Humanity's Strongest? Or Just a Soldier

He only wanted to save the one he loved but in the end he only caused the poor boy more pain....Humanity's Strongest was not just a solider after all....he was the wings of freedom....he was hope!


6. Welcome Home Brat

Eren's pov:

    I was told that I can leave today. I sat up in my bed and waited for the nurse to come and sign me out. "Mr. Jaeger?" A lady in a nurses uniform said to me. "Yes." I raised my hand and she nodded at me me. I watched as she walked over to me. "Your test are all done and your signed out. We have your medication at the front desk. Stay off you foor okay." I nodded waiting for her to scold me about being lucky and more careful. "You know you're very lucky you got out with a just a broken foot and couple of scratches from that accident." I laughed knowing that was going to happen and then started to feel extra antsy to leave.


"Any way I'll help you into your wheelchair and then I don't expect to see you checking back in got it?" I nodded feeling scared as fire roared with in her eyes. "Yes, Mama." She helped me into my wheelchair with a smile and then wheeled me to the front where i got my medication and saw that Erwin was waiting for me. "Good to see you doing better Eren." He greeted me with a smile and I had never felt so relived in my life to see him. I was checked out after that and brought out to the training court. I must have been famous or something because as soon as I was out in the open everyone stopped what they were doing and flocked around me. "Eren your back!" "Thank god you're okay!" "Hey don't scare us like that again okay!" So many people were talking to me at once but I didn't care. I scanned the crowed right away for my friends.





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