Thoughts of a Sarcastic Teenager

"Every teenager should have at least one journal to write their thoughts in... Or so says my guidance counselor, Jeff."

Lynae is known as the quiet, shy girl in school, but her guidance counselor and journal say otherwise. Lynae is actually a sarcastic young teen with a tendency to mock whoever she can and has a hatred for most people. Her family life isn't all rainbows and sunshine either, but that doesn't stop Lynae from being who she truly is. Join Lynae and read her journal entries as she tries to live her school life to the fullest, all while Jeff and her teachers try to make her express herself more.

With all that she has to say, will they be able to handle the large amounts of sarcasm that she's willing to throw their way?


7. I Got Suspended

October 15, Friday. 20xx

So, it's been a week since we last chatted, right Seth? Well, that's because, as the title of this entry is called, I did get suspended. You're propably thing, why did you get suspended? You're  good kid! The answer to that is simple. 

One of the teachers was making stupid remarks in the halls. 

Let me get to the beginning of everything. I haven't written in a week because I left the journal in my locker, and actually forgot about it until Eren, who got to my locker when I was too lazy and tired to run away, pointed out the journal's existance. So, yeah, sorry about that Seth, I'll try not to forget next time. But that's not the point, on to the reason I was suspended yesterday. Yes, yesterday. My mom is furious with me, my dad, not so much. I am so sorry mother, I did not mean to forsaken you, how could I, Lynae Rose Meadows, get myself suspended? I have brought shame and dishonour to my family, I must take punishment. 

As if I'd ever actually say and/or believe that. Yeah right. 

Anyway, it was Thursday after school, I was walking down the halls in a lazy, groggy manner with Laila and Eren walking next to me as per usual. I looked like an evil mastermind being followed by her minions, pretty cool right? That day Laila was wearing a pair of grey uggs with black tights, a white t-shirt and a thin sweater over it all. We were just out the door when one of the male teachers, the gym teacher no less, made a comment on how women these days have less and less respect for their bodies. Me, being the kind of person I am, stopped on my tracks. He should have seen this as a sign, he should have shut his trap but did he? No, he was unable to see the anger bubble up inside of me. It was bad enough that I was in pain because mother nature decided to punch me in my nether region earlier that day, and I haven't had much sleep because I was in this hard boss battle while playing Kingdom Hearts on my old PS2, but he just had to go and say something like that. 

The jerk literally continued Seth, I kid you not. 

Laila and Eren had heard it too, since they both stopped with me and turned to glance at the teacher, who continued to tell one of the baskeball players his thoughts on Laila's outfit. "She should be suspended, or told not to wear such revealing clothing, it'll distract the boys from their education. Why can't women and girls act like they did back in my day, those were the good old days." He said, laughing to himself joyously. He finally caught sight of us staring at him, and all he did was continue while nodding his head at laila. "Look at her, such little respect. She should cover herself up some more, wearing outfits like that is the reason women get raped and complain about it." My eyes immediately travelled to where Laila stood, she glanced down at her outfit, before frowning. I could tell she was taking his words in as though they were bullets. Eren seemed to frown at this, which was rare since Eren basically smiles at everyone. No doubt would he smile at a dog taking a dump in front of him, he's just that kind of guy. 

But today, he looked just about ready to smack someone. I like that Eren, why is that Eren not seen often?

"They have their freedom, and that's what they decide to do? Honestly, girls should be placed on a leash." That was it, that was what he said that made me speak up to the point where I got physical and, yes, smack a teacher. 

That's right Seth, I, Lynae, laid hands on a teacher. 

Oh nooooooooooo, what have I dooooooonnneee

"Guys like you are the type to talk all big and act manly, but when a woman tells you 'no' the first thing you do is throw a tantrum like an 8 year old being denied his candy." I could have sworn everyone out in the hall stopped to stare at me with eyes wide as saucers. What? You think I'll stay quiet when a man in his late 30s or something like that, is saying that what a 14 year old girl is wearing is provoking rape? 

Nay, I shan't. 

"Excuse me?" The coach said, offended by my words. Apparently, I am not allowed to defend a fellow female, according to the shocked and disgusted expression on his face. "You, a grown man going about saying that what a girl is wearing is a distraction to a boy's education, should be ashamed of yourself!" I practically growled, Laila reaching over to hold my arm and hide behind it. 

