Flipside of Fate

Werewolves are totally fake, everyone knows it........ Right?
Ha, yeah, NOPE..... Ekko soon finds out the frightening truth about it all, not only that, but she has been deeply immersed into the world of wolves for her whole life, not knowing, or doubting........
Owen and Tyler, two young werewolves enter her life abruptly and change it forever. Why did her mother vanish after her abandonment? And Who has given the orders to ruin her small peaceful life??


3. Found Her


  Owen's POV

     Why did we have to move so suddenly? The motion of packing and moving boxes was becoming rhythmic. shove stuff in box, put box in car, shove stuff in box, put box in car...

     When my room was bare I finally allowed myself to look around at its emptiness. The walls were bare and white, there was no sign that Owen Draven ever lived here. For a moment sadness latched itself to me but as soon as I realized I pried it away and shoved into a box, just like what I've been doing all morning. 

     I left my room carrying the last box and placed it in my mother's silver Honda Odyssey mini van. My father's cadillac Escalade was already packed. When I turned back towards my house, the largest house on the block I noticed my uncle Adam leaning against the house with a cigarette tucked between his two fingers. He was watching me intently. 

     "Those things will kill you, you know." I say as I approach him. 

     He holds the smoking cigarette up. "Doubt it." he says in a smokers voice. "No way they'll be what kills me after everything I've been through in my lifetime." His voice implies that he's joking but there is an air of seriousness to his words. 

     I look up at the two story house that we're living. It was a beautiful home, peaceful, with a good location, surrounded by woods. "It's sad that we have to leave." I say and pause for a moment. "Why are we leaving?" I ask.

     Uncle Adam lets out a hoarse laugh. "You really need to start listening to your parents conversations and stop listening to that trouble maker Tyler, do you even know where he is right now?" he shakes his head. When do we ever know where Tyler is? "Never mind that. We're leaving because the Supreme Alpha demands something from our pack, something we're the closest pack to, unfortunately." 

      My eyebrows knit together. The Supreme Alpha? He's real? "What does he want from us?" I ask, genuinely curious. 

     For a few moments he stares into my eyes. I study them. He's concerned. "Beats me." he finally says. "All I know is that it belongs to him, and he wants it back. Your parents never tell me anything."

      An hour later everyone is getting in the car. I stop. Where the hell is Tyler? I look out over the car and scan the tree line, nothing. "Dammit Tyler..." I whisper. 

     I whip my head around. "BOO!" he says laughing. There's Tyler standing all tall with his long curling black hair, tan skin, and piercing blue eyes. "Admit it," he says "You missed me." his voice is mocking but lighthearted. 

     A low growl escapes from the back of my throat. I don't say anything and get into the car. 

     "Easy there tiger," he taunts. "Or should I say puppy?"

     I roll my eyes. "Where the hell were you?" I ask with anger escaping into my voice. 

     He smiles revealing a set of perfect white teeth. "I was enjoying my wolf form before I had to squeeze next you in a car for two hours of my life." he answers. "I'm amazed we managed to fit all this stuff into two cars." He looks around in mock amazement. 

     My parents hop in the front and my Uncle Adam sits next to Fergo, a used-to-be rouge until my father found him. He's tall and lanky with short brown hair and large brown eyes. My father says he was bitten while out on a jog a couple years ago along with another man, David, who's driving the van behind us. 

     I close my eyes and prepare myself for two hours in a car with Tyler. This is going to be fun... My father starts the car and the black Cadillac Escalade purrs to life. As soon as he begins driving my mother turns the radio on and the barrage of Christmas music begins. I let out a long groan.

     "...Dashing throw the snow..." Tyler sang "...On a one horse open sleigh..." He smiles at me, knowing full well that I strongly believe Christmas is the most obnoxious time of the year.

     I burry my head into my hands. "I hate my life..." I mumble.

     "What was that?" Tyler says. "I can't hear you over all the Christmas cheer." At this moment I am so glad he's not my biological brother. His parents were killed on a camping trip and he was left bitten in the woods after a park ranger shot the werewolf and chased it off. Some rouges kill for sport. It's a brutal and lonely way of life to choose as a werewolf. My father being a doctor was able to bring him home with us. At the time he was only eight years old and scared of his own shadow, now we are both seventeen. Those who are bitten start changing on full moons immediately while those who are born only start changing when they are sixteen, so in a way he's been a wolf longer than I have. 

     "Owen?" my mother calls to me. Her Light brown silky hair is tied back in a pony-tail. Her green eyes gaze at me interestedly. "Be a darling and use your sight."

     "What am I finding?" I ask.

     She smiled back at me. "A sixteen year old female werewolf going through growing pains In a two hundred mile radius from us." 

     I nod, closing my eyes. I think about what it was like being sixteen with growing pains. ouch, it sucked butt. I sifted through all the werewolves in a two mile radius like a data base. "Found her." I say. I open my eyes and they are glowing blue. I see her on the floor in pain as her dog barks like an idiot. She as long blonde hair and she has an athletic build. She opens her eyes and I know she senses my presence. I tap out and back into where I am now. I see my mom eagerly waiting for a location. 

     "1936 West Haven street Virginia." I pause. "A grocery store called 'Joe's small town produce'" I say. My eyes return to their natural green color. 

     My dad types the coordinates into his GPS. "Thanks hun." My mom says as the car lurches forward and we begin driving. 

     I nod and lean my head back against the seat as I desperately try to tune out the Christmas music. I close my eyes but I feel Tyler's gaze on me. I choose to ignore it. 

     I think about the girl. What does the Supreme Alpha want with her? She's just a turning werewolf. Does she know what she is? I let my mind wonder in silence as I suffer through the car ride. Eventually, I doze off. 


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