Dawn of the Shadows

Mysterious deaths are happening ThunderClan. Dawnpaw and the other apprentices are out to hunt for the killer. But with each path they take, it may lead them into a secret that will change them forever.


1. Chapter 1

“Amberkit, Flamekit, Leafkit, come forward.” Brightstar meowed to the three kits.


Dawnpaw watched brightly as her half-littermates padded out bold and bravely up to Brightstar. Today was their apprentice ceremony and Dawnpaw knew they had waited for this chance.


“Amberkit, you shall be known as Amberpaw until the day you are worthy of your warrior name.” Brightstar meowed. He swept his gaze around the waiting cats. “Mousewing, you shall mentor Amberpaw.”


Mousewing, a small, yet strong gray tabby she-cat padded over to Amberpaw and touched noses with her. She looked up a Brightstar and the two she-cats nodded their heads at each other before she and Amberpaw stepped back to join the rest of their clanmates.


“Flamekit, you will be Flamepaw,” Brightstar meowed. “Patchtail, you will mentor Flamepaw very well like you did with Sunflame.”


Patchtail padded forward and touched noses with Flamepaw. Then he looked up at Brightstar, his golden amber eyes glowing. “Of course.”


Dawnpaw looked up at Brightstar and wondered who will be Leafkit’s mentor. Leafkit was not as strong as Flamepaw, not as impulsive as Amberpaw, and well, she had a personality that a warrior didn’t have.




Dawnpaw blinked. Raindawn? She thought. She searched the gathered cats for Raindawn and found her settled beside Brookwing, a brown tabby queen who was heavy with her unborn kits. Raindawn was the clan’s medicine cat.


Raindawn got up and padded up. His dark blue eyes looking up at Brightstar with doubt.


Brightstar ignored the medicine cat’s doubtful gaze and went on. “Leafkit, you shall be Leafpaw. Is it your wish to become the medicine cat apprentice?” she asked.


There seemed to be hesitation in Leafpaw’s mew. “Yes.”


Brightstar closed her eyes and then opened them again. “Then next half-moon, Raindawn will take you to the Moonpool to revise your blessing from StarClan.”


Leafpaw and Raindawn touched noses.


“Leafpaw! Amberpaw! Flamepaw!”


Dawnpaw joined in but stopped as she noticed that her father, Stonefoot, was looking at the newly made apprentices with an emotionless face, but eyes burning with jealously and hurt.


Does he still blame them for Morningdawn’s betrayal? she wondered. Oh StarClan, I hope not.

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