Friendship can turn into love.

Meet Darcy and Darby Dixon, Daryl and Merle Dixon's daughters.
Darcy would always go shooting her crossbow with her father, Daryl.
And Darby would go on hunting trips with her father, Merle.
But what happens when the zombie apocalypse happens?
Will 15 year old Darby help 12 year old Darcy?
Find out by reading.
(This is a Carl Grimes love story)


3. The start.......DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!


Darcy's POV:

Darby and I have been walking for days, nonstop walking, we don't know where we're going, but, I trust her.

"Just a little further Darcy." She told me, and I rolled my eyes.

"You've been saying that for THREE DAYS!" I whispered yelled throwing my backpack on the ground.

"Darcy." She warned but I didn't listen, my Dixon side was taking over.

"NO! Don't 'Darcy' me! We've been walking for three days! I'm tired of it! I'm only twelve! I can't walk for three days without sleeping! eating! or drinking! And to make things worse! We're running low on  arrows and ammo! So basically! If a herd comes by, we will die! Darby! Get that though your head! We are going to die!" I yelled at her.

"Darcy! Stop talking like that! we are going-" I cut her off.

"NO! NO! We are going to die! either by roamers or by staving! And you know what!? I'm done! You think we're going to find dad and uncle Merle!?No! because they are just like us! Dying! Dying from starvation! So SHUT UP! AND FIND US SOMEWHERE TO STAY AND GET US SOME FOOD AND WATER! BEFORE I HAVE TO KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO YOU!" I yelled, then we heard someone chuckle, so we both turned towards it. with Darby having her gun out and me with my bow, we pointed our weapons at the person's head, and he put his hands up.

"I come it peace." The man said, he had light brown hair and dark brown eyes. I don't trust him.

"Who are you?" Darby asked glaring at him. 'Ooh! he got the Dixon glair! He's gonna die!' I thought.

"Phillip, but most people call me the Governor." He said, then I heard the wind blow.

"Then why are you here? and talking to us?" Darby asked.

"Don't worry, I come in peace, see?" He put his gun down, and kicked it to us, so I picked it up and put it in my holster.

"If you come in peace why do you have five men pointing guns at us in the woods?" I asked him, then I took my bow and shot it in five different places just above the other people's heads.

"Nice." Darby whispered to me, and I nodded to say thanks.

"Well, you're welcome to come with us." 'Phillip' told us, and Darby and I looked at each other.

"No." We told him then walked away.

"Okay! But the gates are always open!" He called behind us.

"No thanks! go away!" I called, and we got on Darby's motorcycle, and left.


Soon we came across a prison.




. With people in it!!





A/N: That's all for now, because my laptop is messing up right now.

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