Humanity's Strongest? Or Just a Soldier

He only wanted to save the one he loved but in the end he only caused the poor boy more pain....Humanity's Strongest was not just a solider after all....he was the wings of freedom....he was hope!


10. The Hunt

Levi’s pov:

    As soon as I had the chance I got my gear on and went into the forest staying clear of the place where my group died. Before long I saw the Female Titan appear. “So the hunt begins.” I said with a smile on my face. I raced toward her fighting with everything that I had. She fought back hard like she had done this a thousand times before.

I watched closely to see how she fought and soon I was able to pick up on her patterns. “You think you’re so slick don’t you? Well guess again because I know how you fight and I can predict your next move even before you make it.” I smirked as I said this and dogged her swing. She looked surprised that she missed. I took the opening and went for her neck but she was to fast for me. She hit me hard and sent me flying to a tree like Eren and...Petra. I let my head fall at the memory of her. “I’m so sorry Petra...I couldn’t save you…” I said to myself softly.

    Then I got up and started to fight again using the last of my strength even though it hurt. I was knocked out in the end but I know for a fact that I hit her neck in the weak point and heard her scream. Then right before everything went black I saw Erwin find me. “I thought I told you to come back alive Captain.:” He said to me as he picked me up and brought me back within the safety of the walls. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I did it guys I avenged you all…’ That's the last thing that went through my mind before everything went black.


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