Humanity's Strongest? Or Just a Soldier

He only wanted to save the one he loved but in the end he only caused the poor boy more pain....Humanity's Strongest was not just a solider after all....he was the wings of freedom....he was hope!


9. Female Titan

Annie’s pov:

    I heard that everyone was getting excited but I couldn’t understand why. I went over to the crowed that was surrounding whoever it was that was back. I made way through the crowed with Berthold and Reiner behind me. “What do you think all the fuss is about?” Reiner asked me but I just shrugged. I made way through to the front but I stop frozen in my tracks as soon as I saw that he was alive.


    “Eren…” I managed to get out. He turned to look at me and smiled and I felt my throat get tight and dry. Reiner and Berthold shared the same look as me. I felt Reiner get close to my ear. “I thought you killed him in the forest like we had planned.” He whispered in my ear sounding annoyed at me. I spun around on my heels looking at him. “LOOK I DID EVERYTHING THAT I WAS TOLD TO DO!!! SO DON’T YOU DARE THINK OF STARTING ANYTHING WITH ME OR ILL WHOOP YOUR ASS BACK TO MARS! YOU HEAR ME REINDER!!!” I screamed at him not caring if i drew attention to myself. Riener backed up trying to calm me down. I was so pissed off now.


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