Liberty Or Death

The year is 2015. A group of teenage reincarnations of historical figures from The Holocaust, the Revelutionary War, and the Trail Of Tears. When something at their school goes drastically wrong, they join together to help.

So, Give Them Liberty, Or Give Them Death.



5. One

"Leesh! Which one should I buy?" Alicia turned to her best friend, Aria. They were sitting in a clothing store. Aria had two hangers in her hands. One held a lacy black dress with a fushia bow at the collar. The other held a silver pair of pants. "Which one?'' Aria repeated. Alicia looked at the two items for a split second and pointed to the dress. Aria nodded. Josephine was in the shop to the left, buying her mother's curtains, and Josh was in the store to the right, buying comic books.  

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