On the 11th of January 1937 Johnathon Ignes is born. He is a suitable weight, in good health...but different from all the other babies in the ward, because he is born immune to guilt. 2 years and 235 days later, worldwide war breaks out.
Sent away as an evacuee, Johnathon grows up away from his mother, and meets Erebus, a cheeky paperboy. Erebus too, has no guilt, and under his influence, Johnathon grows up into a monster.
This is the story of how that monster, became a leader.
- The prequel to 'Souls' (but will make sense if you haven't read it) -


1. Prologue

11th January, 1937:

Somewhere in a hospital wing a baby is crying. In a crib, surrounded by sleeping new-borns, he lies opened mouthed and wailing. Not because he is hungry, or uncomfortable, or tired…because he likes watching what it does to the people around him. Their panicked looks, their fast paced walking, their anxious chatter.

“Is there something wrong with him?”

“Has he not been fed?”

“Is he in pain?”

The answer to all is no. He is in fact, overjoyed. He lavishes in the attention, and doesn’t care about the stress it causes. To him, it is first class entertainment.

Then a woman enters the ward, she is very tired after a rough couple of days, which is evident in her heavy expression and unbalanced walk. Despite her exhausted state, she still manages a weak smile as she picks the baby up in her arms.

“Shh Johnathon, mummy is here now, shh…” she murmurs softly in his ear. The baby rests his head upon her shoulders, shutting his eyes, and closing his mouth at last. In her arms, he feels safe. In her arms, he feels loved. The gentle sound of her voice slowly urges him to sleep, and he decides to pause his fun, and spend the night with her instead.

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