Flipside of Fate

Werewolves are totally fake, everyone knows it........ Right?
Ha, yeah, NOPE..... Ekko soon finds out the frightening truth about it all, not only that, but she has been deeply immersed into the world of wolves for her whole life, not knowing, or doubting........
Owen and Tyler, two young werewolves enter her life abruptly and change it forever. Why did her mother vanish after her abandonment? And Who has given the orders to ruin her small peaceful life??


5. The House




Tyler's POV

    I spent the entire god forsaken drive staring blankly out the window with a fake smile plastered on my face. I was hearing the music but it never sank in. The meanings of the cheerful words danced outside my mind, never being invited in. Owen fell asleep early on the drive, unfortunately I am not easy to fall asleep. I can only sleep in a locked room because of fear which I will never admit. Insecurity for a werewolf is a weakness. Weaknesses can prove fatal for our kind.

     I raked my fingers through my hair combing the long curly tendrils over my eyesight. I cracked my knuckles, the popping sound couldn't be heard over the music. Trees passed by in a blink of the eye. Where the hell were we going? 

     After nearly two hours of my 'parents' driving around and me sitting here completely bored in a car full of sleeping and snoring people with boxes shoved uncomfortably under my feet, we parked in front of a large old house. The white paint on the old wood planks in which the house was made out of was chipping and the shingles on the roof were dull grey and looked tarnished by decades of weather. There was a delightful little porch that was missing only a little old lady in a rocking chair. 

     I turned towards my parents who were taking in the same sight as I. "You have got to be kidding me." I mindlessly mutter. 

     Jaxon, my adoptive father frowned at me. "Tyler," he begins. "The supreme Alpha chose this place for us and he did the best he could, I'm sure." When he finishes his sentence I'm not sure if he's trying to convince me or himself. 

     My mother nods along like a robot, her green eyes revealing a little uncertainty. She sighs, being the first one to open the car door. I follow her example and step out onto the lawn. It seems to be a weed garden invaded by tufts of green grass. 

     Owen is startled awake by the sound of the car doors along with everyone else in the car. Behind us, the silver mini van pulls up, carrying all our junk. Owen looks around, confusion on his face as plain as the dimples he tries to hide. His short auburn brown hair was messy from his not so graceful little nap. "Where-" he begins as he finally recalls why we left home. "So, is this our new house?" He asks, disgust plaguing his voice. 

     "Hey," Owen's father interrupts, holding a heavy looking box. "Let's try to be positive about this..." he pauses "this experience." He half smiles but it doesn't reach his steely grey colored eyes. His hair is old fashioned, like one of those old black and white movies. "I'm sure it won't be that bad. It might even be fun." Now I'm convinced he is persuading himself. I grab a box from the car and bring it inside. 

     As I open the front door, balancing a box in my other hand, a slight squeal screeches from the old doorknob. I cringe slightly as my sensitive heightened senses make the sound so much more revolting. I hear my mother breathing behind me. "Nothing a little WD40 can't fix." Her voice is hopeful but I have my doubts. 

     I push the door open and take a step inside. The atmosphere in the house is stale. I can literally see the specks of dust floating in the air. I hold my tongue back from saying smart ass profanity littered statements, because believe me it was tempting. I step inside, praying the old floor boards didn't break through under my weight. Thankfully, they held up. 

     The house was refurnished by the Supreme Alpha's employees before we arrived so it was a little odd with such an old house having new, nice furniture. Thank god everywhere in the house was hard wood or tile, because I tried picturing carpet as old as this house and I shuddered. 

     As soon as I stepped foot in the house, followed by mother, I saw the stairs and a high ceiling great room complete with a reasonably large flat screen TV. Maybe I can drown away all my sorrows in watching HD reality TV shows as I make fun of all the dumb ass bitches. A small smile played on the corner of my mouth. Why does making fun of other people's lives make me feel better about mine? I dunno, but it sure as hell works. 

     After all the boxes were taken in I head for the bathroom. I glanced at the dirty mirror, catching a glimpse at my blue eyes and slightly curly dark brown hair. My skin was tan, more tan than anyone else in the house. I always felt different, it wasn't their fault, It's just how it is. I took off my t-shirt. staring at the mirror I studied the contours of my muscles, from the hills of my biceps, to the rough terrain of my 6-pack. I traced my sharp jawline with my index finger, feeling my little bit of scruff. I let my hand trail down my body to my abs, where deep revines were sculpted into my body from heavy muscle tone. My hand continued to drift down to my V-line. I stopped when I reached the lower side of my abdomen where old scars, bite marks, lay waste, never to heal, but seal my fate as a werewolf. I grimaced. The pain of loss sinking into me. I love being a werewolf, but thats almost everything I remember. The werewolf that did this to me stole my chance at a normal human life. The human Tyler died the day my parents did. 

     I peel off the rest off my clothing and painfully shift into my wolf form. I remember when shifting used to feel like burning up from the inside out but now I was so used to it that shifting became as natural as walking to me. Bones broke inside me and reformed to fit a different template. I starred at my wolf self in the dirty mirror. My eyes were glowing blue and my fur was dark brown all over, except for a tuft of white on my chest. I nudged the bathroom door open with my nose quietly and stalked out the front door. 

     The pain from shifting used to feel so horrible that I would scream and cry but now that I've been a monster for so many years, I'm able to be as quiet as a mouse. Well, except for the bones cracking in my body. 

     In the front lawn I see the two vehicles parked by the road that needs to be repaved, and forests all around except for one road leading to town and one other house beside us, larger than ours. Chills ripple down my spine and my head snaps up to the third story of the house. My eyes lock with a young girl's. She has long blonde hair with side bangs, and her eyes are captivating. They're blue. Glowing blue. Is that her? Fear is stricken on her face as she leaves the window in a panic. What's her issue?

     I sprint off to the forest, making my momentary escape from reality. I let the shadows of the trees conceal me, because the light of the sun will reveal me. I catch scents of various animals, and even people, perhaps joggers. I avoid humans, they only cause trouble. I run, faster and faster, dodging trees and leaping over bushes. The freedom from the wind in my face is all I need, all I'll ever need. 



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