The Celebrity Cycle

With a new Teen Idol rising, Justin Bieber plans to take him under his wing and keep him from the dreaded cycle of the young celebrity
(Justin Bieber x Shawn Mendes)

I do not own the Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes


1. Chapter 1

Shawn Mendes

That name has been plastered on magazines, and repeated on the radio for months. He was supposed to be his replacement because they didn't believe he would make it out of that hell.

Miley called it the pit, the place where young celebrities get put under scrutiny and are picked at for every thing they do until they go crazy. Going insane is what they wanted. They wanted him to fail. It was a cycle in an attempt to bring new people in, but Justin was one of the lucky ones to make it out.

The media is already making comparisons and how Shawn is more "clean cut" and a "nice boy". He's seen the boy's innocent smile and amazement at everything once he crossed the realm of celebrity. It was almost heartbreaking to know that the boy's smile will falter when reality hits. Justin had a strong need to warn him about the life he was stepping in to.

At his AMA awards after party, he spotted the new kid laughing and drinking with some other singers. This was the perfect time to speak to him. Right as he was about to make his way over, people came up and talked to Justin and he wearily went on with the conversations while eyeing Shawn.

"We're so proud of your comeback!" one said. "You have inspired me and others to become better people!"

Justin couldn't hold in his smirk.

Really, is that what they're saying? I inspire people to act like terrible people and be forgiven through shedding tears? That's a new one.

"I'm honored." he decided to say instead.

He talked to others for longer than he intended. When he couldn't take the conversations any longer, he weaved his through the sea of people to get to the boy.

"Finally." Justin muttered.

He lightly tapped the boy on the shoulder. When he turned around, Justin was nearly blinded by his smile. He was taken aback by how attractive the boy was up close. The boy's smile turned into a confused look causing Justin to breaks from his daze and prompting him to speak.

"Follow me out." he ordered softly.

That amazing smile returned along with a nod. The boy dismissed himself from his own conversations and followed Justin.

This boy trusted people too much. What if he were a killer planning on stabbing him.

"What's up Justin?" he asked as they continued to walk.

He lead them to an empty hallway and looked around to be sure that they were alone.

"I have to warn you." he began. "The celebrity life isn't what you see in the magazines. It is a living hell."

Shawn raised his eyebrow in question.

"I know the media likes to twist things. Everyone knows that."

Justin shook his head.

"It's not just the media, it is your management, the people over you who tell you what you have to do. When becoming a celebrity, your life is not your own anymore. Manage my tells you your life's schedule, when you get up, eat, and sleep. We are simply dolls to them, props as a key to gain revenue."

He paused to make sure the other was understanding. Shawn simply looked at the other in disbelief. Justin continued.

"You rose to fame because management wanted to replace me They believed I would go off the deep end. Yes, you have a good voice, but you're only here as a new teen idol they can mold, there is no way to sugarcoat it."

Shawn frowned at his words.

"What if you're just scaring me off so you can have the spotlight again?" he asked hesitantly.

Justin stepped closer to him and took his hand in his to show sincerity.

"The spotlight is a dark, lonely place." he admitted. "I'm not going to stop you if you wish to be at the top, I am giving you a warning because of the baggage that comes with it."

Shawn nodded as he felt comfort from Justin's touch. He has ways admired Justin for his singing. His warm hazel eyes showed determination. Justin wasn't lying about this. He couldn't be.

"Thank you for the warning, but I will still try to be number one."

Justin's face fell. There was no convincing him. He rubbed his thumb over Shawn's hand before letting go.

"They are going to try and pit us against each other. Know that they will put words into my mouth, I won't mean half the things I say."

Shawn felt a twinge of sadness at the loss of contact.


"You should go back in first, I'll wait a few minutes. We don't want them to get any more ideas do we?"

Shawn grinned before going back to the party and waving Justin goodbye.

When he was sure the other was gone, he pressed his back against the wall and let out a sigh.

At least now he knows. Hopefully he can save this one.

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