The Celebrity Cycle

With a new Teen Idol rising, Justin Bieber plans to take him under his wing and keep him from the dreaded cycle of the young celebrity
(Justin Bieber x Shawn Mendes)

I do not own the Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes


5. Chapter 5

To say that Shawn Mendes idolized Justin Bieber was an understatement, he practically worships the ground he walks on. Justin is doing so well for himself with new hit songs worldwide and a flux of new fans. Th ere aren't just fangirls who love him, it's everyone! Seeing his mentor on stage with his was electrifying, he had such charisma and pure talent it made him jealous. His dance moves were on point, his voice projected, and his smile shined bright all in one movement. As Justin pointed out before, he acted shy on stage, he isn't used to big crowds compared to Justin. He tried his best to fix his mistakes, but he knew the audience was just waiting for Justin. He only wishes that one day he will be as great as him.

Once Justin's performance was finished, Shawn made his way backstage to congratulate his idol only for him to be picked up and spun around by the very same person. He hoped the other didn't see his blush.

"You did great." Justin complimented.

"No you got it all wrong, it was you who did great. I was mediocre at best!"

Justin let him down and playfully slapped his shoulder.

"Don't do that to yourself. You were amazing, you just have to gain more traction from the media before more people come to see you. Remember that we're in a 'beef'? I promise you more people will come to see you." he swore, ending with a kiss.

"How can I keep up a beef when you keep kissing me?"

"You gotta learn how to act for the camera, and I can't help that you're cute." he chuckled. "Did you wanna go to the after party?"

"If you'll be there."

"If course, I'm a household name. I have to be there."

"Then of course I'm coming with you."

"Get dressed. We'll both have to get in different cars because we're supposed to be fighting. Let's not confuse the press."

He nodded and followed Justin's words.

Shawn arrived first waiting at the entrance from the inside. He knew nearly everyone at the party but he doesn't believe that everyone knows him. He spotted Selena and went straight to her, happy that he didn't have to be awkwardly isolated anymore. Selena greeted him with a smile.

"How is Justin treating you?" she asked mischievously. "He's probably happy to have a little student of his own."

"He's treating me well, but I don't think I'll ever live up to him."

"How about you stop comparing yourself to him and make your own brand?" she offered.

"But I was meant to replace him."


"It's implied that my managers want me to be like him."

"Fuck them."

Shawn did a double take. "What?"

"You heard me, fuck them. Listen to them at a point to keep your career, other than that find yourself."

Before Shawn could respond, a new voice entered the circle.

"You trying to steal my student?" the joking voice announced.

"Oh please!" Selena retorted.

Shawn turned to find that it was Justin. He hated the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach at the sight of him. It didn't help at all that he wrapped his arms around his shoulder and pulled him into his lap.

"Good, he's mine!" Justin playfully growled. "Where's Taylor? Don't you guys usually find a corner to make out right about now?"

"She's busy." Selena waved off with a hint of sadness. "I'll leave you two alone. No one wants to see your lovefest!" she teased.

With that Selena was gone to converse with others. Shawn was only allowed to enjoy his time alone with Justin for one second until other people wanted to talk to the idol. He shouldn't be surprised by this but it didn't make it less annoying.

The night went on with Shawn and Justin having fun dancing aside from people bugging him. It was an eventfully day that he will keep in his memories for sure.

(This is long overdue !! Sorry for the wait!!)

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