Flipside of Fate

Werewolves are totally fake, everyone knows it........ Right?
Ha, yeah, NOPE..... Ekko soon finds out the frightening truth about it all, not only that, but she has been deeply immersed into the world of wolves for her whole life, not knowing, or doubting........
Owen and Tyler, two young werewolves enter her life abruptly and change it forever. Why did her mother vanish after her abandonment? And Who has given the orders to ruin her small peaceful life??


6. Wolf

Ekko's POV

     I was staring out the window in my best friend Esme's house. Earlier today I was pain stricken with some strange bodily takeover. The redhead wealthy Esme kindly offered to let me stay at her house tonight with our friend Alexis. My body felt drained and mentally I was spacing out entirely. 

     The sky was dimming in color and a hue of orange was replacing the youthful color of blue. The aging sky rose as the adolescence of the day fell to rest. The silhouettes of spruce trees surrounding us were like guardians of our small town. It was a fortress of thick forests. The ground had patches of thin snow and I'm sure the air was like inhaling ice. I found myself glad that I was indoors with a warm mug of hot chocolate in my hands. I glance to the left, out the window, an old house stood proudly in the dying light. I could tell that in its time it was once grand and full of life, but now it was like a war veteran beat and worn but still telling enchanting stories of what once was. I watched it for quite a time, the paint was peeling off its weathered walls and the roof needed some work, but there was still an air of something forbidden about it. The kind of forbidden that made you want to go closer, the kind that made you want to know more. 

     The outside was silent, but behind me Esme and Alexis were having quite the pillow fight. Every little girly shriek they emitted pierced into my mind like someone trying to break down a door with a shovel. I didn't say anything about how the noise they were making made me want to strangle them both and throw them out the window. Instead, I sat quietly, in an unpredictable state of pain. It would have been wrong for me to ruin their fun with my complaining, especially about something they didn't understand. In fact, I'm pretty sure they both believe it's partially PMS, along with my mother. 

     I made my friend experience what I felt, but I don't know if she processed every little prick of pain throughout my body as I had experienced. I don't even know how I did that, and I definitely know she didn't. I'm not sure what she thought it was. Maybe she's pretending it didn't happen, even though I can't stop thinking about it. 

     My ears suddenly started ringing out of nowhere. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I was in waves of unheard sound. I released one hand from the mug and rubbed my ear, trying to make it stop. The ringing persisted. 

     Moments later two cars emerged from the only street that lead into town. One was a black, expensive, Cadillac Escalade. I was perplexed because, 1- we're not used to seeing cars at all, and, 2-definitely fancy cars like that. The second car was a silver Honda Odyssey mini van. 

     The Escalade's windows were tinted so I couldn't see who the people inside were and the van had a singe driver and piles of boxes. When they pulled over in front of the old house beside Esme's it took me a while to process. They were moving in. A middle aged woman with auburn brown hair opened the passenger side door of the Escalade. She was rather tall with striking features. Her face was aged, and her figure fit and thin. After her several other people came out of the car. One in particular caught my attention. It was a teenage boy about our age. He had dark hair that curled up and I could tell his eyes were blue, even at a distance. His skin was the most tan of all the strange people and I could tell his build was muscular. I could tell he wasn't impressed with the house, and an older male with dark hair was obviously trying to be positive about it.

       A good few moments after everyone else exited the vehicle another teenage boy stepped out. He was tall with auburn colored short hair that was slightly tousled from his nap. He looked tired and slightly out of it, like the other boy, he was not exactly impressed with the house either. He too was well built. He had high cheek bones and strong, striking features. 

      For a moment I felt a little creepy for spying but the feeling faded as the began taking boxes from the cars into the house. After a few hours no one was coming in and out of the house. Esme and Alexis were now taking turns doing each other's makeup. Alexis got mascara all over Esme's cheek. She looked guilty. "Oops, my bad." she said sheepishly.

     Esme glanced in the mirror and looked like she was about to scream. "How in the world did you manage to do that?" He voice seemed very accusing but at the same time playful. Only Esme can manage to do that without being a complete bitch, sort of. 

     Alexis frowned at her. "I guess I'm out of practice, you know, me not wearing makeup, ever, on my free will." It was true Alexis was very much a tomboy, and makeup really wasn't her thing. Esme had gotten her reluctant consent to apply extravagant makeup to poor Alexis' face. Although Alexis may never wear makeup in public, it really does enhance her features. She looks almost like a different person but she still definitely has the same personality. 

     Esme just frowns at the mirror. "Ekko, are you sure you aren't up for a little makeup? You're the artist."

     I apply a slight smile to my face. "I'm sorry Esme, I really don't feel good." As soon as the words left my mouth I was recalling how much of an understatement that was. 

     I turned back to staring out the window. A few minutes later I see the front door of the old house open and out comes this absolutely massive dark chocolate colored dog with a patch of white on its chest. I sink back into my seat, away from the window. I watch it saunter across the lawn. Its ears were pricked and alert. Suddenly, it stopped. I held my breath as its head rose and turned to stare right at me. It eyes were piercing blue, glowing. At this point my face must look panic stricken. This is no dog. This is a wolf...





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