Thoughts of a Sarcastic Teenager

"Every teenager should have at least one journal to write their thoughts in... Or so says my guidance counselor, Jeff."

Lynae is known as the quiet, shy girl in school, but her guidance counselor and journal say otherwise. Lynae is actually a sarcastic young teen with a tendency to mock whoever she can and has a hatred for most people. Her family life isn't all rainbows and sunshine either, but that doesn't stop Lynae from being who she truly is. Join Lynae and read her journal entries as she tries to live her school life to the fullest, all while Jeff and her teachers try to make her express herself more.

With all that she has to say, will they be able to handle the large amounts of sarcasm that she's willing to throw their way?


6. The Other Brother and Tiffany

October 8, Friday. 20xx

I haven't written in a while, but that's only because I'm trying to avoid the other two, the cruel reality? They always find me.


Seriously, the stalker siblings need to calm themselves down and leave me alone. Ah, I have to give this notebook to Jeff today. I've ignored him since Wednesday, but that's only because he deserves it. It's going to be our two week anniversary journal, how happy are you? Are you as happy as me? I'm so happy I could just jump over the moon ten times and twirl, but you and I both know that's impossible.

Ah, but let's get to the main topic, which I have written as the title of this journal entry. Yes, I have indeed met the other brother. I think I mentioned before that Eren said he had a twin, that was the day he arrved and the day I wish I had felt the way my life would go from it's uneventful and boring routine to it's annoyed-filled and friend making one, so that I could somehow stop it all. But turning back time isn't possible in our day and age, technology needs to advance some more. Mom is still happy, you know, like so happy she came into my room to wake me up and make me breakfast, my 'favourite' breakfast. Uh, mother, I like chocolate pancakes with strawberry sauce drizzled on top...

Not scrambled eggs and bacon, no, that's your favourite breakfast. What a wondrous mother to know all of my favourite meals, I honestly don't know what I'd do without you.

To top it off, Eren and Laila came over to eat breakfast with us. On the brightside, at least she isn't making out with clowns like she used to. That's right, she is putting on less make up than she did on the day we met. I won't lie, she looks prettier now, but that will be kept between you and me. I have an apperance to uphold mind you, I'm not soft nor am I nice.


Shut up.

Anyways, on our way to school I noticed someone walking far ahead of us. Normally I wouldn't care, but something about the kid seemed familiar. I say familiar but I'm just trying to be dramatic and implant that seed of 'what could be familiar about him' in your mind. That's how it works with stories, you always have to be sneaky with words, implat that seed into the readers mind and then BAM! Get them at the last minute, so that they gasp as they clench the book in their hands with tight fists. Seriously, you'd think they'd all know by now, I mean, even I'm not surprised by things I read in books anymore. Too many cliches nowadays.

Continuing, this kid was wearing black and grey sweater, it was a nice sweater too. Black and grey striped, wool, looks comfy yet shows the world just how one sees it. I wanted it. But of course, I couldn't continue to observe this one interesting human that I seem to enjoy watching because Laila squealed RIGHT IN MY EAR.

Eren even flinched and sent her a scowl, then again who wouldn't. Laila nearly blew out our eardums with her squeals, but let's ignore that and get to why she decided squealing was a good idea. Turning Eren and I saw a group of girls wearing a bunch of glittery and frilly clothes. Ah, that very style that I recognized. Why do I recognize it? You guessed it, mom. The Lolita fashion that she seemed to admire so much and want me to wear, but no, I would rather sit down for hours on end doing a multitude of math problems than wear a frilly dress.

Not my style mom.

Without another word Laila detached herself from my arm and ran up to the girls, running her mouth and spewing out words of 'cute' and 'pretty' every other sentence. She abandoned me, she left me with Eren.

She did that on purpose, I know she did. That sneeky little-

"Well, at least it's the two of us now."

