This isn't a love story and it doesn't have a happy ending. This story is about a girl named Essie and her deep fears, can anyone help her?


4. Jason's cousin

Essie's POV

I was getting scared so instead for me to ignore it, I looked around in search for the person watching me. After a careful glance at the arrival terminal, I see him. He is not drop dead handsome but is cuter than Jason. He is like your average good looking guy, but something about him gets me staring longer than necessary. I try to remind myself about my no-dating mantra and painfully tear my eyes away from him.

This guy in front of me was by far cuter than Jason, and Jason was very cute although kind of boring, he couldn’t really keep a conversation and neither could I so I knew we were not compatible. He was almost as tall as Jason so I’m guessing he also was two heads and a half taller than me. He had strawberry brunette hair unlike Jason which was a few inches past his broad shoulders which on a guy I find very sexy. He had cobalt color of eyes which was framed by long eyelashes. As he smiled he showed off his dimples which were so cute. He wasn’t really hair either but was hairier than Jason. He has a very nice dress sense. He wore black jeans nice snicker shoes and a navy blue shirt which he folded up mid-length with this I could see the hair on his arm although faint but I could still see it; it was well arrange on his arm. From his shirt I could tell that he was fit, he may not have been a regular customer of the gym but he still looked very good. As I continued to look at his arms strange thoughts started to fill my mind, I wanted him, I wanted to hold me with those arms of his. I had never had such a desire in my life and the fact that I had such thoughts about someone I had just met was scary. I secretly hoped he didn’t have a girlfriend. I tried to clear these wayward thoughts of mine reminding myself about the promise I made to myself about dating but the more I looked at him the harder it got to keep my own promise. He was just too beautiful; when he spoke it made everything worse, it was hoarse in that sexy way with his British accent. “Hi beautiful” he said, stretching his hand to shake me, “I’m Jayden”. As I shook his hand my legs almost gave way because of the electricity that shot through my body as our skin touched, I lost my voice for a second but regained it and introduced myself, my voice was shaky even I didn’t recognize it. As we let go I couldn’t look at him anymore because my hormones were going crazy but even as I looked away I still found my face hitting up, I just pray that he didn’t notice I was blushing.


Jayden’s POV

As I walked out of the arrival terminal I saw her, she was beautiful, she carried herself like a queen and it was then I knew I wanted to make her feel like one. I met up with Jason and we hugged and talked lightly about my flight, as I made for the exit Jason told me that we were waiting for the girl he came with, I prayed secretly that that queen was her but that would mean that she belonged to him, with that thought sadness flushed over me but not enough for Jason to notice. We stood there for a minute or so and she came walking towards our direction. I was happy; at least I would get to talk to her. She was even more beautiful up close. Her eyes were so beautiful with the airport lights it took a lighter shade of ash, really exquisite. Her bangs shaped her face quite nicely and her petite figure was calling out to me. I noticed her looking at every inch of me and I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her, I wanted to make her weak to her knees so I decided to talk to her, "hi darling", I said to her, "I'm Jayden" I stretched out my hand to shake and I felt it, the electricity that shot through my body was like nothing I had ever felt before, this wasn't part of my plan, I knew she felt it too because when she finally spoke her voice was high pitched and she couldn't even look at me, her face was hitting up, she was blushing, this was the cutest thing ever.

In the car she was very quiet, I'm guessing she was shy. Jason and I were randomly talking about stuff and just generally catching up. I was at peace now because I had learnt that the little queen sitting behind me was single and Jason had only met her a few hours ago. "So Essie", I had finally gotten the courage to chat her up "what do you do for a living?" She answered quite bravely "I work as a fashion journalist at a small firm", wow I thought, she must be very skilled, I was dying to know more about her but we had reached her house which was a lot bigger than I expected, so I enquired, "you leave here all alone?" She giggled which was the most amazing sound I had ever heard "no, I stay here with my best friend, Mandy. You can come and say hi if you want, before I could say anything Jason spoke, "maybe some other time, I'm sure Jayden here is tired from his journey and would like to rest", that was the truth but I wouldn't mind putting off my sleep a little while longer if it meant staying with Essie, but there was nothing I could do, "Essie I'm really sorry, maybe some other time", her face dropped and I felt so bad but she quickly regained herself and smiled, "sure, maybe. Goodnight Jayden, goodnight Jason", she said as she left the car and walked into her house. I saw a guy open the door and Jason waved at him so I'm guessing that is his friend Danny, his friend. I continued to look out the window until her house was completely out of sight. Jason called my name a few times but I didn't hear him, I was thinking about her. "Where is your mind mate? I've been calling you." "Emmm, nowhere, I'm just tired", I lied, he laughed and said "you're lying to me, you know we have known each other all our lives and you should know by now that I know when you're lying", it was true, he could always tell, "I'm thinking about Essie, I think I like her" Jason shook his head, "I don't think it's a good idea, not only that I like her too but you know that guy I waved at before we left Essie's place? That's Essie's best friend's boyfriend and they are all very close, Essie is not going to see you as anything more than a friend, she has a 'no dating policy'", "so why did you try your luck on her?" I asked "I just hoped it would be different with me, I guess I thought wrong. At dinner I felt no chemistry at all between us, but I think you stand a chance" "why is that?" I asked "I saw the way she looked at you and at the airport the sexual tension was suffocating" we both laughed and changed topic as we continued our drive to Jason's place.


Essie's POV

I was sad that I couldn't talk to Jayden more and I was mad at myself that I couldn't get rid of my shyness sooner and by the time I did we were already at my place. As I walked to my house I was too shy to look back so I just kept on walking and I didn't have to knock, Danny opened the door and Mandy literally dragged me into the kitchen. "Who was that next to Jason? He is so cute", she threw questions at me and didn't even give me a second to think but for the first time I actually agreed with my boy loving best friend "that was Jayden, Jason's cousin and yes he is so cute. My voice failed me and made me look like  a total idiot when I met him at the airport" Mandy gave me her all toothy smile and then Danny came into the kitchen to listen to me talk about Jayden, I told them everything because I knew they would keep disturbing me if I didn't. We talked for a while before I excused myself to get ready for bed. That night as I slept I found myself dreaming about Jayden and I imagined how it would be if he held me.

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