Atlanta Pond: The Chosen One Draft


1. Have I Seen This Boy Before?


          The morning sun shows straight through the leaves of the apple tree. It honestly bothers me. I sit up in my sleeping bag as my stomach growls for breakfast. Getting up onto my own two feet I look up at the apple tree to see that there is apples hanging down from the lowest branch which I can reach so easily. And there are at least fourteen of them. Grabbing every one of them I put all but two of them away in my gigantic bag that is about the size of me. Going to the pear and peach trees I manage to get twenty-eight in total of those two fruit trees. Heading back to my spot with lush and soft green grass and I sit back down. Eating two of each fruit I became satisfied and I throw the remains into the distance, and I save the rest for future meals. I lay my head down on the head of my still warm sleeping bag I begin to close my eyes and drowsiness surges over me like waves surges over the sand.

          Don’t fall asleep. Don’t fall asleep. You cannot fall asleep. A soft female voice whispers in a commanding voice, but it’s futile for me to stay awake. I fell into darkness. You are a champion, Atlanta Pond. Don’t let us down. You shall overcome any challenge that is yet to come. Get stronger . . . Don’t let yourself down. Wake up, dear champion. The voice stopped as I came to. Those are the words I can remember the most, there must have been more, but I can’t remember it all anyway.

          But what was the voice that spoke to me in my sleep? Was I that tired, or is it just my imagination? Did the female voice call me Atlanta Pond? Whatever the case scenario, the voice is gone now. Sitting up, I find that there are two large bundles of euros just sitting there without an owner. Who could have dropped such an item and not realize that it’s gone? Could someone have been sorry for me while I was sleeping and left me with money to buy food and new clothing? Well I guess that since no one wants it I’ll take it. Jumping with a surprising bounce, I head toward the euros. Grasping the two bundles, I look up and I see an image. It’s of a young boy with short shiny black hair and bold, golden-brown eyes, an oval head with a strong jawline, and cuts and bruises all over his body that branch out like branches on a tall tree. He has a small smile on his face that is barely existent. A younger me is standing next to him with a curious look on my face as I look down into his open hands, presenting me with something. In his hands is a leather cord necklace with two pendants; a golden guitar and a golden sun. Slowly inching my hand into my pocket, I feel that the same necklace and image there. Taking it into my hand, I switch it for the bundles of euros. Putting it around my neck, the image slowly fades into nothing.

          Shaking off the existence of the image I go to roll up my sleeping back and then packing it into the bag. Will I ever see that boy again? Is he well? If not, is he on the road to recovery? I can’t think of him any longer than I need to. Standing firmly on my own two feet, I take a few deep breaths, and I start walking. Thessaloniki is many, many kilometers from my exact location, and that means I have a long way to go.

          I finally start to see an actual road that leads to the city, after what seems like hours to me. From what I can see of the city, it’s gigantic and has a lot of modern conveniences that I have never really used, since I haven’t been in the city for a while. Entering the city, I see hundreds of different people walking around the city, and I begin to blend in with a large tourist groups that surround me. I pass many stores that I don’t have any interest in at all, and even the ones that interest me, even a little, pass by so quickly. I struggle to keep up with the tourists.

          I stop at one building that catches my eye. The tourists continue as if they didn’t see it or acknowledge that it exists. It’s a tall building that seems to be made out of pure gold by the lustrous shine. It’s almost blinding me. It has double doors with what looks to be new door handles, and on the door itself is a golden sun. Next to it is a golden bow and arrow. Looking up near the sky, I see that there is at least ten sets of double windows that can only be locked/unlocked from the inside.

          Going up the staircase to the door, I felt uneasiness in the back of my mind, but I push it aside as curiosity takes over my actions and emotions. Setting my hand, I hear the cry of a baby and a horrifying laugh that makes me shiver. It doesn’t last long, however, like every other emotion or memory that I have had. The door opens, without the squeak that is usually heard, as I press down on it. Opening the door wide enough, I look in; hoping something spectacular is there for me to see. My expectations have been met, and with such a sense of surpassing, I don’t know how much percentage or how many numbers. The room appears to be bigger than the outside of the building had suggested. Wow. Do all buildings do this? It would be cool if they did. The room is mainly made up of tall rows of shelves with items that range from sizes small to large. Exploring the room, I notice that there are four counters with strange machines that are secured onto the surfaces that they have been placed on. Additionally, in the back of the room, lies a silver metal staircase that twists upwards into the next room above. Also there are at least six doors that are probably locked to prevent any theft.

