The Celebrity Cycle

With a new Teen Idol rising, Justin Bieber plans to take him under his wing and keep him from the dreaded cycle of the young celebrity
(Justin Bieber x Shawn Mendes)

I do not own the Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes


7. Chapter 7

I Took A Pill In Ibiza

People would mindlessly dance to the beat of the new pop song without knowing its meaning. Whenever the song blared through stations and sound stations in clubs, Justin would feel depressed. Mike Posner's lyrics bleed with so much meaning and sadness. Posner was on top of the world once, then it instantly came crashing down. He the prime example of the fallen who they exploit and strip away until you're nothing but a vessel for alcohol and drugs, a puppet that dances for their next high so addicted to staying relevant. Tim could only keep Mike from that he'll for so long until his music began to overshadow his own.

Avicii rose to fame leaving Mike behind.

It was said that they used to be inseparable, and their liking to each other was blatantly in their duet title 'Stay With You'. They had a fight and that was the end of it. Somehow, Mike was able to crawl out of that hole.

His big hit was blasting from the speakers on stage while the ground was fogged with a mixture of drugs. Justin's arm hung over Shawn's shoulder protectively when the cameras weren't watching. It had been months since they've last seen each other, finally they were able to do so with the Coachella Festival. Shawn's managers made him to go much to Justin's displeasure. Shawn was too young to be exposed to so many drugs. Justin knew if it wasn't for him, the boy would spiral out of control. He turned to the boy and smiled as he gaped at the stage in awe. He remembered the amazement and wonder that came with stepping into another world. Naivety like that would destroy you in an instant.

Cheers erupted at the end of the song. He leaned in to Shawn's ear, giving it a small teasing nip. He tugged a smile at the little squeak the boy gave out.

"Get the stars out of your eyes." he teased.

Shawn hid himself in Justin's shoulder with sheepishness.

"He was good. How could I not be amazed?" he mumbled.

Justin gently stroked the boy's hair before reluctantly pushing back.

"There are cameras all around. I'm taking a risk being next to you, but it's only to make sure no one takes advantage of you."

It pained Justin to see the boys hurt face, his body reacted involuntarily. He reached out to stroke Shawn's cheek. Almost instantaneously, the boy leaned in to his touch.

"You're too attached." Justin realized aloud.

"I thought I was supposed to be."

"Not to the point where you become dependent on me. I'm just your mentor, going any farther than that is dangerous."

Justin is a hypocrite, he let this boy get to him.

"We need to start a fight anyway. I'm not doing this because I want to."

With that, he pushed Shawn with great force causing him to fall over.

"Stay away from her!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

The crowd gaped in shock as he walked away. He needed to clear his head, he has had fake fights before but never did he think this one would hurt.

(I'm sorry it's so short ;-;, school sucks)

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