Erika's Revenge part 2

Among the last part Erika and two other freind continue on their journey


1. Enimies

I keep asking Charmander why he was in the street.But i can't understand pokemon he keeps saying char.I'll find out eventually that's when Eathen asked me a question.Hey Erika should we head to the nearest city?Yeah that's a good idea i'm gonna keep an eye on Charmander.Just in case he plans something bad.Thats when i hear something in the bushes.It sayed lets ambush them now thats when i get worried.Then these guys pop out of nowhere.One of them was a girl with long red hair.Another one was a talking cat the girl shouts James come out now.


Then i couldn't believe what i was seeing a handsome man with purple hair.I started to stare i dropped my phone on the floor. Eathen had to get my attention by playing loud music.I shouted ahh WHAT WAS THAT FOR?You got distracted so i played loud music to get your attention Eathen replied.I said who are you then they said allow us to introduce ourselves.They started to say to protect the world from devastation.To unite all people within our nation.To denounce the of truth and love.To extend our reach to the stars above.Jessie James team rocket blasts of at the speed of ight.Surrender now or prepare to fight Meowth that's right.


At first i was like WTF are they saying then i got it.I walked up to James and said yeah what does all that actually mean.Do you really wanna know what that means.Jessie just glared at me and then i said yes Eathen said oh brother Erika please don't do what i think your gonna do.I started singing i found myself dreaming of silver and gold.Like a scene from a movie that every broken heart knows.We were walking on moonlight and you pulled me close.Split second and you diapered and i was all alone.I woke up in tears with you by my side a breath of releaf  and i realized.No were not promised tomorrow so i'm gonna love you like i'm gonna lose you.I'm gonna hold you like i'm saying goodbye wherever were standing i wont take you for granted cause we'll never know when when we run out of time so i'm gonna love you like i'm gonna like i'm gonna lose you.I'm gonna love you like i'm gonna lose you.   



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