Humanity's Strongest? Or Just a Soldier

He only wanted to save the one he loved but in the end he only caused the poor boy more pain....Humanity's Strongest was not just a solider after all....he was the wings of freedom....he was hope!


5. Good News

Armin’s pov:

They stopped letting people see Eren and I was getting worried. I knew that Levi had access to seeing Eren but I didn’t think he would be willing to help us. Levi really shocked me though. “Hi Armin. He said to me as he walked down the hall out into the training yard. I ran after him thinking I should at least give it a try. “Um...commander you just came from seeing Eren right?” I asked feeling nervous.  He looked at me now with curiosity. “Yes, why do you ask?” I took a shaky breath and bowed my head not able to make eye contact. “How is Eren doing commander sir!!!” I screamed out making him laugh and my face turn bright red. “He’s doing just fine. They said they might let him go tomorrow.” I smiled at the sound of the news. “Really!!! That’s great news!!!” Levi nodded and left to do his rounds.

I ran off excited from hearing such good news. I had to tell Mikasa she would be thrilled to hear the news. I ran all way to the weight room where I was sure to find her lifting weights or something. I burst through the doors ignoring all the weird looks and glances I was getting from everybody around me. I scanned the crowed until I found her lifting a 500 pound weight. “MIKASA!!!!” I called out making way through the crowed to her. she almost dropped the weight when she saw me. “Armin what are you doing here?!!!” “Eren is going to be coming out of the hospital soon!!!” I said to her making her smile really big. “Really that’s great news!!!!” I nodded agreeing with her. I couldn’t wait for today to end so that I could Eren and know he was okay.

The rest of the day was a big bulr to be honest we did some more fighting and then when outside the walls again and came back once more with nothing. Levi went on being his usual grumpy self to be honest I always thought that Eren brought out the best in him. It seemed to me that all Eren would have to do is smile or just walk into the room and Levi’s mood would change just like that. I thought it was cute. “Hey Armin ever notice how happy Levi gets when Eren smiles?” Jean asked me as we walked to dinner. “Yeah, I think it’s cute.” Jean gave me a weird look as if to say you're crazy or joking right? “What?” I asked not seeing what was wrong with it. “You don’t find it  creepy that a grown man has a crush on a teenage boy?” I shook my head no not seeing his problem with it. “I think it’s love and love knows no limits if you ask me.” Jean rolled his eyes at me. “Come on let's go eat and get this day over with.” I agreed with him and went  to eat dinner.


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