Friendship can turn into love.

Meet Darcy and Darby Dixon, Daryl and Merle Dixon's daughters.
Darcy would always go shooting her crossbow with her father, Daryl.
And Darby would go on hunting trips with her father, Merle.
But what happens when the zombie apocalypse happens?
Will 15 year old Darby help 12 year old Darcy?
Find out by reading.
(This is a Carl Grimes love story)


2. Meet Darcy Dixon


Hi! I'm Darcy! Darcy Dixon, I 12 years young, and like my cousin, I live in the zombie apocalypse.

It gets pretty scary when the world is like this but I have Darby with me, so I'm A-Okay!

I have brown hair and brown eyes, I sometimes wear glasses, but only when I need to read somethin'

My weapon is a crossbow, or bow and arrows, but I'll use anything I can get my hands on.

I'm mostly tomboyish, but that doesn't mean that if I see puke I'll be like "Cool! is it chunky?!" LOL Kc undercover!

Oh and here's some of the things I'll say when something happens: Purple goblins because unicorns hate Voldemort! Purple space unicorns! Come at me bro! I dare you! And my favorite, IMMA BOSS!

That's all from me, BYE!

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