Flipside of Fate

Werewolves are totally fake, everyone knows it........ Right?
Ha, yeah, NOPE..... Ekko soon finds out the frightening truth about it all, not only that, but she has been deeply immersed into the world of wolves for her whole life, not knowing, or doubting........
Owen and Tyler, two young werewolves enter her life abruptly and change it forever. Why did her mother vanish after her abandonment? And Who has given the orders to ruin her small peaceful life??


1. Preface

       The woman was shrouded in black fabric in the dead of night. Her breathing was heavy as if she had been running for a long time. Her glowing eyes, attuned to the darkness, darted left and right searching, searching for anywhere that would be safe for her child to hide. The howls were getting closer and closer, there was no time to deliberate. 

      The five year-old little girl was asleep in her arms, exhausted from sleep deprivation from the last few days. Ignorance is bliss in the child's mind. Her long blonde hair draped over her mother's arm. Her ski-slope shaped nose was buried in her mother's chest and her tiny hands gripped the dark fabric. 

     The woman in black caught sight of an alleyway not far in the distance. She held her daughter tighter and ran for the passageway. The walls were cold brick and Boxes were careless dispersed amongst trashcans and dumpsters. The mother ducked down beside a big green, rusting dumpster. She carefully leaned her daughter against the brick wall. Her lips pressed against the girl's forehead. 

     The little girl's eyes flickered open to reveal piercing blue, glowing eyes. She peered at her mother who was now standing up and about to turn and leave. "Mama?" she whispered, half awake. "Where are you going?" Her voice rose with worry. 

     The woman hushed her. "I'm sorry." was the only thing she said before she left the way she had came in with her daughter, this time alone. She ran as fast as she could, praying they would not follow her scent into the alleyway she entrusted with her daughter's life. 

     Claws scratching against concrete broke the momentary silence. barks and growls echoed all around her. She stopped running and removed her black coat. She closed her eyes and let the beast out. Her body contorted and her bones snapped and reformed. Her shrieks of pain turned into shrill howls. Her body collapsed onto all fours and her spine rippled down her back and peach fuz turned into full on black and grey fur. What was left of her clothes were shredded beneath her paws. Her blue eyes shown even brighter, reflecting the dim torchlights of nearby houses. A tail whipped behind her as she begun sprinting with even more urgency than before. 

     Howls were closing in, and exhaustion was creeping closer. She darted between houses, silent on her feet. The woman couldn't stop, she needed to lead them as far away from her daughter as possible before she conceded. Her ears twitched at every sound. Her legs carried her over every contour and curve the terrain had to throw her way. Her fur blew behind her with the wind in her face. Her nose and eyes stung from the icy air. Nothing but thoughts of her daughter that she was forced to leave behind filled her mind. She let out a small whimper and she was greeted by a close howl. The proximity couldn't have been more than thirty feet, she thought.

     She risked a glance behind her, to see not only one but three dark shadows racing behind her. She misplaced her front paw, twisting it. Her speed slowed slightly, just enough for the shadows to gain on her. She tried to run faster but the pain shot through her entire leg with every step. It was like stepping on twenty freshly sharped pencils every time that paw was placed on the ground.

     She glance to her direct right to see a brown furred large wolf barring his fangs. She growled at him, it was no use, they had sensed her pain. To her left was another large wolf with grey fur. Nipping at her back heels was the biggest black and grey wolf, her brother. 

     He was always a jealous and angry man but to do this was evil, she thought. She slowed down. She was far enough from her daughter. The brown wolf howled and all three pounced on her and tore at her flesh. blood covered their muzzles As they sank their teeth into her fleshy body. They tore and growled. She whimpered in pain as she collapsed. Her body began reverting itself back into its natural human state. 

     Her blonde hair was stained her blood and her body was marked with gashes. Her breathing was slow and strained. The wolves backed away and turned into their human forms. They took pants from a nearby clothes line and put them on. Then they coverd the woman's nearly dead body with a blanket and carried her off. 

     The little girl shivered in the alleyway until morning. The light scarcely touched her skin beside that dumpster. "Mama?" she called quietly. She stood up cautiously using the ground to push her little body up. There was no reply to her beckoning. 

     The girl's blonde hair was a mess and dirt streaked her face. She walked along the brick wall to the mouth of the alley. A few people walked the streets. No one looked her way. They were all focused on the buying and selling of things. She glanced to her right then left. No scary wolves, or mama. She walked out of the darkness into the light of the morning. There was a clothing store with displays of mannequins and then a grocery store. There were stacks of oranges and apples outside the food place with the magic automatic doors. The grocery store was small and local. The girl stared contently at the fruits. Her little stomach growled, she hadn't eaten much the last two days. She hurried over to the baskets and reached for an apple on the top, the biggest reddest one. She grabbed it and took a big bite. Just then she heard the doors open and out comes a big man with a balding head and glasses too small for his face. He was wearing an apron and carrying a clipboard. his name tag reads, "Joseph". His eyes travel to where the little girl is standing alone with an apple in her hand. Her appearance says it all but he asks anyway, "What do you think you're doing?" He didn't say it harshly but the little girl freezes in fear.

     She glances at the apple then back at Joseph. "I- I was hungry." she said. 

     Joseph approaches the little girl. "It's okay," he says "Do you want to come in for better food? My wife brought donuts today." 

     Without hesitation the girl nods her head. She remembered the soft sweet treat from when her mom used to take her to her hometown's bakery.

    Joseph looks her up and down. "Child, where are your parents?" He asks with concern.

     The girl shrugs. "I'm sure she'll be back soon." she pauses and looks down, "...if they didn't kill her."

     Joseph reaches out and wipes away a tear the little girl didn't realize was falling down her face. "Let's get you cleaned up and something to eat. I'm sure your mother wouldn't mind if I keep you from starving, right?"

     She nods and looks back up at him, forcing a smile. She had never been away from her mother this long. 

     "Child," He says, "What is your name?"

     She watches his kind old brown eyes. "Ekko." 


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