And of course Eren would say that, I mean why wouldn't he? He's Eren. I knew this was planned, I mean, Laila always made sure she pushed me closer to him, and always sat on the other side of me so that Eren took the other seat next to me. I knew she was planning on killing me, this is just like that one murder mystery episode where it seemed innocent enough but the two ended up murdering the girlfriend's younger sister. Without saying a word, I stopped in my tracks, causing Eren to stop with me and raise a brow in confusion. I stared back at him, staring straight into his eyes for a moment, before kicking him in the back of his knee so that he'd fall to the ground and turn to bolt my way into the school building. Luckily for me, just like when I escaped him on the first day we met, I was able to blend in with the swarm of student bodies that entered the building in a groggy and lazy fashion. Yes, you idiots have finally become useful! We have found your purpose in life, and for that I am proud of you, students of Filmore Heights. Rushing to my locker I grabbed my things and quickly made a run for it to my homeroom, only to stop immedietly in my tracks when I noticed a certain someone standing at the doorframe.

That's right, Tiffany.

Jeff, you don't believe me when I tell you that Tiffany is who she is and she hates my guts. But hopefully, this little story of how she acted when I met her will change that mind of yours. It needs to change Jeff, it needs to change badly.

"There you are." She began, turning to me as her two friends did the same. I just stared back at her, eyebrow raised high in questioning as I slowly made my way to the classroom. What do you think she did? That's right, she took a step to the side and tried to block me. You know, she's starting to do all those cliche things that girls in movies do, if this continues I might actually break character and punch her. What'd that? Punching someone is bad? Oh my goodness, I didn't know that! How could I, of all people, know that telling a teacher through a journal I'm forced to write that I'm going to punch someone be bad? Would this backfire on me in the future? It might. Would that be very bad for my record? Yes, yes it will. Would I regret it if she totally earned it? Naw. But back to what I was talking about, when she took a step to the side, I might have kissed my teeth and made a 'tsk' noise by mistake because she gave me a slightly shocked expression before scowling. Well, excuse me princess, I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to kiss my teeth like any other normal human being. Does that displease you? I sure hope it does, that way I can figure something out to annoy you in the near future.

"Hey, you, listen," she began, does she realize I have a name? I swear if she doesn't finish whatever it was she wanted to say by the time the bell rings I'll leave her standing there and walk right into the classroom. What's that? What would I do if she's still standing in the way? Why, I'd push her aside of course. I may not look like much but I lift even if I'm about as active as any other gamer who spends a lot of time playing CoD and whatnot. I can arm wrestle my dad and still spend hours staying at a tie with him, and my dad isn't the type of person to like losing either. Blood related daughter or not. "About Eren, are you two dating or something? You guys seem really close and I wanted to know. If you're just friends please tell me, I like him and-"

Well, there went the bell. I'm late to class now... For the first time in years. But fortunately for me, Mr. Reeds isn't in the art room so technically I'm still on time. Without even thinking twice about what Tiffany wanted to say or whatever, I pushed her to the side and walked right into class. I did hear her growl and her friends gasp, but I could't care less. Even if she entered the room, Mr. Reeds tends to come rushing into class like a nerd, he likes to flirt with Mrs. Simons, our drama teacher. You didn't know that, did you Jeff? Anyways, just as I had predicted Tiffany entered the room looking ready to start up a war with me right as Mr. Reeds rushed inside. He placed his stuff onto his desk, his face as red as a ruby, beads of sweat running down his face while he panted big puffs of heat through his lips. He apologized profoundly for being late, but stopped after saying sorry for the millionth time to stare at Tiffany intensely along with her friends. Great job Mr. Reeds, it took you almost half the class in order to realize that three girls weren't your students. As Eren entered the room, Reeds told the girls to get out or he'd sent them to the principals office.

The great thing about Mr. Reeds is that he's one of the very few people in the whole school who looks like an airhead, but isn't as stupid as people assume he'd be. Looks aren't everything, because Reeds looks like he's completely okay with everything, but in reality he doesn't take much BS. The only reason why Josh gets away with all the stunts he pulls in class is because Reeds is sick of his crap and just desided to say 'to hell with you' and focus on the students that want to learn.

Eren apologized to me for being late, saying that he had to speak with his brother for a bit before coming in. Boy, why are you telling me this? I don't really care and why would you tell this to the girl who ditched you in the morning? He is a strange one, that he is.

