Friendship can turn into love.

Meet Darcy and Darby Dixon, Daryl and Merle Dixon's daughters.
Darcy would always go shooting her crossbow with her father, Daryl.
And Darby would go on hunting trips with her father, Merle.
But what happens when the zombie apocalypse happens?
Will 15 year old Darby help 12 year old Darcy?
Find out by reading.
(This is a Carl Grimes love story)


4. Seeing dad/uncle Daryl.

Darby's POV:

Soon Darcy and I came across a prison, and people were there, alive people!

So we pulled up to the gate, after Darcy stood up on the back of my bike and started shooting some limpers.(We call 'em that because they limp around.)

"Hey! Dad! Look!" A boy -that was around Darcy's age- with blue eyes called out from inside the gate, pointing to Darcy. Then their whole group looked over, and I say my uncle Daryl !

"DARCY BROOKLYN DIXON! SIT DOWN!" Daryl yelled at her and Darcy jumped down and ran though the now opened gate, to her dad and cried in his arms.

Then I pulled my bike inside, and ran to Daryl.

"Darby?" He asked, and I nodded running to him.

"Daryl, who are they?" A woman with short blonde hair asked, and we looked over to them.

"This is my daughter Darcy, and my niece Darby." Daryl told her, going back to his "cool guy" act.

"Is my dad here?" I asked, but Daryl looked down, so did a man that had brown hair and blue eyes -probably the kid's dad-. "Daryl, is my dad here?" I asked again.

"Darby, we lost him a long time ago.." He told me, and I just looked down.

"Dar, are you gonna be okay?" Darcy asked me, and I looked to her with a smirk.

"Dixon's never cry." I told her ruffling her hair.

"Who are you?" The kid from earlier asked Darcy.

"I'm Darcy, Darcy Dixon, who are you?" She asked.

"Carl, Carl Grimes, how old are you?" He asked.

"13." She told him.

"Me too." He said smiling.

"Wanna be friends?" She asked and he nodded, then they ran off somewhere.

"How does she make friends, that fast?" I asked myself, then I turned to everyone else. "So...Hi?" I asked/said.

"Hello Darby, I'm Carol." The woman with short blonde hair from before said.

"Rick Grimes." The man from before said.

(Me: So, when they say their names, it the person talking, manly because I'm too lazy to say 'T-Dog said' or 'Beth said' so, yeah....)


"Beth, nice to meet you."



"Lori, I'm Carl's mom." (Me: *cries* Lori! NOOO! YOU WERE A HORRIBLE MOM, BUT STILL!!!)

"Well, it's nice to meet all of you, I'm Darby, but, I guess you already knew that, and the girl from before is my cousin Darcy." I said, then a boy with dirty blonde hair, and grey eyes, ran into me, literally, he knocked me on the ground.

"Sorry about that." He apologized helping me up.

"No problem." I told him, and I saw Daryl laugh.

"It must be your lucky day boy, on any other  day, she woulda punched you all the way ta Canada!" He said laughing, and I glared at him.

"Really?!" I yelled. "Ya have ta bring that up?!" I continued, and he shrugged.

"It's true." He simply said.

"I hate you." I said -not meaning it of course- but that just made him laugh even more.

~Darcy's POV: inside the cell block area thingy~ (Me: wow, I'm so smart. {not})

"So, Carl, how long have all of you been staying here?" I asked, looking up from the comic books we've been reading.

"A while now, we needed to find a safe place for my mom to have the baby." He told me, looking up from his comic book.

"You're mom's gonna have a baby?! Wow....What are you going to call her?" I asked, and we put down the comic books.

"I donno, wait. Why do you think it's going to be a girl?" He asked, and I looked at him dumbly.

"Because, Girls are awesome! And your mom is probably awesome, and awesome people have awesome kids. Take my dad for example." I told him, then we heard laughing.

"Ha! You awesome!? No way uncle Daryl." Darby said from outside the cell. When did they get here?

"Ptf, please Darby, I am awesome." Dad told her.

"No, I'm awesome." Darby put a hand on her hip. There was this blonde boy staring at her.

"Yeah she is..." He said dreamily.

"See! He agrees with me!" Darby gestured to blondie. 


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