I'm nobody. I mean nothing and I'm a mystery to everyone.

I plan to keep it that way.


2. 2. Changes

"Excuse me love!" Someone called me as I ran, I'm not one of those runners who have head phones in for motivation of use my phone to track my progress, that's pointless and I like to hear/see the world around me and not be blinded by self loathing comments about my body or fitness.

I stopped and turned around to the older woman who just grabbed my loose running tank top. "You dropped this love." She smiled and handed me a 50p coin.

Looking at in confused I shook my head. "It's not mine, I don't carry money on me." I smiled. "You keep it." I went to turn again but she grabbed my hand and smiled at me.

"No love. Use it for luck, let it change your life." She forced the coin into my hand and waltzed away.

I looked down at the coin and frowned my brows, huh. I stuffed the cold metal into my sports bra and carried on running.

This was not usual. I never get stopped, the streets are always busy and I normally nudge into a few people. Today was completely different. Until I full on ran into somebody, not a nudge, a full on smack-bang-fall-to-the-floor kinda run into someone.

Landing on my side I winced as a hot beverage was poured all over my bare stomach. I shook my head and stood up, looking down at my now red stomach.

"I'm so sorry, here." A boy said handing me a napkin and trying to wipe my belly down. I took the piece of cheap cloth from him and began wiping it myself and looked up. "Are you okay?" The boy with long-ish curly hair bit his lip, an apologetic look on his face.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks." I smiled and handed him back the napkin that was dripping with what smelled to be peppermint tea.

What was going on today? This was completely new and I kinda like it. Somehow this change, even though it's minor, it's excites me. But I can't tell how. What?

"Uh, are you okay?" I looked back up and he was looking at me confused.

I nodded my head in realisation, I must look like an idiot. "Yeah, sorry. I gotta go." I tried to dodge around him and walk away.

"Your leg looks sore." He grabbed my wrist gently. I looked down and right down the side of my thigh, scrapes, cuts and blood covered the area. I must have fell harder than I thought.

I shrugged and twisted my wrist from his soft grasp. "It's fine, I'll sort it out when I get home." I nodded

"You're late." He smiled. What is he on about? Is he crazy? And gave him a confused look and again turned to walk away. "I'm Harry."

I shook my head. "I'm sorry, I don't know you."

"I know, I see you every day, running. You always go past this shop at exactly 26 minutes past 8." He laughed. "It's exactly half past 8 now."

I gave him another confused look. "Sorry?"

"Sorry, I must seem like a creep. Just you're beautiful." He smiled, what is with this boy? "Ohh god I'm sorry, just ignore me." He turned his back to me and rubbed his face as he began to walk away. But he turned back again, looked at me and carried on walking.

I ran off again, I never went at my usual fast pace, this day is different and I want to keep it that way.

But obviously once I got home, the rest of the day was exactly the same, apart from the face I spent all day thinking about the two strange things that happened to me this morning, the coin glistened like any other, but the words, "Use it for luck, let it change your life."

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