Humanity's Strongest? Or Just a Soldier

He only wanted to save the one he loved but in the end he only caused the poor boy more pain....Humanity's Strongest was not just a solider after all....he was the wings of freedom....he was hope!


2. Good Bye is never an option

Eren’s pov:

I went after the titan feeling a bunch of anger stear inside of me. She had to pay for what her kind did to my mom. If the titan’s never existed then maybe my mom would still be alive. A tear slid down my cheek as I remembered that dreadful day that I was forced to watch my mom die as I was carried away. I know she probably wouldn’t be happy that I joined the corps. I’m sure that if she knew why I joined she would change her thoughts though.

“Soldier!” I could hear Levi calling out to me. I just ignored him and kept going. When she started to come into view of swords I gritted my teeth in anger. “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” I screamed as I drove my sword into her. How ever right before I could reach her Levi’s squad came flying ahead of me and started to attack the titan. “NOOOOO!!!! Don’t do it!!!” I screamed out as they all died around me. Petra grabbed me and started to take me away. “Come on Eren we need to get you out of here.” She said to me and I couldn’t  believe she would just leave them their to die. “What about the others?” I asked her. She dropped her head. “They can take care of themselves.

Then when we least expected it to happen the female titan swung her hand and slapped Perta away from her. I tried to reach out to grab her outstretched hand but I couldn’t reach her. “PETRA!!!” I screamed and she smiled at Levi before she was crushed on to the tree. I couldn’t stop the tears now and the anger in me. I didn’t turn into a titan but I went after her. “THIS IS FOR ALL THE PEOPLE YOU KILLED YOU MONSTER!!!!” I screamed and fought with her for as long and hard as I could.

Then at the last second her arm came flying at me and I couldn't react fast enough. I thought about how this was going to be it and I was going to die now. I closed my eyes waiting for the hit to come that would end my life. Then it happened she swung her hand back and hit me and I went flying into the tree that Petra hit. “EREN!!!!” Levi screamed and I felt the air getting knocked out of me.

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