Anyways, after class ended, I made my way towards my evil math class with Mrs. Crow. I am not good with numbers but it's better to study as much as I can before the second semester begins and I can take business and finance. Why am I taking business and finance if I suck at math? Good question. Anyways ignoring that, while making my way towards class, I bump into a hard back. It was quite muscular, if I remember it correctly. And the fabric of this person's back was soft, I love wool that soft. Glancing up I see a familiar flock of raven black hair, and the clothes he wore, and I knew he was a he because his structure was something that triggered a certain memory in my mind.


Before I could really think anything, he turned around and I met with the brightest of blue eyes...

Seriously this dude looked like he stuck sapphires in his eyes, what the hell? Those were contacts weren't they, because no one has eyes that pretty. Unless you're, you know, a ball jointed doll. To be honest, I could have sworn there was a tiny spark in me... Oh yes, the urge to steal his grey and black stripped sweater. That is some comfy fabric, like where did he get it made? From the tears of angels who wove it using their very own hair as material and sent it down to him on a silver cloud while singing halleluja? Because honestly, at this point I'd believe a crazy story like that. While I was admiring his God-like artical of angel-tears material, he had turned his whole body around to stare down at me, that jerk. He was probably around 5'9 or something that jerk, he was just as tall as Eren. But then I saw it, I saw the damn resemblance. He looked exactly like Eren, face-wise. His eyes were darker blue though and his hair was black like my soul when I'm told I need to be kind to my fellow classmates, but when have I ever cared about Eren's eyes or face? Never, I never have and I probably never will. I realized it then and there that this dude right here, is Eren and Laila's brother. I hadn't realized that the two of us have been staring at each other like complete idiots in the middle of the hall for hours, until I snapped out of it when I heard the bell ring. Of course, I bolted to my class right as I snapped out of it without hesitating, force of habit. I won't let this idiot stop me from ruining my perfect attendance record, sapphire eyes or not. But I could have sworn that, as I left, this guy actually muttered the word 'cute' under his breath.

Excuse me? I am not cute. I am evil, and violent and cruel.

I am the master of all things annoying and I will destroy you.

I am ANYTHING but Cute.

Anyways, I made it to class on time, thank the Gods. Tiffany glared at me as soon as I waked into the classroom. When did she start going to class earlier than I? This is an outrage! Taking my usual seat, I couldn't help but sigh loudly, and I mean loudly capturing the attention of all the other students as I picked up the tacks that were tapped to my chair. Really? Tiffany, seriously, do better than this. This is dangerous actually, I'm surprised you almost got away with it. Good thing I check my surroundings and everything before I do anything.

Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany...

This is SUCH a disappointment. Is this the only thing you can do to me? Is this the very best you carry within you, the very best you can come up with as a warning to me to tell me you want Eren as your personal boy-toy for a month? What do you want me to do, to scream and cry and beg you for mercy? Oh, please Tiffany. I'm so sorry, I will let you be with Eren, go with himLeave me alone please, I can't take your overly intellectual plans of torture that seem to bring me to ruinsYou're too smart for me, and I can't handle your highly thought out tactics.

No, no. Tiffany, please, you have been given an organ called a brain, please use it at the very least.

As I thought that, I ended up taking eight different tacks from my chair before I slowly turning to stare at Tiffany. She was staring right at me with such an angry expression, I wanted to just smile. I don't know why I enjoy making other people angry or annoying them, I find their misery so amusing. Have I mentioned this before? Oh well, who knows. When I stared at her, I just shook my head and sigh before walking up to the trash can and dumping the tacks in there, then heading straight to my desk and sitting down. By the time I was taking out my books and the teacher had walked in, everyone was staring at Tiffany with questioning looks. She was practically oozing with hatred and rage, I could feel the radiation of all that negativity hit me from my seat across the room from where she sat. And it was so delightful, nothing like the sound of my soon-to-be enemy's rage to make me smile and feel good about life. You think you can ruin my day? I think not! I've spent enough time observing and quietly watching everyone's routine to know how they think and what they would say next. Your actions are as obvious as the moon in the sky.

