Flipside of Fate

Werewolves are totally fake, everyone knows it........ Right?
Ha, yeah, NOPE..... Ekko soon finds out the frightening truth about it all, not only that, but she has been deeply immersed into the world of wolves for her whole life, not knowing, or doubting........
Owen and Tyler, two young werewolves enter her life abruptly and change it forever. Why did her mother vanish after her abandonment? And Who has given the orders to ruin her small peaceful life??


8. Gone


Owen's POV


     Tyler was gone. I could sense when he left. It was a strange thing we had, as if we were actually brothers. It's like the warmth left the room, when really maybe it was never there, and I just didn't notice. 

      I was standing on the porch, breathing in the scent of pine and the moisture in the air of the fresh layer of snow. There were paw prints, marking Tyler's way into the woods through the snow. Why couldn't he just wait till he was in the woods to shift. I swear it, he'll be the death of me. 

     I felt the air behind me change. I turned around, to see my mother standing there behind me. She was smiling. Her eyes were green, like mine, and the brown hair the same as well. She was shorter than I. In her hand was a basket filled with muffins, chocolates and a coffee mug. I looked at the basket, then back at her. "What's that for?" I ask her. 

     Her head tilted slightly. "It's for the neighbors. Remember when I picked it up along the way here?" My mother's voice told me she actually thought I might remember.

     I didn't. sleep had taken me hostage the entire ride here. "For the one house?"

     "Yes, dear, the one house." She paused. "We might be staying her a while and we don't want them to suspect anything bad about us. Besides, why can't we be friends with our new neighbors?"

     She was right. "So are you going to bring it over there now?" I ask, looking off at the changing color in the sky. It was blue turning into a beautiful radiant orange. 

     "Actually," she says "I want you to bring it." with that she shoves the basket in my arms and turns back into the house, closing the door quickly.

      Damn, she came out here just to get me to do something she was not particularly into doing. I feel like I just got dumped on.

     I let out a deep sigh and head off for the big house next door. Tyler's still gone but he wouldn't have done this anyway. He probably would have taken it to the woods and eaten the muffins and chocolates himself, and would have discarded the mug. Thinking about how rebellious Tyler was sort of made me wish I had the guts to defy my mother and father's orders. I'm kinda sick of being a loyal puppy, stuck in the shadow of Alphas before him. I tell myself to let those thoughts go, but somehow they left a small scar in the back of my mind. It was an echoing notion to be more alone and somehow independent. Unfortunately, I was raised in such a way that ideas like those would make you an outcast. 

     As I walk up the doorstep to go knock on the door I her a click and step back. Someone opens the door, slowly . Who I see silences me and I drop the basket, right on my toes. 

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