, a khaki bomber jacket and some white converse, yeah the high ones.

"I know." She grinned as we got in the car.

Okay, parties are 100% not my thing. Everyone was looking at me, it was full of a range of aged people, from 4 to around 70, and everyone looked so happy.

Gloria again told me to have fun before walking off and mingling with other people. My idea of fun is not this. I sat in the corner, in an old chair, very out of the way as I sipped on my glass of water.

"Who are you?" A young girl came and stood in front of me.

Looked around before looking down at her. "Uh, nobody." I nodded and she sad down, crossed legged in front of me.

"I'm Lilly, and I'm 6." She grinned.

I awkwardly smiled and sat back in the chair, mentally begging her to leave me alone.

"You're not very happy." She stood up and twirled her plaited pigtails. "I'll see you around, nobody." She giggled and skipped away. She was the typical girly girl, plaited pigtails, pink dress, shitty sparkly shoes and a gap between her teeth. The very opposite to me.

But I stayed sat there. Often a few people would look at me with a questioning face, nobody spoke to me though. I was thankful for that.

All of a sudden everyone started singing happy birthday from the other room. Let's investigate.

I followed the noise through to the other room and everyone was gathered at the bottom of the stairs, around a large cake as a boy and girl walked down them. When I seen the face of the boy, I instantly hid behind a curtain.

It was Harry. And the girl. He looked, yet again, unamused but she looked very happy.

They got to the bottom of the stairs and she whispered something in his ear, he smiled and it was an obvious fake. He was fooling nobody but he blew out the candles and got a kiss on the cheek from the girl.

As he looked up, his body stiffened. That's when I knew he was looking at me. I dodged around the corner and back into the other room.

Obviously the curious boy followed me, but I quickly picked up my jacket and hid behind a wall. "I know you're in here." He sighed. I huffed and walked around the wall into clear sight of him. "Who are you?" He walked over and examined me.

"Nobody." I shrugged.

"Ahh, I see you two have met." Gloria appeared beside me.

I looked at Gloria and she was grinning. "Aunt Gloria, who is this girl?" He huffed and motioned to me.

"Why, I don't know." She laughed. "Nobody knows." She winked at me and nudged my arm.

Harry huffed and walked closer, so he was now standing in front of us. "Come with me?" Harry asked.

"No." I said a bit too quickly. "I, uh, gotta go. It's getting late."

"At least stay and have a drink!" He called as I began walking out of the door. I looked back before quickly walking out of the house.

The air was cool. Freezing almost.

I love this weather. So I ran. I ran far, not home. Home would be too easy.

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