The Celebrity Cycle

With a new Teen Idol rising, Justin Bieber plans to take him under his wing and keep him from the dreaded cycle of the young celebrity
(Justin Bieber x Shawn Mendes)

I do not own the Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes


6. Chapter 6

"You're all ever think about. I need you to be with me. It's too painful without you."

It was like a tweet heard around the world. The media believes Shawn is pining after his new 'love interest' Camila Cabello. However none are aware of that the post was meant for his mentor. This is good for his popularity but unfortunately doesn't lead him to Justin's arms.

He just needed a way to express his pain and rage without coming out completely. Before he knew it, his management pushed into a relationship. Camila is nice and sweet but both came to the conclusion that this was only for the job. Shawn didn't know how to handle it.

How could he look at her with "loving eyes" when he could only look at Justin that way? He liked him too much for his own good.

They were far from each other with Justin touring and Shawn working on his album. He misses him so much even though he believes Justin doesn't miss him as equally. It's just a stupid crush. The thing that comforted him slightly was scrolling through his post, reveling in gratitude of his fans support even if they don't know who he's referring too.

"Something on your mind?" a calm voice chimed.

It was Camila looking at him with curiosity. He felt guilt build up inside him, he was hardly paying attention to her. They were in a very nice diner not far from the studio. The clicks from the cameras from outside were obnoxious and borderline annoying. If it were up to Shawn he would tell them to leave, but that would be bad for his image. Instead, he took to slightly glaring at the paparazzi from outside before turning back to his "date".

"I'm sorry, I'm just out of it today."

Camila smiled sweetly and reach out to grab his hand. He was surprised her warmth melted away a few of his nerves even if it was for show. Shawn tried his best to return the smile. The rate of clicks and flashes increased at their public display of affection. Camila smiled with understanding.

"It's only until our sales stop climbing, then they'll be looking for the new 'hot couple'."

Shawn appeared worried, so Camila tried her best to change the subject.

"So who was that tweet for? You must really like them." she teased.

Shawn couldn't stop the heat from rising to his cheeks and ducked his head in embarrassment. Camila giggled at his actions.

"J-Justin." he muttered not looking into her eyes.

"Timberlake??" she spouted.

"No!" he hushed, "It's-" he looked around the diner before leaning in close. "It's Bieber." he whispered.

Her fit of giggles returned.

"Him?" she snorted. "Why him??"

"He's my mentor."

Camila laid back in her chair with realization.

"Justin must have really liked you then. Thousands of rising stars look for the A list mentors. You're very lucky! Speaking of him, aren't you guys supposed to be in a fight or something? You guys gotta do a better job of faking it. All the info the media has is just off rumors. I can't wait to see a physical brawl!"

"Who knows? Maybe we'll fight over you." he joked, contemplating her words.

She was right about the media, he knew they were waiting for something. He was surprised that Justin hasn't commenced a public fight with him yet. It wasn't that he wanted a fake fight anyway he didn't ever want them to fight. Shawn decided to shrug it off for now and enjoy his artificial date.

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