This isn't a love story and it doesn't have a happy ending. This story is about a girl named Essie and her deep fears, can anyone help her?


2. Yet another plan to get me to date...

Esie's POV

I woke up to a beautiful morning with the birds chirping, the sun out and clear blue skies. It was different from every other morning, I was happy and filled with so much joy. It was one of my favorite times of the year; Christmas. It was my favorite time of the year mainly because I would get to go home and be reunited with my family, oh how I've missed them. I am so excited to go back home and meet up with some old friends and my family, especially my little sister, I miss my brother too but he stops by here sometimes due to work so I see him more often than my sister, the last time I saw her was this time last year, I miss them both so much even though I don't say it as much, I still do and love my family so much. 

I was fully awake by mid-day; I took my bath and put my laptop on so I could book my ticket to go home. Mandy wasn't at home when I woke up, God knows where that girl has gone this time, maybe to see Danny. As I continued my attempt to book my ticket I heard a crash in the kitchen, usually people would be freaked out by this but I wasn't, I knew Mandy was back.

"Hey Mandy" I called out without taking my eyes off the laptop screen, "seems like the next available flight home is in two days. I'll be away for a month or so, you okay being in the apartment alone?" I heard the clattering of pots and wondered what mess was being created this time around. 

"Huh?" was all she said at first; I swear that girl is almost always confused. "Uhm, that wouldn't affect your attending dinner tonight, right?"

"No, best friend", I started "I'll be here till over morrow. I wouldn't miss dinner for the world", I was sure she could sense that I rolled my eyes. 

"Good. We can discuss whatever you have to say over dinner. Danny is bringing over a friend; a male friend." I knew she was wiggling her eyebrows when she uttered the last sentence.

I really don't know what can deter this girl. Time and time again she hooks me up with different guys from all works of life and background, and time and time again I either refuse to show up or the date turns out to be a total disaster. It's not like the problem is from them (It's not from me either), there is simply no chemistry or spark or just something. There is nothing. I don't feel the butterflies or zoo that girls usually feel when they are around the guy they like. After what felt like the fiftieth "blind date" - courtesy of my best friend, of course - I accepted that maybe dating isn't really for me. Mandy being Mandy has refused to accept this fact and keeps setting up dates for me, although she calls them "dinner guests".

I can't wait to meet this new dude (note the sarcasm).

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