This isn't a love story and it doesn't have a happy ending. This story is about a girl named Essie and her deep fears, can anyone help her?


1. Meet Essie

Essie's POV

Hi, I'm Essie. I'm 21 and I'm mixed, my dad is from Montreal and my mum is from Manchester. I am not that tall, quite petite, I have ash color eyes, I have waist length dark brown curly hair with bangs which no one might even notice because I prefer for my hair to be in a bun. I currently leave in Manchester alone while my parents and sister leave in Montreal. I have an older brother John and little sister Herminia. My brother is in another part of Canada. I’ve been here since I was 10, I have been here alone since I was 19, I was already in collage here so I told my parents I wanted to stay and to my surprise they agreed, they said they thought I was responsible now it would be alright all I have to do is visit when I could. I finished collage last year and now I work as a fashion journalist at a small firm. I leave here with my best friend Amanda, we are the same age. She is originally from Hertfordshire. She has grey color eyes which seem to be the thing guys usually fall in love with when they see her, we have almost the same length of hair but her hair is reddish brown and she is also petite. Mandy unlike me is crazy about boys, don't get me wrong I like them too but I'm not really looking forward to dating anytime soon for some reason, Mandy has a boyfriend named Daniel which we call Danny. I don't really fancy the whole dating idea now; I'd rather be free with everyone, that way I won't get hurt. You see I've been hurt before and it was really bad so that is one hole I'm not willing to go down soon.  

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