Humanity's Strongest? Or Just a Soldier

He only wanted to save the one he loved but in the end he only caused the poor boy more pain....Humanity's Strongest was not just a solider after all....he was the wings of freedom....he was hope!


12. Last good bye


Eren’s pov: I cried as I hugged him and saw his eyes open a little. “Levi!” I said happy that he was awake. He smiled at me and coughed. “Please tell me that this isn't true Levi!” I was begging him now. He looked away at the window. “It’s so pretty outside isn’t Eren…” I was crying so hard that I couldn't speak without getting choked up. “Hey Eren can I ask you something….?” I looked at him and saw that he was holding something in his hand. “I know that this isn’t really romantic but Eren Jaeger will you marry me? You better say yes you little shit…” I laughed at the last word he said and nodded with tears in my eyes. “Yes Levi I will…” He slid the ring on my finger and smiled at me. I knew how ever that we would never be able to have a wedding….

    “Eren one more thing I would like to ask of you….Take me to see the world outside the walls one day….I want to see the sea with you and Armin…. I really always loved you…” Was the last thing he said to me before the monitor went flat and I knew he was gone. I cried my eyes out and hugged him close to me. “I promise you Levi the 3 of us will see the ocean together.” I smiled and kissed his forehead one last time. “I love you too with all my heart….”

                                                     *later at the funeral*

We buried Levi in the ground and I was the first to place flowers on his grave and stay behind for a bit after word.

I kept my promise to Levi as well and took him to see the ocean. It’s now been 18 years since the titan era ended and I’m now standing on what they call a beach with Armin as I look out into the sea. I lost all my friends from that time but I will never lose the memories we shared. I smiled looking at the sea with tears in my eyes as i sat down laying Armin's head in my lap. “Hey Levi, Armin we made it at last...the ocean is so beautiful I hope you can both see it up in heaven….It’s so blue and big and amazing...if only you could both be here in person…”

I sat their for a little while longer before I  took Armin’s dead body and dragged him out to the sea and watched him sink in the water. “I hope you don’t mind Armin I just thought the ocean would be a good place to bury you that way you can always experience the ocean where you are...I’ll miss you old friend.” I said and walked away. That was the last time I ever saw Levi & Armin.


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