Yes child, hide behind me and witness as I show this jerk of his mistakes. "How dare you, a teacher who should think about a student's education, say that she should go home and change just because of her clothes? Is a boy's education so important that she needs to miss a day of class just to change to benefit them?" I continued, not caring if everyone heard me or not, it needed to be said. "Teach boys that they shouldn't be seeing a girl as a sex object and focus on their education. Everyone is here to learn, not go about ogling girls, making them feel bad about their clothes and appearance and have the boys be defended by a fat bastard like you who ironically teaches health education, but sits in a chair munching on potato chips while the rest of the class exercises." His face was glowing red, the crowd of students began to grow as I saw some of the teachers and even principal Johnson and Vice Principal Victoria came out of their offices to see what the commotion was all about. 

"How dare you, if she valued her education she would have spent more time trying to learn and less time figuring out what she should wear!" He retorted, by now Laila and Eren were holding me back Seth, you would not believe how angry I was. And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with me dealing with the blood of my enemies pouring down from my legs. 

Don't you ever assume such a thing. 

Jeff should have been out there, then maybe, I wouldn't have gotten suspended for a week. "You think that wanting to look nice for oneself is a bad thing? Are you telling me that a girl's self-esteem isn't worth jack?" I practically spat, trying to not detached myself from the two and pounce on the man, ready to kick him square in the face. "Who cares about what she hates or likes about herself! Education is much more important than spending four hours trying to put on lip gloss."

"Oh yes sir, you are soo right about that." I began, not really caring if everyone saw the real me, this man needed to stop and shut his mouth. How dare the education system have him there? Disgusting, I tell you. "Why yes sir, we women shouldn't have to worry about looking pretty and wanting to make ourselves feel better. We should worry more about trying to study even though if we do that, some men will feel threatened simply because they have something dangling between their legs that make them feel superior to women." 

"Ugh, another feminist, just what this school needed." He muttered, shaking his head and turning to the uncomfortable looking teen next to him. "Women, am I right? Must be that time of the month." 

And that, my dear Seth, was where I snapped. In a calm manner I straightened out my back and took a deep breath, shaking off Laila's and Eren's hands off of my arms gently and nodding to myself. Taking a few quick strides towards the teacher, I reeled my hand back and smacked him right across his face. My hand still tingles just thinking about it, I swear to you that the sound echoed around the halls and students gasped. Some of the more rebellious girls in the school actually began to howl, cheering me on and telling the coach how sexist and stupid he was. "You're right, it is that time of the month for me, and you know what?" I told him, sending him a glare and trying not to laugh and his shocked, red face. "If I wasn't on mother nature's punishment, I would have actually done more than just smacked you. I'm in too much pain to cause you pain, so consider yourself lucky." 

That being said, the battle was over. Laila had been thanking me over and over again for defending her, and Eren was happy, thanking me too. I didn't respond, for two reasons actually. One, because I was too angry and tired to speak and two, because I was at the principal's office waiting to be scolded. They called my parents too, my dad was the one who was coming to see what was going on, leaving work early for me. Mom, not so much, she was too busy at work to come, not that I care or anything. 

My dad came and I gave him a brief summary of what happened, Laila and Eren helping me out despite knowing my dad was wary of them. It took a few teachers to hold him down, since he was just about ready to rip the coach a new one. Dad is one of those feminist that don't take BS from anyone, hence why I love him so much. Of course, after calming him down and a few arguments with the principal, vice principal victoria, Gods bless that woman, suggested I be suspended for a week. The principal was against it, saying that I should be expelled for such actions and bluh bluh bluh, but she was Godly and told him otherwise. 

I don't remember what she said, but she was definitely on my side and got him to shut his mouth. That woman was amazing, and she has my full respect. Seth, I talk badly about Fillmore Heights a lot, but it really does have some great teachers despite the moronic students that attend the place. 

And here I am now Seth, writing here in my bedroom with dad downstairs actually making Chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry sauce drizzled on top. He says it's my reward for standing up and defending a friend of mine. She is not my friend, she is my minion, I have ranked the stalker twins up from pests, to minions. Congratulations, and enjoy your new status. Dad is probably calling my grandparents, he always did that when I got out of my 'shell' and did something spontaneous. The last time he called them to tell them what I did was when I was 14 and a kid thought it'd be funny to pull my hair. 

I socked him in the face and broke his nose, best day ever. 

Anyways Seth, I'll write when I can, I'm bored and I think I'll play Pokemon on my DS or something. Dad is calling me down to eat, I'll leave it at that. Be a good boy and wait, I'll talk to you when I talk to you. 

Bye Seth, see you whenever. 

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