Erika's Revenge part 2

Among the last part Erika and two other freind continue on their journey


2. Training

They threatened to take Charmander but as of now i wouldn't let anything happen to that Pokemon.So i flied in the air and held out my hands but nothing happened.Then a book fell out of my pocket it said say thunderbolt.I said thunderbolt and i did a thunderbolt.So i need to say the attack before i make it.Then they went flying through the air.They shouted were blasting off again then Meowth said i knew we couldn't trust them.Eathen shouted ERIKA THAT WAS AWESOME!Charmander gave me a char and Eathen said we should get going.Then next thing you know were on top of a hill then we see.Love Town then we should head down there and find a place to get settled.


We see a couple of things we didn't understand then we saw a gym.On a sign it said battle gym leader Lexi today.I went inside to have a look i was actually a Pokemon geek.It looked like a grass gym cause it had a good amount of grass.What was really embarrassing due to my wings i couldn't get though the door.I heard someone say whos there it was a gym leader.Wanna battle me or not i said um i don't have any Pokemon.She said what you don't have any Pokemon what's wrong with you.You especially got to have this one she pulled out what appears to be a poke ball.She threw it and it showed i cute yellow Pokemon that looked like a mouse.She also told me it was a Pikachu it was really cute.But still i couldn't tell what it was saying


I said i will be the Pokemon she started to laugh how could you be a Pokemon.She didn't see my wings cause they were down on my back.It also means [they were closed] then i spread them [i opened them] she freaked out.The referee said battle begin.You won't believe who instructed me Eathen was.He read the whole book he told me to use water pulse.Lexi told Pikachu to jump that Pikachu had moves.He used thunderbolt on me then Eathen told me to use solar beam.I knocked out the Pikachu he fainted Lexi was paralyzed for a minute.HOW CAN ANYONE TAKE OUT MY OVER POWERED PIKACHU she shouted.Eathen was suprized she also said i was the first one to beat her.She gave me a badge it was called the bolt badge.Congrats Erika i can't believe you actually beat her.       

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