As the day went on, I notice that I saw that kid in different parts of the hall, his classes were literally across from my own. Seriously, why is the stalker's brother so near and why haven't I realized it until now? My observation game is slowly decresing and I'm not pleased with that, I blame Eren and Laila.

After school when I got you back from Jeff, he wasn't pleased that I was mad at him and what I said in the last entry. He was also giving me a lecture about writing every day from now on, since I don't have a lot written down. Gee Jeff, how much about my life do you want to know? What will you do? Call someone to take me away? Seriously don't do that, I like living with my dad and Damien, they're awesome family to have around and only dad understands my love for video games and hatred for human life. You can take mom away, she's annoying with the way she tries to meddle in my life simply because she needs a new topic to brag and gossip about. So, back to what I was talking about before. After school after I received you from a very displeased Jeff, then I met up with Eren and Laila. And by met up I mean I tried to run as fast as I could but those two caught up and takled me to the ground. Literally, as though they didn't want me to escape. Who does that sort of thing?

Fortunately, dad was my saving grace and was home when I arrived. He didn't seem pleased when he saw Eren, and ended up keeping a close eye on him even when I went up to my room with the two Stalker siblings following behind me like always. Damien, being my love, followed closely behind like a good guard dog. I could tell that Eren was nervous but who cares? This will mean he'll be scared off along with his sister soon enough, and then freedom shall be mine once again.

Mom wasn't too pleased with that though, she hated that my dad was willing to ruin her plans of hooking me up with Eren. Mom, the boy band type is just not me, I don't think I have a type to be honest. I couldn't care less about sex or romance, you should know that by now. There are more important things in life than your daughter's love life.

Trying to get through my teen years without wanting to strangle one of the idiots at school because they won't shut their traps and let me learn, for instants. Seriously, why haven't they been kicked out already? I should file a complaint or something because unfortunately, not ALL the delinquents were taken away to that camp. This explains Tiffany's unwanted presence at school.

Anyways, I'm going to leave it at that, since I have nothing more to write about and it's getting late. My dad's about to watch CSI Special Victim's Unit and I want to watch it with him. My dad has the best tastes in shows, unlike mom but that's a story for when I feel up to talking about my parents.

Bye Seth.

Side Note: I received a message on my phone from some unknwn number. And yes, I do own a cellphone. It's nothing too fancy or whatever, just a phone I use for emergencies and to call my parents or grandparents or just any family member that I have an intrerest or need to call. Back to the text, whoever sent it to me is a genius. And by genius I mean a complete idiot who assumes they're very smooth and scary. It reads:

I'm warning you now while I still feel kind, I know you spend a lot of time with Eren Grimes and on behalf of most of the girls in school we want you to back off. You're a goody two shoes, you always keep quiet and obey what the teachers say, stay that way and don't step out of line. If you do, we WILL hurt you.

You know, Tiffany, if the whole school didn't have your number and I wasn't Vice Principal Victoria's assistant than I wouldn't have known it was you. Oh my goshI just got threatened! Who would do such a thing! Isn't it obvious? Gosh you've been all up on my case since Eren started clinging to me, of course you're the culprit. If it weren't for the fact that I had to re-write the message with the correct spelling, I would have taken it seriously. Text talk is stupid, and you think I'd be scared of you? What can you do, blackmail me? With what? There's nothing to blackmail me with, my life isn't as full of dirty little secrets as you assume it is. Please don't compare me to your glorious self, I won't be able to take it. And goody two shoes? Hah, you wish. I would be rebelling but I'm actually too lazy and I just don't care enough. I would say grow up, but it would be a hazard if you did. Lord only knows what you would do if you had been given adult privileges.

Anyways, I'll just save and print this message out in case I need it in the near future, who know? Jeff might need to see it and decide what to do, I mean, I trust in your ability as my counselor to help me out in times like this, am I right? I'm off to bed now, I just thought it'd be smart to write this down since I got this message at like, midnight. Honestly why is she up this late- no I shouldn't be asking that question, I already know.

Goodnight Seth, see you whenever.


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