The Celebrity Cycle

With a new Teen Idol rising, Justin Bieber plans to take him under his wing and keep him from the dreaded cycle of the young celebrity
(Justin Bieber x Shawn Mendes)

I do not own the Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes


4. Chapter 4

Pop Culture Blogs and Magazines were plastered with Justin and Kourtney with every single angle of their actions and their bodies. He should be used to all this exploitation by now and it surprised him that he wasn't. In the back of his mind, every "subtle" gesture or kiss was the mantra She has kids, but that's probably what his managers wanted anyway, to add more drama. He is doing the exact opposite of the image he was trying to portray months before. He had to keep reminding himself that this was what 

  Luckily for him, most of the attention was focused on Kourtney.   

When was the media never focused on the Kardashians?  

Thus, he has time to prepare for the upcoming Jingle Ball. Shawn is going to be at this one, which allows him to catch up with the boy.    Justin spotted him behind the stage attempting to perfect his greeting. He put on one of his trademark smirks and snatched him on his shoulders while whispering, "Boo."   Shawn's shriek echoed through the empty arena as he fell over. Justin gave a look of concern and helped him up. The concern was immediately brushed with relief when he saw the boy laughing. 

  "Jeez warn me next time will you?"  

"I make no promises."  

Shawn playfully scoffed at him while Justin smiled at his reaction.

  "I saw a video of your early performances at the Jingle Ball. I didn't know you were such a fan of Eminem." he teased.  

"It was the only way I knew to get people to pay attention to me." he admitted. "There were girls in the front texting on their phones during my performance and only looked up when in sung the verse."  

"You looked pretty nervous up there too."  

Shawn raised an eyebrow.


The way you were swaying your leg as you played your guitar. It screamed nervousness. It could be both good and bad signs. Good because it shows you're humble and bad because it makes you seem small and uninteresting. You, or rather, your management said you could go up against me, not with how your present yourself on stage. Like I said, you need more than talent and a guitar, you have to light up the stage."   "That's such an overused phrase." Shawn chuckled.  

"Yea but it got my point across didn't it?"  

Shawn playfully pushed him and Justin rebutled with a harsher push. Their play fighting went on for seconds until Justin was backed up against a wall.   

"I win." Shawn said with triumph.  

"Could you two get a room already? You should be lucky the press wasn't here to find you guys and your little brawl."  They turned to see Joe eyeing them shamefully.  

Justin scoffed.  

"You should be sad that they aren't here. Apparently the media says we're already in a fight. Think of how many views your little Ball would get from earlier footage."    

"You two just go get ready for tonight." he waved off, going back to listen to the people managing the event.  

Shawn reluctantly let go of Justin to go to his dressing room. Before heading out, Justin pulled him back and pecked him on the cheek.  

"I missed you."  

Shawn failed at hiding his blush.  

"I missed you too."    

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