I'm nobody. I mean nothing and I'm a mystery to everyone.

I plan to keep it that way.


3. 3. Glorious

From then on, after that day, every time I ran past that coffee shop I seen him. He was always there, and I always noticed him.

Every time I would run past, he would look up from his phone and smile at me or look at me, it's like he knew I was coming.

It's been like that for about a week now. But today was different.

Today he was sitting with a woman, they were holding hands and she was beautiful. She looked so engrossed in their conversation and she looked happy, overly happy. However, Harry looked uninterested, his one free hand was scrolling down his phone and his face looked dull.

The girl turned and looked at me, frozen in my spot. She said something and Harry looked up and smiled at me. I furrowed my eyebrows and ran off, realising I must have looked completely insane.

I shook myself out of it and ran again. I ran home and jumped in the shower. As usual, nobody was in. Nobody ever was in this house, not during the day anyways.

But still, I got on with my life as usual. After my shower I got ready and left the house.

First stop, town. I plan on getting a Christmas edition magic coffee from my local coffee shop. They just got launched today so I thought, I need to have one.

"Hey Gloria." I greeted as I walked in.

She looked up from her work and gave me a huge grin. "Hey!" She greeted and walked over to serve me. Gloria is the other of this place, 'Glorious coffee', how original. But I've known her for years and she always happy.

"Can I have the Christmas edition coffee." She grinned and began creating.

She hummed a small tune as she worked and swayed her hips to the tune. For a middle aged lady, she has very good posture. "Here you go sweetheart." She handed me the cup and I handed her the money. "How's your day been." I nodded and took a sip of the holiday coffee.

"Yeah good thanks, you?" I asked as we both walked over to a free table.

"Yeah it's been good. I have a party tonight, for my nephews leaving party so I need to nip into town for a new dress." She smiled and picked her nails.

I nodded my head and smiled. "Awh nice." I nodded.

"Somethings up." She furrowed her eyebrows and leaned closer to me. "There's a change." She hummed.

I shrugged. "I don't know, I just seem to be noticing things more and I don't known why. In all started the other week. A woman gave me this and I ran into someone." I pulled out the 50p coin and placed it in my fingers and examined it.

"It's a coin?" She laughed and pushed my shoulder while standing up. I hummed and nodded as she walked away.

She's right, it is a coin. But it could be so much more. This could be the one thing, a simple coin, that could change my life. Sounds stupid, I know.

I sat in the coffee shop for about an hour. Watching people walk in and out. Everything about each one of them was different, apart from one thing, they were all on their phone or had their phones in their hands.

"Come on." Gloria grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

"What?" I huffed, the exhaustion of thinking bearing me down, my energy was gone.

She shook her head and smiled. "You're coming with me to this party." She said as we walked into one of the fashionable shops in town. I'm not bothered by fashion, I don't like new things.

"I don't do parties, sorry." I shook my head and walked away, to be then pulled back and pushed into the shop.

She huffed and walked behind me. "Well you're doing this one. You don't need to talk to anyone, you'll be fine." She knows me well.

I don't mix with people, I'm not a sociable person. Gloria's the only person who I really talk to, nobody knows me, not even Gloria. She doesn't even know my name, nobody does. I don't have a phone or any social media so nobody knows my name, nobody knows anything. That's how I like to keep it, nobody comes in.

I followed her around the shop as she placed dress upon dress on my arms, all sparkly, all short. Party dresses. I never even wore them when I was young.

"Try on time." She clapped her hands and giggled while pushing me into the changing room.

"No." I pushed the dresses into her arms and walked away.

Dodging round people and clothes racks, I made my way to the doors. My old leather jacket brushing against the new fabrics of the expensive clothes in the shop.

Right in front of me stood a model, wearing a plain black dress. Slim fit, high neck, mid thigh length. It was totally perfect for me. But what does it matter, I wouldn't wear it anyways. I shook my head and walked around it, carrying on to the doors.

Waiting, an hour. This girl could shop. She came out with a bag. One fucking bag! An hour for that.

"Here." She handed me the bag. "You'll suit it." She smiled walked away from me. I followed her and she rambled on about something, I wasn't really listening. "So meet me at the shop at 7. I'll drive."

I nodded and we exchanged our good-byes. Home time, I was not excited for this.

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