          Heading back to the place I started at, I grab a rolling cart that has been in the front of the line and look around the place. There are so many rows that it’s almost impossible to find anything in here without a map. Considering each aisle, I find the perfect row to scour. Casually rolling the cart down the aisle, I see that there are instruments of all kinds and books on how to use them. The one that intrigues me the most is the instrument that is called a guitar. It has a long neck and curvy body, with a strap so that you can wear it. I notice that this particular one is used to show people how to identify what instrument it is. I look at the shelves that are reachable, and grab at one box in particular. It is the shape of the actual guitar, but bigger by a few centimeters or so. Looking into the box, I can see that the color of the actual guitar is blue, and that it includes tutorial books on how to use it. There is also a blue guitar case that will fit it perfectly.

          Setting it carefully in the cart I look at the books. The first one I choose is a gold hard cover book that is called, How To Sing Beginners Edition, it has two hundred-forty-six pages in total. Then I grab the purple and silver hard covered books on how to sing for intermediate and advanced. I scan the area for anything else that interests me, and there is one thing that does. It’s a device that’s called an MP3 Player that comes with blue and silver headphones. It’s slim and from what I can see in the packaging that it’s easy to carry in my hands, and that it can download songs from the “Internet”.

          Knowing full well that I shouldn’t spend any more time here than I need to be I head to the back where out of nowhere a grown man with short black hair looks at me with generosity I come to him. Putting everything onto the clean silver counter I feel that he is looking me over and judging me from distance in his mind.

          “Is that all you are purchasing today,” the man asks as he looks at me with his golden brown eyes.

          “Yeah, I guess,” I reply as I brush back a few strands of my long black hair with my thin fingers.

          “I’ll be right back,” the man said as he went a direction and I am unsure where he is going since I cannot see him.

          “Are . . . are you okay,” I asked in confusion with the voice of a younger me.

            “Yes, my mommy couldn’t control her anger and attacked me,” the boy says as he nurses his evident wounds.

            “Then why don’t you just run away,” I ask so innocently.

            “I don’t know where I would go if I left my mommy,” he replies so shyly.

            “I’ve never known my mommy and daddy, and I’m doing just fine,” I assertively say.

            “But that’s you, but if I do I will never be able to see you again,” he cries as actual tears fall down his face.

            “You don’t have to worry about me, I’ll be fine, I just worry if you’re going to be all right,” I look down at the ground, blushing.

            “Fine I’ll do it, but first let me give you this,” he says as he reaches into his pocket.

            He takes out this cord necklace with the most beautiful and shiny pendants that I don’t really know what they are. He holds out the necklace and I slowly reach for it in interest, but I pull back. I look at him with a smile, and he put it around my neck for me. I touch it and feel the coldness of the medal, and he smiles as my smile grows.

            “Remember me by this,” he says while putting his arms around me.

            “I will,” I reply as tear form and roll down my cheeks.

            I give him a kiss on the cheek as I blush even harder than I did before, and he kisses me on the cheek as well. He also blushes except not as red as I am. We hug for what seems to be the last time, and he looks at me for a few more seconds before he leaves in a crowd of adults.

            I am leaning on the counter and the man is back with a device that’s the size of his average sized hands. He takes each of the items and scans them on the device, and makes them disappear into the device when he is finished with them. After all the items are scanned I take out the money of my jean shorts and give it to the man. He looks at me like I am insane, but is reluctant to take the Euro’s.

          “Here are some clothes that you can change into,” the man says as he gives me the clothes.

          “Thank you,” I say as I take the clothing.

          “You’re welcome, and have a good rest of your day,” the man states as he puts his hands into the pockets of his black shorts.

          “You too,” I reply as I leave to go to a changing room.

          Inside is quite fancy with the lights being the color of gold and regular light. The floors are a pure white and the walls are gold with silver trimmings. There is a tall standing mirror, a white sink, a plastic chair and a rack to put your clothes.

          Changing from my old ripped up clothing to the new and fitting ones I feel the true difference. My blue shirt with short sleeves has a drawing of a white horse with blue eyes that is standing only on its hind legs. My new shorts are the color of ocean blue that go to my knees and that have deep pockets. The things that are new is the fact that I have been given are white socks and sneakers that are blue and black with white shoe laces. Putting the device in my pocket and my old clothes into my messenger bag I go to the mirror to see if all my hairs are in place. And they all are. I also see the round ocean blue and sea green eyes that I’ve always had since birth, and I can’t help but wonder who would have such eyes other than me.

          Leaving the room I see a boy talking to the man that just checked me out. He looks like the boy that I met all that time ago. With the same brown hair and golden brown eyes that seem to have more gold than brown. Except he doesn’t have the scars that the boy I met all that time ago had.

          Moving closer to him he doesn’t seem to notice me as much as the man that’s still behind the counter. When he does notice me I am already out of his sight. Going out the front door I look back to the building and wonder if I will ever meet that boy again.

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